Segway Fugleman UT10X Review: Is It Any Good

If you are looking for a UTV that can undertake daily chores apart from providing a fun-filled environment with your loved ones off-roading, nothing can be compared to the Segway Fugleman UT10X. 

Muscular and capable, the Fugleman UTV is the perfect machine that you can have around. In this Segway Fugleman UT10X review, you will know everything about this amazing UTV so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy it.

Fugleman UT10X: First impression

To begin with, the Fugleman UT10X is an all-around side-by-side that is made for work. While the UTV boasts of a work-oriented design, you can still have plenty of fun riding this beast. Besides, it is playful and performs great on trails. 

The agility and versatility of this SXS are reflected by the way how it handles every task at ease. Moreover, it takes you on a ride that’s full of comfort. No doubt, the Fugleman UT10X is the perfect work companion. The looks are extraordinary and completely different from the ones that you find around.

Besides, this UTV seems to have a solid construction and no detail hasn’t been excluded from it as well. It means the vehicle won’t allow you to find loopholes in it when it comes to delivering sheer performance. Moreover, the UTV comes with a high power-weight ratio and an impressive design.

That way, you can count on this utility vehicle when it is about checking off your to-do list at work. Apart from that, the Fugleman UT10X prioritizes comfort and safety for everyone aboard. What’s more, even kids can strap themselves up and experience something new and amazing.

Fugleman UT10X specs

  • DOHC 4-stroke twin-cylinder 1000cc engine 
  • 105 Horsepower maximum displacement
  • 93.5Nm torque
  • Bed box capacity of 770 pounds
  • The towing capacity of 1543 pounds
  • The payload capacity of 1500 pounds
  • Convenient trunk release system
  • Comfortable seating arrangement for three individuals
  • Efficient halogen lighting 
  • 14-inch rims and 24-inch tires
  • Segway Powersports App integrated into the UTV
  • Intelligent GPS feature along with community features

Detailed info about the engine

The Fugleman UT10X is here to ease your workload by accelerating the completion of tasks around your property or farm. Besides, it is always ready to take you on tough trails so that you can have a good time playing around. And, to do that in great style, the engine plays a key role.

The Fugleman UT10X comes equipped with a 4-stroke twin-cylinder 1000cc DOHC engine that delivers 93.5Nm torque and 105HP. The 1000cc engine makes good use of insulator technology in combination with optimized CAM to provide a smooth ride regardless of the terrain you are in.

The Company claims that their engine is one-of-a-kind and you can’t find them on any UTVs on the market. The best part about the engine is that it can perform at its best even in low or high temperatures. Moreover, higher altitude environments won’t create a barrier in front of the mighty Fugleman UT10X.

So, it is expected that the engine will make you live life to the fullest by providing you with strong sensations whenever you are up against tough terrains. The acceleration will be smooth and lively. And, it will please you and other UTV enthusiasts as well.

Another great feature about this side-by-side is the option to choose between two driving modes. The two modes are Eco and Sport mode. Therefore, depending on the type of ground and your driving preference, you can choose any mode. 

Does it have a dump bed?

Yes, the Fugleman UT10X comes with a dump bed as well. As you know, this UTV is the perfect work companion that you can ever find. So, it comes loaded with features that make your task easy. And, one of them is having a dump bed in the back.

Besides, the bed is something that you don’t see often on other utility vehicles. The dump bed or the rear truck, whatever you say, has an innovative release system. That makes it easy to use apart from the beautiful look. If you are looking for a hard-working vehicle, the Fugleman UT10X might be the right choice for you.

With this beast around, you don’t have to worry about the shortage of power needed to complete the work. The UT10X has a trunk capacity of 1000 pounds and it can tow about 2500 pounds. Moreover, it can pull loads up to 4500 pounds. 

Agility and versatility

When it comes to measuring a vehicle’s agility and versatility aspect, how well you can handle the vehicle and suspension system becomes important. The UT10X comes equipped with adjustable rear and front air shocks. Now, that’s an important feature when you take the UTV through rough trails.

Maneuvering through uneven terrains smoothly by absorbing the shocks is what makes a great UTV. This utility vehicle has a rear suspension of 11-inches with 280mm of travel. And, the front suspension consists of a dual A-arm with 280mm travel.

Also, the 13.8-inch with 320mm ground clearance of the Fugleman UT10X is noteworthy. As a result, the bumps will be smoother and you can enjoy every bit of the ride. The shock absorbers and suspension allow you to venture into different types of terrains with ease. In short, you will have a pleasing driving experience. 

Intuitive features for anglers and hunters

Improve your fishing and hunting adventures with Fugleman UT10X. These days, manufacturers are adopting new technologies and Segway is not an exception. With the innovative Segway Powersports application, you can keep track of your previous points through GPS.

And, you can lock these coordinates when you pass through these beautiful spots when driving the UT10X. Moreover, you can track your past hunting spots, and favorite hideouts, and get connected with fellow hunters or hunting clubs with the help of community features. Safety warnings, anti-theft, rollover warnings, and service reminders are some of the features of this app.


In a nutshell, Fugleman UT10X has no limits when it comes to accomplishing different kinds of tasks. For hunters and fishermen, this should be the ultimate utility machine. And, they will find it very useful when pursuing their passion.