5 ATVs with Power Steering

Man driving ATV with power steering offroad

Riding trails, jumping dunes, and taking tight turns are inherent to an adventure on ATV. Based on the class of ATV you own coupled with your riding style, you can successfully remain behind the handlebars for longer hours. With manual steering, you may enjoy the ride when you set out. But after a few hours when you ride up and down a mountain or hunting woods, your arms will give up on you. And in those tiring hours, you will desperately ask if there’s an ATV out there with power steering. 

The majority of ATVs available on the market today are equipped with electronic power steering. You may come across loads of ATV drivers that opine you won’t ever need a power steering. And this is true enough. For more than twenty years before this technology came into being, people drove ATVs with manual steering. 

ATVs have gone through major alterations since it was released in 1982. And if you are an avid ATV rider, when you find out what ATVs have power steering, you will never wish to go back to the vehicles that lack it. 

Why would you look for ATVs with power steering? 

Whether or not you should have power steering in your ATV is a matter of argument and it largely depends on the intended use of your machine. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of power steering so that you can decide if it is worthy of your investment. 

  • Carrying heavy loads: When it comes to carrying heavy loads, the power of this electronic steering comes to the fore. It gives you improved control of your vehicle and your arms will not be sore in the middle of the journey. 
  • Reduces fatigue: Regardless of the purpose of the vehicle, you can maneuver it to your heart’s content when there’s power steering in your ATV. Even the most energetic ATV riders feel tired after a prolonged journey making power steering an absolute necessity. 
  • Damping: With the damping feature of the power-steering ATV, the impact of sudden bumps is completely absorbed. This feature is particularly useful when you are riding on rocky terrain which may result in constant jolting. 
  • Physical weakness: People who have compromised vigor or are physically weak can take the advantage of riding an ATV with power steering. When you have power in your steering, you are better focused on the road so that you can make it to the final destination with remarkable alertness. 

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Top ATVs with Power Steering

ATVs are dynamically instrumental for spending time outside in a stressful environment and exploring the surrounding. There are several classes of ATVs on the market and each one is suitable for varying jobs – military, hunting, recreation, and a lot of others. Let’s find out what ATVs have power steering. 

1. Suzuki King Quad

While this ATV is primarily crafted for recreation, it packs the punch for quite some adventure. The power steering is as powerful as the time when it was released in 2019 though the engine has undergone some major enhancements in the last few years. 

The makers have inflated the assisting motor power to 220 watts which were originally 160 watts. With this, there has been an outstanding 30 percent boost in efficiency and competence. The King Quad now offers improved maneuverability and you can take tight turns with ease. The enhanced power steering allows the riders to exercise exceptionally precise control. 

With an upgraded CV transmission clutch, the Suzuki King Quad offers a better torque combined with a smooth output. In essence, the power steering has much better functionality and the rider will invariably feel the power steering kicking up hard as you speed along. However, some users have opined that there’s some room for improvement when it comes to driving at reduced speed. And when this happens, more output at a minimal speed will result in even better-powered steering. 

2. Yamaha Grizzly

If you are looking for an ATV that’s tailor crafted for hunting, Yamaha Grizzly is the most dynamic power-steering assisted vehicle. The best part of Yamaha Grizzly is that its performance can cater according to vehicle speed as well as engine speed. With this, the driver can take advantage of the steering assistance when driving at minimal speed or taking tight corners. But it may not be able to give optimum support when riding at the highest speeds. 

While the vehicle had some issues with its power steering when it was released, Yamaha had successfully dealt with the problem caused by defective column support. It is a mighty car with a lightly-cooled SOHC motor with 686 ccs. 

3. Polaris Sportsman XP

Are you wondering about what ATVs have power steering? Look no further as the new Polaris Sportsman XP has come up with better utility for sports and recreation. This means it will deliver top-notch performance every time you will be behind the wheels. According to most users, this ATV is second to none when you are in search of power-packed performance with heavy loads. 

The power steering of the vehicle has a superior design and therefore it can give a smooth ride in all kinds of terrain. Though some ATVs with power steering may go a little beyond control or oversteer as you try to move fast, these problems are easily ruled out. 

With a four-stroke ProStar and a 90-horsepower engine, the Polaris Sportsman XP is a true workhorse. It is one of the most outstanding ATVs equipped with power steering that you will come across at present. The suspension of the vehicle is perfect for various activities like trailing and hiking. 

When driving at high speed, the power steering may falter at times. Though the vehicle is brilliant at slow driving, Polaris Sportsman XP doesn’t deliver as much vitality at higher speeds. For an ATV that comes with a host of features, power-assisted steering is surely an added advantage. 

4. Can-Am Outlander

A close contender to Polaris Sportsman XP, the Can-Am Outlander is one of the highly coveted ATVs with power steering. For those looking to know what ATVs have power steering, this cinder block appears close to a tank rather than a quad. The chunky build is required for the grunt and power of the preferred specification that includes 1000cc V-twin, and 91-hp.

Some of the major features of this ATV are engine venting to ensure an optimized airflow, top-notch handling, and a tri-mode Dynamic Power so that you can have easy and direct speed-sensitive steering assistance. Last but not the least, the towing and handling of the vehicle also deserves mention. The Can-Am Outlander comes with an incredible 1650-lb towing capacity, which is the best in the industry. 

While there are various affordable and smaller options, the Can-Am Outlander is among the favorite of many riders. With solid transmission that allows you to select the best gear and squeeze the throttle and you are all set to go. The 2022 version of the vehicle emerges more powerful than ever with the recalibrated engine braking so that you can experience accurate control while traversing through hilly regions. 

5. Honda Fourtrax Foreman

The Honda Fourtrax Foreman is equipped with all the features that are constructed to deliver the best driving experience across varied terrains. The vehicle boasts an innovative power steering and a full-programmed Fuel Injection by Honda. As a result, the Honda Fourtrax Foreman is immensely popular among recreational drivers. 

The vehicle is not only strong and rugged, the power steering coupled with the dynamic torque combine to bring an ATV that’s brilliant and magnificent. The system is loaded with torque sensors and speed sensors that are highly capable of bringing down the steering efforts and the fatigue of the rider to a great extent. A complete fuel injection system, as well as adjustable suspension and high-end power steering, assist the Honda Fourtrax Foreman as a reliable vehicle with a power-packed performance. 

Can a power steering be installed into an ATV? 

While these are some of the industry-leading power-steering loaded ATVs, you may own a vehicle that doesn’t come with such features. This is a common and practical situation for those on a tight budget. And the best part is that you can purchase as well as install an electrical power-steering installed system on your ATV.

It may not cost you much and you can either install it on your own or seek out professional assistance. With that being said, it’s always better to opt for built-in power steering since it includes the warranty. However, this must not deter you from investing in this coveted investment. 

Final thoughts

ATVs are fantastic for those willing to spend an exhilarating time outdoors. While ATVs have been around for many decades, riding the ones with a power-steering engine can change the whole game together. While some old-school riders may not prefer their vehicles with power-steering as they miss the authenticity of riding a bumpy terrain. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for some less challenging riding experience on smooth trails or some occasional challenges, owning an ATV with power steering will compel you to take up more such journeys in the coming days.