How to Install Electric Power Steering on Your Massimo UTV

These days, almost half of the UTVs that you find around come with power steering. In short, it is factory installed. Because UTVs are intended for exploring different types of terrains, most drivers don’t feel the need for power steering. Having this feature is like a luxury to certain drivers as well.

However, UTVs don’t come with electric power steering and Massimo UTVs are no different. So, if you are wondering how to install electric power steering on Massimo UTV, this post might help you a lot. Read on to find out more about electric power steering and other important aspects of it.

What is the need for an electric power steering?

A UTV rides over rough terrain and sometimes it is difficult for the driver to steer the vehicle properly at a considerable amount of speed. Electric power steering makes it easy for the vehicle to turn. The driver has full control of the vehicle. The mechanism makes the steering feel light. 

And, you feel like doing a little bit of work to maneuver the vehicle. As said, a UTV houses a non-electronic power steering when coming out from the factory. Despite that, when riders get to ride a UTV that has an electric power steering system, they love this feature. 

Besides, anyone who feels like the opposite should at least drive one that has such a feature to know how useful it is to have them installed in your own UTV. If you intend to ride only on dirt and nothing else, you may not need a power steering mechanism on your UTV. 

Electric power steering absorbs most effort that you would have otherwise put into your driving. Moreover, if you drove a vehicle without power steering you should know how difficult it is for you to crank a wheel when you need to turn the vehicle. Besides, when you are out into the woods, steering your way through roots, rocks, ruts, etc. is challenging.

The worst part is that everyone stays energized and enjoys every moment, you become too tired on the trail. Even when you use these vehicles on the farm, power steering helps a lot. You spent hours on the farm doing important work like throwing hay, fencing, or just having a long day. 

So, when you get into the UTV and put your hands on the steering wheel, you feel the importance of having an electronic power steering system. Also, your arms are tired and screaming at you to provide them with some relief. And, nothing can substitute power steering in these situations.

Having your UTV equipped with an electronic power steering could be a game-changer when you frequently go hunting. When you chase a deer through the steep jungle, you realize how important it is to have a power steering. It is the only solution for you to reduce a considerable amount of stress when driving the UTV for longer hours.

What is the difference between electronic and hydraulic power steering?

Most riders will advise you to install an electric power steering on your Massimo UTV. Although everyone has their opinion, you should get behind the wheel and try both of them. That way, you can find out the right one for you.

In this modern era of advanced technology, it is wise to go with electronic power steering on your UTV. And, there are benefits to it as well. Having better fuel economy is one of the best deals. Besides, it incurs less maintenance and calibrating the power steering system is quite easier. 

Just like everything, electronic power steering has some disadvantages. The whole system is expensive to replace or fix. Moreover, failures are bound to happen more compared to the others. However, to get the exact feel of how the steering appears, you should get behind the wheels and work with the steering to find out how it feels.

It was during the 1950s that hydraulic power steering came into existence. Hydraulic power steering systems are understood more by the manufacturers and so they are a bit more refined. While many people love this mechanism because it is cheaper, people are more likely to choose the new electronic power steering. 

One of the things that people don’t like about hydraulic power steering is that they need fluid in excessive amounts for the hydraulics to perform well. Also, you have to replace the fluid frequently for the hydraulics to work effectively. 

Apart from that, the hydraulic power steering utilizes more power because the pumps are always running. They take power from the engine, which takes power from the fuel. Precisely, the system isn’t cost-effective. As a result, the vehicle’s engine doesn’t spin harder because the engine is drawing power from it.

How to install the electric power steering on your Massimo UTV the right way

After you narrow down your choices on which electronic power steering to buy, you need to install it. The best part is that these units come in small components that include all you need to install. And, these might include mounting brackets, wiring loom, steering stem, assist motor, nuts and bolts, electronic control box, and other necessary hardware.

Also, you need a few basic tools to remove and tighten bolts and nuts including a wire splicer. Moreover, you should have adequate lighting in the area. Once you get to the area where you need to install the steering, everything becomes easy. Follow these steps and you will get the job done in no time.

  • Replace the old steering stem with the new one. The new one will have an electronic motor bolted in the middle part that helps you to position the thing in the right place. Tighten the bolts
  • Use mounting brackets to hold the motor to the frame below the shift lever. Besides, you have to mount the electronic box in the space of the frame below the front shock
  • Bolt everything that you need to do to secure the components. To power up the system, attach the wiring to the right terminals in the battery
  • Take the UTV for a test drive and find out how the steering control the vehicle effectively