How Higher Will A UTV Sit with Camso Tracks Installed

UTV with snow tracks in the winter

Before moving into the question directly, let us learn quickly about the topic. What is a UTV? UTV or Utility Terrain Vehicles is an off-road vehicle. It has seating arrangements and operates like a car. UTV is often termed as a side-by-side vehicle. UTV serves different purposes like trail riding, heavy-duty construction works, rock crawling, and farm work. UTVs are often found to be fitted with Camso tracks. Camso track adds many benefits to the UTV. 

What is the purpose of fitting the Camso track with a UTV? 

Fitting Camso tracks with your UTV pushes your vehicle to give out next-level performance. Camso tracks give year-round mobility to the UTV. It offers much more than normal wheels such as it can get through serious mud, deep snow, and also swampy terrain. It handles every terrain swiftly. It offers heavy power to drive through pulling and hauling. The most interesting feature of the Camso track is it offers superior floatation to the vehicle. It can get through the places where other normal wheels will sink. It has a unique feature of distributing the weight over a large surface area and thereby reducing the surface pressure by 75%. It can carry heavy loads; it has a huge towing capacity. Camso tracks give the vehicle better stability and they make the UTV easy to ride over. It mitigates the chances of vibration while traveling, thereby providing more comfort while riding a UTV. In a way, Camso tracks also increase the height of the UTV. 

How much higher will a UTV sit with Camso tracks on it?

Normally, UTVs are designed for tall people. Even a person with a height of 6’5″ can fit in a UTV easily. Generally, people don’t face any problems but there are always exceptions. Similarly, a few tall people do face problems with the height of UTV. Different UTV models are designed in different heights ranging from 65-78 inches. A few examples of UTV and their heights are Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo is of 65.4 inches, Polaris RZR XP Turbo is of 73.8 inches, Arctic CatWildCat XX is of 68 inches, Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS is of 76 inches, and many more. With these examples, we can clearly understand that most of the UTVs are of greater heights and are large and heavy as well. As said, there are always exceptions, few people go for different modifications to increase the height of the UTV. 

Now as we know that Camso track is a modification that is most of the time found to be attached to UTV. So, do this Camso tracks impact the height of UTV? Camso track is a type of mechanical tire as discussed earlier. These are often termed as the jack of all trades. Camso tracks are a great choice for riding through off roads. It leverages your off-riding experience with versatility, stability, power, and comfort and handles any terrain swiftly. These are popular in agriculture, Powersports, and construction industries. Camso track becomes the only option in case of driving through heavy mud or snow and even on rocky ground. 

As Camso tracks are fitted below as wheels in UTV, it will naturally change the height of the vehicle. Any UTV fitted with a Camso track will naturally acquire a greater height than the normal UTV with wheels. So, we can say that in a way Camso tracks do impact the height of a UTV. It sets your UTV to a higher level. Now a question will arise how much higher will a UTV sit with Camso tracks on it? Well, the answer to this question is dependent on the model of the UTV as well as the model of the Camso track. The different heights of various models of UTV have been discussed already. So, now let us jump to the height and ground clearance of Camso tracks. There are various models of Camso tracks. Different models of Camso tracks have different dimensions. Some are of larger height whereas some are smaller. The height of Camso tracks is termed as front height and rear height.

Different models of Camso tracks along with their heights and ground clearance are: 

Camso ATV R4S – 

The front height is 24 inches (610 mm) and the Rear height is 24 inches (610 mm). 

Ground clearance Front height is 15 3/8 inches. (390 mm) and Rear height is 15 3/8 inches. (390 mm)

Camso ATV T4S – 

Front height is 23.8 inches (604 mm) and Rear height is 23.2 inches (590 mm). 

Ground clearance Front height is 15 3/8 inches. (390 mm) and Rear height is 14 5/8 inches. (372 mm)

Camso X4S –

Front height is 23.8inches (604 mm) and Rear height is 23.2 inches (590 mm). Ground clearance Front height is 15 3/8 inches. (390 mm) and Rear height is 14 5/8 inches. (372 mm)

Camso UTV 4S1 –

Front height is 25 inches (637 mm) and Rear height is 24.7 inches (626 mm). Ground clearance Front height is 16 3/8 inches. (416 mm) and Rear height: 16 1/2 inches. (418 mm)

Now how is the height of a UTV sit with a Camso track calculated? The answer is: 

Front height- height from the hub axle to the top of the UTV + front height of ground clearance of the Camso track.

Rear height- height from the hub axle to the top of the UTV + rear height of ground clearance of the Camso track. 

Thus, how much higher a UTV will be with Camso tracks on it depends on the ground clearance and the height of the UTV. Camso tracks increase the ground clearance of your UTV. The height of the Camso track system adds a couple of extra inches to your UTV besides its original height. The average increased height is 4 inches in general, though it varies with the model of the Camso track and UTV. 

How to install the Camso track system in a UTV? 

People having experience in the automotive industry and who own suitable working spaces can set up the Camso track system very easily. Even a minimum of mechanical experience is enough to install the Camso track system. Installation of tracks is a time-consuming process. The tools which are required to install are a Floor jack, Stand, Drill, Screwdriver, Wrench, and Measuring tape. Other essential tools are the Track tension testing tool, Tensioner alignment jig, and Wheel extractor tool. Videos are available for proper installation of the Camso track system. Installation guidelines are also provided with the same. The supplier of your Camso track will provide all the necessary information about the installation. A few general steps to follow are to lift your UTV to remove the tires. Then you have to install the mounting brackets of the tracks. Put the washers and spacers in perfect order. You can use a torque wrench while tightening the bolts. 

Advantages and disadvantages of setting Camso track with UTV

There are a lot of advantages associated with setting up a Camso track in UTV. It provides optimized traction and high performance which adds to the power delivery efficiency. The traction system of Camso tracks is higher even on a slimy and slippery surface such as wet concrete or snow. A UTV can easily get through rough terrain if the Camso track system is installed in it. These Camso tracks offer a more aggressive look than normal tires. If the UTV is heavy, in that case, the Camso system lowers the ground impact by its special weight distribution system. Camso prevents UTV from sinking in deep snow or mud. The increased ground clearance due to the presence of the Camso track system helps your UTV to get through hazards like logs, mounds, and rocks. Camso tracks provide more stability on uneven grounds. 

Along with advantages, there are a few disadvantages too in the case of setting up the Camso track with UTV. Camso tracks can slow down your UTV’s speed by 50% because of the weight of the track system. The weight of the tracks drives more energy from the engine. Eventually, it consumes more gas in the form of energy. Due to tracks, your UTV will lose the capacity to handle sharp turns. Moreover, track systems are much more expensive than wheels or tires. 

How to know which Camso track system fits on your UTV? 

Most of the Camso track systems are engineered for specific UTV models. Some can be fitted only in ATVs and some only in UTVs. Your greatest ally in choosing the right Camso track for your UTV will be your supplier or local dealer of the track. There are many specifications of the UTV as well as the Camso track systems which need to be cross-checked to ensure the right track system. Dealers have experience in selling different Camso track systems so, they can easily select the right track system for your Camso. Moreover, the spare parts of the tracks are locally available in the market. So, you can easily get one if any extra spare part is needed. Lastly, Camso track systems are engineered in such a way that they are interchangeable. Depending on the UTV model, parts are included in the track system.