Top 7 Accessories to Go Hunting on a Kawasaki Teryx4 LE

Undoubtedly, the Kawasaki Teryx 4 LE is one of the amazing UTVs that comes with great capabilities. In short, the Teryx4 is a powerful, tough, rock-solid, and comfortable machine. Besides, it is quite different from the other four-seaters, especially when you go on the trail. 

Apart from that, the Teryx4 LE makes the riding experience even better through bolt-on accessories. So, if you are planning to buy accessories for Kawasaki TeryX 4 LE to customize it for your upcoming hunting season in the jungle, this post should help you in a lot of ways.

Choosing the right accessories

When it is about choosing the accessories for your next hunting trip, it depends on two important factors. And, these include priorities and budget. Apart from that, you should ensure that the products you are buying are completely to use. 

Moreover, bolt-on type items are preferred by most riders because they cater to their needs better. Also, you get the job done in no time and it relates to the kind of riding you have anticipated. Hence, it is good to make a wish list of the items you need and install them. 

When you go out into the wilderness, you have to stay prepared for the surroundings. Extra lighting, a good winch, windshields, rearview mirror, rifle mount, and cargo box are some of the important accessories that you can have when you go hunting on the Teryx 4 LE. 

Accessories that make the Kawasaki Teryx4 LE perfect to go hunting

Here is a list of the accessories that are handy when you go out into the jungle. 

1. Windshield

This is one item that is common in many riders’ lists of accessories, especially when going out in the jungle. While buying and installing a windshield might appear like a breeze, you should consider a few factors. Makes sure that the windshield works well in dusty, dry conditions.

Also, think beforehand whether you need a half or full windshield. While the former directs airflow for a comfortable ride, the latter protects you from sand, debris, mud, and weather. Installing it will take 20 to 25 minutes. 

2. Rearview mirror

Another small item with many benefits is perhaps the rearview mirror. Whenever you are maneuvering through the jungle, you should stay focused and look at what lies ahead. Rearview mirrors are an important addition to the Teryx 4 LE and you will find them effective on trails that run through dense woods. 

When you have passengers at the back, looking back could be dangerous. In that situation, the rearview mirrors are very helpful. You can find rubber-mounted mirrors with ease. And, after that, the installation will take a few minutes.

3. Bright lights

Although the Teryx4 LE comes equipped with factory-fitted LED lights. However, it is wise to install additional lighting when you go hunting. An overhead light bar fitted on the top bar above the driver’s head is a good option to get started.

Besides, you can consider adding a couple of LED lights on the front bumper. And, on the rear of the UTV. As a result, it will provide complete coverage even when backing up the Teryx4. Because you will be using LED lights, you don’t have to worry about buying another battery. All the requirements will be met from the existing ones.

4. Get the right winch

Nobody likes to get stuck in their side-by-sides if the vehicle stops working all of a sudden. Or, enter a muddy spot and have difficulties getting out. So, it is better to stay prepared instead of wishing you have more friends and they could have a tow truck nearby. 

However, choosing the right winch for your UTV is like filling up your gas tank. Hence, look out for products that are compatible with the Teryx4. Also, make sure that it comes with synthetic ropes and reels out smoothly. 

Moreover, the mounting brackets for each type of vehicle are sold separately. So, choose the right one. Furthermore, you can choose a winch that operates smoothly, is good-looking, and lasts for many years.

5. Protection from top

It means to make yourself and other passengers from something falling directly from above. There is no shortage of products to cover the top. You can have some kind of soft-top or plastic top protection. 

Typically, the soft top cover provides extra protection against sun and weather. The design is simple, weighs light, and doesn’t require any kind of hardware. Also, they are made with UV-resistant fabric. 

If you are looking for something hard, the plastic top might be the right option for you. It has a lightweight design that comes with a textured finish. Choose the right top for your Teryx4 model. Moreover, you can use it with the windshield or alone.

6. Rifle case mount

This is another must-have accessory if you are going hunting. Rifle case mounts are available on the market and you can find them in plenty of designs. However, you aim to choose the one that will fit into your UTV with ease. 

So, depending on your preference, you can either have a single case mount or a double. But keep in mind that these are only mounts and they don’t include rifle cases. You may have to buy them separately. 

7. Cargo box

Made of lockable, durable plastic, cargo boxes are crucial whenever you go out hunting. These boxes have insulated lids and double-walled lining. There is no shortage of these kinds of boxes and you can find one that suits your needs. 

Sometimes, they come with additional cooler boxes as well. The installation is simple and it will carry many important things that you will need in the jungle.


When it comes to adding accessories to your Teryx4 LE when going hunting, nobody will know better than you. If you have been around in the woods, you know how the conditions change. And, to handle them you should be ready with all you have in the UTV. 

So, before you hit the jungle, bolt on a few accessories and inspect the vehicle thoroughly. That way, you can avoid unfortunate events.