Polaris Ranger Throttle Cut Out: Detecting Problems and Repairs

There is no denying that Polaris produces some of the finest and most reliable ATVs and UTVs and the Polaris Ranger is not an exception. While many people believe that the Ranger series is a bit expensive compared to other UTVs on the market, they deliver sheer performance for many years to come.

That way, you get the most out of your investment in terms of performance and high-quality service. Like other all-terrain and utility vehicles, the Polaris Ranger comes with a few downsides as well. And, Polaris Ranger throttle cut out issues is one of them. Continue reading the post to learn more about it and how to correct it.

Detecting problems and recommended repairs for throttle cut out in Polaris Ranger

It is common to have several troubleshooting issues with UTVs. Besides, no vehicle in the world is free from any kind of issues be it manufacturing defects or later caused by the vehicle. Whenever there are issues with their vehicles, the owners find themselves in awkward situations. 

However, this section will help you identify the Polaris Ranger throttle cut out issue. And, how to resolve it effectively. Here are the reasons why your UTVs throttle isn’t working as it should have been.

1. Throttle position sensor issue

Different models have different types of problems and it depends on the year of manufacture as well. Hence, the issues will vary depending on that. However, the most common issue for throttle cut out on many Polaris Ranger is because the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) not working properly.

Or, the TPS is dead. According to many Polaris Ranger owners, they have experienced cold starting, engine bogging, and rough running. These issues are related to throttle cut out. And, when people investigated further, they found out that the non-performing TPS sensor is the main reason.

Apart from that, many people have addressed this issue on various forums as well. And, the issue was with the 2006 Ranger model most of the time. According to a few users, they noticed that the engine started idling and had dead spots on the gas pedal.

When they went for servicing, the technicians confirmed that the issue occurred because of a faulty TPS. Replacing the old sensor with a new one resolved the issue. However, on some Ranger models, the TPS might not have been calibrated accurately. 

And, that might have triggered those issues. As such, the engine has problems starting when the temperature remains low during the winters. Moreover, because of the lean mixture at the throttle, the engine experiences rough uneven idle.

2. Low pressure on the fuel tank

This is another reason why your Polaris Ranger throttle cuts out often. And, many users have complained about the issue online. According to many users, this UTV model lack fuel pressure sometimes. Initially, it was difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for the throttle cut out.

That’s because the Ranger used to cut out when it reaches 25 mph speed or Boggs down. In one instance, a user mentioned that he noticed the engine bogging down at 25mph until the gas pedal was pushed rigorously. 

However, the engine started performing well after the vehicle reached 30 mph. In short, after attaining 30 mph speed, the UTV performed well as if nothing happened. Sometimes, the throttle cutting out and bogging issue occur because of gunk built-up on the throttle body. 

If that is the case, all you need to do is clean that area. Besides, throttle position can have an impact on TPS as well. And, that causes a similar reaction to the Ranger’s engine.

3. Fuel pump issue

Most of the time the throttle cuts out because of some kind of issue in the electronic fuel injection (EFI) pump. Having a faulty EFI pump is one of the major issues that many Ranger owners tend to face. And, they have expressed their views about the same on many forums.

For many users, the EFI becomes clogged often and adds trash to the gas. Because of that, the engine begins to work on its own resulting in either running faster or won’t start unless you vigorously put your foot on the accelerator. 

However, don’t forget that the same issue might happen if the engine isn’t getting an adequate amount of fuel. Hence, jumping to conclusions isn’t the best approach to finding out the real reason for the throttle cut out.

Inspect the fuel level first and proceed on to inspecting the EFI system. Sometimes it happens that the Ranger is sitting for a long time which results in condensation in the fuel tank and the engine doesn’t react smoothly while running.

In that case, you may have to take it to a repair shop where an expert might be able to resolve the issue at the earliest. Apart from these, the real culprit could be the TPS sometimes. And, that can make things uncomfortable for your Ranger.

4. Clogged air and fuel filter along with bad spark plug

Just like other kinds of vehicles and ATVs, the Polaris Ranger has air filters and fuel filters, too. However, they are susceptible to getting clogged by several means. One of the major causes of them getting blocked is because of the amount of corrosion and debris that enters.

And, these are in excessive amounts. As a result, throttle cut out occur frequently and causes you discomfort. The only way to get rid of this issue is to have a regular inspection of your vehicle, especially in those areas. That way, it will prevent the clogging issue.

Besides, the filters, you may want to keep a tab on the spark plugs as well. Checking the spark plugs is quite easy. Have a close look and find out whether one or both of them have turned bad. Also, watch out if there is loose wiring around. 


In general, whenever you notice a throttle cut out on your Polaris Ranger, it is wise to check the vehicle’s fuel pump, air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, and throttle position sensor. These are the initial things that you may want to have a look at first.