5 Best Diesel UTVs for Farm Use

John Deere Gator XUV835M farmer UTV parked next to tractors

For farmers, utility comes above everything else. And in work, they require a companion that can handle everything from load pickup to combine harvesting and everything in between. And this is where the need for the best diesel UTV for farms comes to play. 

Now the question is why would a farmer use a diesel-powered UTV in his work? Did you know that 96 percent of large vehicles used for moving agricultural commodities are fuelled by diesel? Moreover, side-by-side is generally revered as the ultimate workhorse. It comes with an outstanding towing capability, a dump-bed, and the capacity to work on all terrains – all that makes the vehicle the most sought-after accessory in farming. 

What to know before buying? 

Diesel-powered UTVs are highly popular among recreational riders since they proffer quite a few advantages over the ones powered by gasoline. While gas engines are dependent on spark plugs for igniting their fuel mix present in the combustion area, diesel engines come with high combustion ratios to help ignition.

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Moreover, the structural integrity of the vehicle adds to the durability of the vehicle, thereby making it a perfect choice for farming. One of the most important features of a diesel-powered UTV is its fuel economy. Though this factor is highly dependent on other aspects like load carrying, weight, time used in idling, and a lot more, these UTVs are much more fuel-efficient than their counterparts. 

How to choose the best Diesel UTVs for farm use? 

Most recreational UTVs have a fair amount of features and they deliver their performance quite well. But it’s worth noting that they are primarily used for racing and they don’t have much use outside fun and adventure. 

But when you are concerned about farm use, you must look out for balance, durability, and most importantly, power. And the best diesel UTV for farms must offer unmatched reliability. This is because the worst thing you can face while farming is that your UTV has broken down. And it would imply that you have to be out till you can fix it.

Needless to say, breakages and subsequent delays can deter you from the necessary work. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the critical factors before you invest in one. 

  • Power and economy: A diesel UTV that offers great power and economy is something that all farmers will want their vehicles to showcase. Reduced fuel stops are another feature that comes hand in hand with any agricultural vehicle. Thus, you should opt for a UTV that has a good fuel capacity. 
  • Maneuverability coupled with stability: For UTV targeted at agriculture, these two factors are indispensable. For this, the vehicle should be able to squeeze through tight spaces and offer a ground clearance that can ensure a comfortable ride on difficult roads. 
  • Good turn of speed: When you select the UTV that’s going to assist you in your farming job, make sure that it gives you surefooted traction along with a comfortable ride when the going gets rough.
  • Offers full payload: Your UTV engine must have the capacity to shift the entire payload effortlessly. This will ensure that the vehicle can handle heavy loads. It’s still better to have a UTV that is equipped with optional storage space underneath the hood. 
  • The number of riders: The best diesel UTV for farms should accommodate more than one individual legally and comfortably. Some of these vehicles even come with a smaller mid-seat and a provision for a safety belt. 
  • Accessories: Some useful accessories that you may want in your agricultural UTV would include a windscreen, half-doors, complete cab package, mirrors, front bull bar protection, and full road lighting.

All these will keep you protected from scrapes and knocks that cannot be avoided while farming. Last but not the least, it’s better to opt for the machine that allows space for additional fitments to assist you in all possible ways. 

A list of the best buys and comparison

As you have come to understand the advantages proffered by diesel-powered UTVs, it’s time to review and compare some of the best machines available today. So let’s get started:

1. Can-Am Defender Pro XT Flat Bed

Farming involves hoisting heavy loads that can only be accomplished by tough vehicles. And the Can-Am Pro is a thoughtful choice in this regard. Loaded with an engine of 82 horsepower and 976 cc Rotax enabled V-Twin, the UTV can work with farmers all through the day. And the best part is that this vehicle can haul up to 2500lbs efficiently.

To accommodate larger items, the vehicle is also equipped with a huge cargo box which can also be extended. There’s also space beneath this box for aiding extra storage. You will be surprised to find that the box has a capacity of 80 gallons which is ready for use by both the passenger and the driver. With all these features, the Can-Am Defender XT Flat Bed is the best diesel UTV for farms. 

2. Kawasaki Pro-FXT EPS

Kawasaki vehicles are known for their premium quality and outstanding features and the Kawasaki Mule Pro EPS is not an exception to this. This UTV can accommodate three people and the most amazing feature of the vehicle is that the side-by-side can be transformed into a sit-seater when you extend the small cargo bed inside.

The cargo bed is quite expansive and can haul a load of 350lbs as you extend. On the other hand, when you use the UTV as a 3-seater, the loading capacity increases to 1000lbs. Coming to the engine power of Kawasaki Mule EPS, it has an 812cc 3-cylinder engine that can heave weight of about 2000lbs which makes it best for use among farmers. Alongside, you also get a warranty of three years which makes it stand out from its contenders. 

3. Yamaha Viking EPS

As you will be shopping for UTVs for farming use, dependability and versatility are two important components. And when this is your concern, you don’t have to look any further than Yamaha Viking EPS. This UTV has been in the market for a long time, and over the years, it hasn’t lost even a bit of its impressive reputation. And the most promising part is that the vehicle has undergone major improvements and updates. 

To cater to the farmer’s needs, this vehicle has a 686cc single-cylinder engine which allows it to dispense an unmatched level of torque. As farmers would need to drag heavy loads in their vehicles, a provision of adequate space is vital. And this is what Yamaha EPS offers since it offers an expansive space to carry up to 600lbs.

4. Polaris Ranger 1000

Polaris is known for its incredible side by sides and all-terrain vehicles. In the last few decades, they have manufactured loads of machines that only helped in strengthening its reputation but also helped the farmers in their daily chores. Moreover, the vehicle comes at an affordable range while including a host of useful features that you may not find even in the premium UTVs. 

The Polaris Ranger 1000 allows you to haul a massive weight of 2500lbs in the machine along with an additional provision in the cargo zone where you can haul 1000 lbs. Besides, the internal storage area is 18.4 gallons is hard to find in other UTVs in this price range. 

5. Gator John Deere XUV835M HVAC

One of the most disturbing challenges that farmers have to face regularly is that the weather conditions turn unforgiving at times. To put an end to the suffering of the farmers using their vehicles in harsh weather, the Gator John Deere XUV835M HVAC is equipped with a completely enclosed heated as well as air-conditioned compartment. Moreover, it can haul up to 2000lbs in the machine and the cargo box can haul 1000 lbs separately. 

The variable speed of the vehicle is equipped with two clutches as well as a drive belt. Moreover, the engine braking system uses a very tight belt for smooth operation in all kinds of terrain. With the two-range transmission, you can maneuver the machine even in space-constrained zones with the increased torque in the low range. The driven clutch of the John Deere Gator XUV835M HVAC can also sense various kinds of loads and adjusts the speed in both ways to ensure an optimal engine rpm. All of these make the vehicle the best diesel UTV for your farm. 

The bottom line

In the last few years, farmers have realized the importance of owning a UTV specially designed for farming. Although recreation and sports UTVs are mostly inclined to focus on technology, farming experts pay attention to the high performance and reliability of the vehicle. This is very crucial since farmers cannot afford the time to address the mess of their UTV. Each of the vehicles listed above is a remarkable player and comes with hordes of useful features. Investing in the one that suits your needs and budget can surely put an end to all the hassles while farming.