UTV Specs: Stand Out Features and Additions for Your Side by Side

fun features

Have you purchased a UTV and want to add some customization? Do you need more storage or options for work purposes? If so, then adding some accessories is a must, and you need to know what is available. 

While some accessories look great, some are more practical than others. Below, we discuss the fun features and essential accessories you can add to your UTV. 

Sound System Fun Features

Imagine blasting through the trails on your favorite UTV, with your choice of music blaring out. Well, it can be done, and all you need is a stereo system added to your UTV to make it come true. In addition, if you are going long distance and pitch up to camp, you have your own on hand entertainment system to entertain friends and family. 

UTV sound systems are a special type of design. They need to be able to withstand the harsh, rugged terrain a UTV will put it through. In addition, they need to have a great sound quality and be able to remain audible over the roar of an engine. 

The type of system and level you want to reach will be determined only by your budget. Many systems come with both speakers, including subwoofers for that extra bass. Speakers often have solid, clip-on brackets so that your speakers do not detach or break while you are using the vehicle. 

Full Cab Enclosure

A full cab enclosure surrounds the whole seating area of your UTV. This gives it the appearance of a smaller off-road vehicle, like a Jeep or Land Rover. You may then ask why you would do this. 

As sides and a windscreen are not included with UTVs, then adding one makes you a lot more secure. As well as increasing the safety, for anyone using a UTV for hunting it can also act as a camouflage space, letting you remain more unseen than an ATV or exposed UTV would. 

In addition, not having sides and windscreens means you get very dirty. For anyone working outdoors in wet, rainy, and muddy conditions, you will know how pitted with dirt and mud you and your UTV can get. This needs to be washed off or it can cause corrosion over time, so a full cab negates the need for this. 

Folding Windscreens

If the full cab takes too much of the UTV aesthetic away from you, then consider a folding windscreen. This will add a beach buggy vibe to your UTV, and stop mud from getting in your eyes on those filthy trails. 

Folding windscreens are always very reasonably priced, making them a more viable alternative than a full cab for many. If you need a work UTV and you will be in muddy conditions, it is essential. They can be attached, adjusted, and removed extremely easily and as the buyer sees fit. 

Whatever environment you are working in with your UTV, debris, dust, and dirt from the road can fly up into your face. This can damage the face and eyes. In addition, you are also exposing yourself to UV rays and sun exposure without a windshield. 

Rear View Mirrors

Although you will be unlikely to ride your car on public roads, a mirror is just as essential in a UTV as it is in any vehicle. There will come a time when you get stuck and need to back the UTV up. In addition, you may need to park it in your storage facility or reverse it onto a trailer. 

All of these are much easier with a rearview mirror. Not only is it one of the cool features to add, but it is also one of the cheapest. It should be an essential aftermarket item to add to your UTV, particularly for farm UTV work and any work that involves goods transportation and drop-offs. 

Bed Storage Pack

The benefit of a UTV over an ATV is the amount of storage you can have in it. In addition to anything that already comes with the vehicle, then you can add extra storage. This is a great option for anyone working and needing to carry tools or anyone who wants to take the UTV on a long-distance camping trip. 

Bed storage fits into the back section of your UTV. It will protect your items from water, dirt, and damage in the event of a collision. For one wanting to increase the working potential, you can even get full-sized dump beds for haulage

Cab Storage Pack

A cab storage pack works in the same way as the bed storage pack. It protects your equipment from water, dirt, and any damage if you happen to have a crash. However, they have one fundamental difference. 

The cab storage pack, as the name suggests, sits in the cab instead of the back. This means you can house all your snacks, accessories, and essentials within arm’s reach when you are driving. 

Driving Gear

Good driving gear comes in all shapes and sizes, but there are some essentials you should have. A UTV is not like a car, where you can get in and just drive away. You have more exposure to the elements, less protection, and are going to be driving in hard to reach and dangerous situations. 

All of this requires adequate protection, particularly if you are going for a powerful UTV. Start by getting an offroad helmet. You can opt for matt black, or go for one of the many cool and colorful designs on offer. 

After this, procure some driving goggles. If you do not have a windshield on the vehicle, it will be impossible to drive without them. Make sure they are high quality and offer adequate protection. 

For added protection buy decent offroad gloves. If you are on a trail, rocks and branches can whip up and cause serious damage. Protect your hands, or you may not be able to drive at all. 

Find a Reputable Dealer

Once you know the fun features you want to add, find a reputable dealer. Ask other friends with UTVs for recommendations or look online. Compare prices, and if you can visit the store to try some gear out then do. 

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