What Are the Best Adjustable Primary Clutch Kit to Get for Your Can-Am

A majority of primary clutch kits that you find around are designed to have similar specifications as original components. But you may find a racing or a performance kit as well. While stock kits are suited for everyday driving, performance and racing kits provide impressive results. Looking for the best adjustable primary clutch kit for a X3? If so, continue reading the post to learn more.

What kind of clutch kit do you need?

There are different types of clutch kits and each of them caters to specific requirements. Hence, choose the one that matches your riding style. 

1. Dune kit

These are specifically designed and tested for dune applications. And, they are available in different kits intended for a paddle and stock tires. The kit helps the UTV to hold peak power RPM when climbing and riding hills. Besides, the backshift is quick and results in smooth throttle response. Also, it reduces clutch heat and belt slip.

2. Mudder kit

As the name suggests, this kit is intended for use when driving through the mud with aggressive lug tires. The kit helps to restore power that was lost because of the inclusion of mud tires. With better torque and low-end power, the clutch kit helps reduce clutch heat and belt slip. 

3. Rock crawler

Specifically designed for rock crawling operations, this kind of clutch kit improves belt grip and prevents belt slip. Besides, the slow-shifting phase because of this kit provides a smooth driving experience. This kit comes with the right calibration so that it can deliver the low engagement RPM necessary for technical maneuvers. 

4. Sports utility kit

Perfect for hauling, plowing, sand riding, trail riding, and occasionally mud riding. This clutch kit makes up for slow responses and power loss when you add oversized tires to the UTV. Using the kit helps a lot when it comes to having a crisp throttle response. Also, it reduces the chances of belt heat and slips. And, is designed for both oversized and stock tires.

The best primary clutch kit for Can-Am X3

Typically, a clutch kit consists of manual transmission parts that you can either purchase as an assembled piece or as a complete unit. So, when bought together, you will get a release bearing, clutch disc, pressure plate, and other small components. Depending on how you use the kit on your vehicle certain parts might be included or excluded. So, here are some of the best adjustable primary clutch kits for an X3. 

1. Adjustable Clutch Kit for Maverick X3 by Dalton Industries:

If you want improved performance for your UTVs oversized tires regardless of the type of terrain, you can try the adjustable clutch kit from Dalton Industries. The kit helps you calibrate the UTV for different tire sizes and situations. 

However, the Can-Am X3 is already calibrated well for typical riding conditions along with the stock tires. This adjustable clutch kit is specifically designed to work well with stock tires and tough riding conditions. 

Besides, the kit helps a lot to improve the belt’s ‘rate of shift’ and recover the power that was lost when riding in soft terrain or adding oversized tires. When you perform a proper clutch calibration with this kit, the back shifting of the belt gets better after the vehicle senses load. 

As such, it helps improve belt grip and increase performance. Also, the kit includes new springs for both primary and secondary clutches. Moreover, the new flyweights that come with the kit have an improved flyweight thrust washer/bushing design that results in smoother pivoting and offers durability.

2. KWI Clutch Kit for Can-Am X3

Adjustable clutch kits have always been effective when it comes to making the most of the wheel horsepower. The KWI clutch kits for X3 will improve acceleration, and back shifting, and run your UTV in peak power regardless of riding in the mud, dunes, backwoods, or even in a desert. 

Moreover, the KWI clutch kits are necessary if your vehicle has an ECU flash because your stock clutching won’t provide you with the required performance in terms of RPM. Hence, stock X3 2017 to 2019 and with ECU flash X3s, the RPM should be anywhere between 7700 and 7900. 

Besides, on the 2020 models, the RPM needs to be at 8000 to 8200 alongside proper back shifting. That way, the vehicle can accelerate to its best while pulling up a great speed.

3. EVP Essential Trail

This clutch kit can make a huge difference in terms of responsiveness to the drive system. Also, it improves the belt life over stock calibration. It works great with P-Drive primary clutch calibration and provides an upgrade on the secondary clutch by increasing its performance.

Both EVP-tuned and stock vehicles will benefit from this clutch kit. Moreover, it improves back shifts and allows your UTV to dominate tough terrains and technical trails with ease. Also, the kit improves belt grip to prevent slippage.

4. EVP Essential Sand

This kind of primary clutch has similar features to that of the previous one. Commonly, the OEM 48-52 helix tends to produce high temperature in the belt that leads to belt failure prematurely. EVP designed an improved multi-angle helix that provides a better belt grip.

As a result, it results in having great clutch responsiveness as well. Also, this kit includes an adjustable helix cap that provides adjustability for the power as required by the vehicle. 

5. EVP Ultimate Insandity

This is the ultimate clutch kit that delivers supercharged throttle response along with acceleration to make memorable moments when you are in the desert. With this clutch kit, you can expect unmatched power delivered to the wheels.

The Ultimate Insandity kit includes a billet adjustable spring/helix combination and three fully adjustable Shift-Tek-P weights. This setup can handle different levels of power for all the Can-Am X3 models. With this clutch kit in place, you can have some of the greatest moments in the sand. 

If you want instant RPM engagement, improved acceleration, and unmatched throttle response, this clutch kit is a must-have. Apart from that, each weight is anodized and hardened for longer life.