Can-Am Defender HD7 vs. Polaris Ranger 570: Which One Should You Get?

When it comes to utility task vehicles (UTV), the two biggest names are – Can-Am Defender and Polaris Ranger. From homeowners and farmers to construction workers and businesses have depended on these two to get their work done. Both of these have their latest models in the market now as Can-Am Defender HD7 and Polaris Ranger 570. If you are looking for the perfect utility task vehicle to buy, then you must consider one of these two. But which one should you buy? Here is a complete Can Am Defender HD7 vs Polaris Ranger 570 comparison that can help you in determining which one to get.

With their amazing versatility and efficiency, both of these cars have made a huge impact on the market. There is no doubt that these two are the favorites of many. But you have to make a decision on which one to buy. We are here to help you with that. Read on.

Technical details

Before we start the comparison, it is important for you to know about the details of these two vehicles individually. From price to engine and more, all the details are here:

Can-Am Defender HD7

This vehicle is the toughest and one of the most capable vehicles of all time. With its exceptional power to adapt and ability to work, this is one of the best utility task vehicles in the market right now. Some of the most notable facts about this vehicle are – the heavy duty engine along with the responsive, smooth and durable transmission.

Price: Starting from $11,699

Engine: Equipped with a powerful 650cc Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency engine with single cylinder

Transmission: PDrive CVT Primary with electronic drive belt protection

Suspension: Double A-arms front and rear suspension

Brakes: Dual 220 mm disc for both front (hydraulic twin-piston calipers) and rear (hydraulic single-piston calipers)

Polaris Ranger 570

This is one of the best full-size performance vehicles with utmost comfort and great specifications. It is a perfect vehicle to work for you in the fields, on the trail and even at your home. The best thing about this vehicle is that it offers instant traction with true all-wheel drive with comfortable seating and smooth suspension.

Price: Starting from $10,999

Engine: Comes with 4-stroke 567 cc engine with single cylinder

Transmission: Automatic PVT Transmission shaft

Suspension: Front suspension is MacPherson 9 inches and rear one is a double A-arm 10 inches IRS

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake for front and rear

Can-Am Defender HD7 vs. Polaris Ranger 570: Comparison

Now that you have got an idea about the specifications of Can-Am Defender HD7 and Polaris Ranger 570, it is time for the ultimate comparison. When you are buying a utility vehicle, it is important to compare the vehicles before you make the final call. So, to make it easier for you to choose between these two, here is a complete comparison of Can Am Defender HD7 vs Polaris Ranger 570:

1. Engine and efficiency

Engine of a vehicle is the heart of it. Engine along with few other aspects determine the efficiency and performance of the car. As the engine plays a crucial role, this comparison is important. We have already mentioned the engine specifications of both the models above. By comparing the engines, we have noted that Can-Am Defender HD7 offers 52 HP of power and a torque of 41 pound-feet.

On the other hand, the Polaris Ranger 570 engine offers 44 HP of power and a torque of 36 pound-feet. Hence, it is clear that the engine of the Can-Am Defender HD7 is more efficient offering more horsepower and torque than that of the Polaris Ranger 570.

2. Comfort and Quality of Ride

While buying a utility vehicle, the main thing that comes to the mind is the capacity and utility of the vehicle. But comfort is still an important aspect that you need to consider as no one likes to drive or ride in an uncomfortable vehicle. When the two of these vehicles are compared to each other, the Defender is a winner! It comes with top-class comfort and the quality of the ride is also good. With ample legroom and comfortable seats, the Defender HD7 can offer you a better and more comfortable ride than the Polaris Ranger 570.

The main reason for the comfort is the 10 inches suspension that is equipped in the Defender model. It can make the bounces and bumps feel less jarring than that of the Polaris Ranger. Having said this, we must say that the Ranger offers comfort as well as a quality ride but not as good as the Can-Am Defender HD7. But it comes with adjustable steering which you can tilt or even adjust the height according to your ideal comfort. Hence, it can offer better control over the steering too.

3. Bed Capacity

The bed capacity determines how much load you can carry in the back of your vehicle as the cargo. If you are looking for the bed capacity or storage comparison, then you must know that Can-Am Defender HD7 is a winner here with a slight margin. While it offers 1000 lbs. of bed capacity, the Polaris Ranger 570 offers 800 lbs. of bed capacity. But the Ranger 570 comes with a lock and ride cargo box offering versatility.

The winner, Defender HD7, comes with the versatile hydraulic power operated tilt bed. By pushing a button, simply, you can unload or dump the loads quite easily. This makes it easier for you to work more efficiently. Not only that, the Defender HD7 also comes with the exclusive under-bed storage for storing all your tools, cargo and gear. 

4. Off-road capacity

When looking for the best utility vehicle for your work, you need to consider their off-road capacity. A vehicle meant for utility purposes cannot be expected to be driven only on smooth terrains. Though off-road depends from one place to another, your vehicle must be ready to tackle the remotest job sites deep in the forest or on a rocky hillside. While comparing the Defender and Ranger for their off-road capacity, the Ranger 570 is the winner thanks to the all-wheel drive system.

It offers better traction while you are driving off-road or in the most difficult terrains. Also, it comes with VersaTrac turf mode which allows the rear wheels of the Ranger to independently rotate without tearing up the grasses of the delicate surfaces when you are turning. But the Defender HD7 is also quite efficient in offering a good quality off-road capacity with a selectable turf mode and 4-wheel drive. Along with that, the QE auto-locking feature can help you to drive this car efficiently on off-road too.

5. Towing capacity

When you are comparing two utility vehicles with each other, one of the most important factors to consider is towing capacity. Of course, the towing capacity matters a lot as you will like to tow vehicles efficiently with your utility vehicle. Comparing the towing capacity of Can-Am Defender HD7 vs. Polaris Ranger 570, we have got a winner here.

While the Polaris Ranger 570 offers a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs. only, the Can-Am Defender HD7 has a towing capacity of about 2,500 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. This is a whopping capacity, making Can-Am Defender HD7 as one of the industry-leading towing vehicles. While the Defender can easily tow up to 2,500 lbs. the Defender 6×6 can tow about 3,000 lbs.

6. Control the Climate 

Want a season proof vehicle while you are working? Controlling the climate in your vehicle can offer you the utmost comfort that you are looking for. Then Can-Am Defender HD7 can offer you with the best features. You can enhance your ride in the vehicle with the help of their HVAC system. It is efficient and you can control the climate inside your vehicle while tackling any terrain comfortably.

It offers a sealed cab with automatic climate control or you can use the dial too to adjust the heating, air conditioning and ventilation. You can adjust the climate exactly like the way you want it. On the other hand, you can add a HVAC system in Polaris Ranger 570 but that is going to cost you a lot extra.

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7. Price comparison

When you are comparing the prices, it doesn’t mean you have to see which one is available at a cheaper price. Comparison of prices means you have to see whether the product is value for money (price) or not. While the starting price of Can-Am Defender HD7 is $11,699, the starting price of Polaris Ranger 570 is $10,999.

But that doesn’t mean Ranger 570 is the winner here. The number of features, quality of specifications and comfort that the Defender HD7 offers with an extra of $700 (approximately), it is quite evident that it is a winner here. Though Ranger is available at a cheaper price tag, the towing capacity, bed capacity, comfort, horsepower and suspension is far better in Defender HD7. 

Can Am Defender HD7 vs Polaris Ranger 570: Which one to buy?

From the above Can-Am Defender HD7 vs. Polaris Ranger 570 comparison, the clear winner is – Defender HD7. It comes with great features that you can enjoy. Some of the best exclusive and best features that you can enjoy are:

New Audio Roof

The all-new Defender HD7 is available with the exclusive audio roof. Enjoy something more than just a roof on your head. It comes with a waterproof sound system. There are 6 speakers attached to the roof with Bluetooth connectivity option. You can enjoy good quality music with the help of this feature while you are working or driving. 

Comfortable seats

Want to enjoy the best-in-class comfort while driving your utility vehicle? Then, you need to make sure that you are getting this vehicle for you! Defender HD7 comes with an added lateral support which is reinforced in the seat skin. Thus, you can easily hop in or out of the car easily. Also, you can adjust the driver’s seat according to your comfort and convenience. If needed, then you can also flip the seats up. All the features operate quite smoothly and effortlessly.

Less vibration and noise

Gone are those days when you had to adjust the valve frequently or do early maintenance before hitting the road. With the Can-Am Defender HD7, you can enjoy a highly powerful and quieter ROTAX engine offering you an improved riding experience. Yes, you can ride off easily with least vibration and noise. This is a powerpack design meant for great performance and amazing riding experience.

Efficient brake holding mechanism

One of the best features of the Can-Am Defender HD7 is the brakes. With the brake holding mechanism, it ensures that the Defender HD7 stays completely still regardless of the amount of loan, inclination or the type of terrain. It also comes with a manual parking brake to make the mechanism even more efficient than ever.

While it offers all these great benefits and features, the only drawback that you can notice here is the Visco-Lok of Can-Am Defender HD7. It is inferior to that of the Visco-Lok system of Ranger 570. This Visco-Lok mechanism makes the Ranger 570 a more efficient and better utility vehicle for off-roads. 

Final Verdict

Having explained all the features and specifications of both Can-Am Defender HD7 and Polaris Ranger 570, it is quite evident that both the vehicles have their own advantages. They both are excellent as an individual utility vehicle. There is no doubt that both Defender and Ranger models come with several varieties. But when it is about a comparison, you have to declare a winner at the end.

While both of these utility vehicles offer great efficiency, power and amazing features, we have a winner here. In the comparison of Can-Am Defender HD7 vs. Polaris Ranger 570, the winner is the former one. The features and specifications that Defender HD7 comes with can easily beat the Ranger 570 in terms of performance and efficiency. But Ranger 570 is also a great option to consider if you have a tighter budget. Either way, you can never go wrong if you choose any one of these two utility task vehicles.