4 Best 4-Seater UTV for the Jungle Area

Yamaha Wolverine 4-seater UTV on display

While a side-by-side UTV serves different purposes, one of its usefulness comes when people go out to the jungle area for hunting. UTVs are widely being used as the most preferred choice for hunting. That’s because they have proven their reliability when it comes to hunting in very tight conditions. 

Most hunters tend to go out into the wild with UTVs because they have the flexibility to add different types of accessories to the vehicle. That way, it improves the overall ride while providing improved security. So, if you are looking for a 4-seater UTV for a jungle adventure, this post might help you a lot. 

What makes a great UTV for the jungle area?

Apart from the budget choice, when you are planning to buy a UTV for hunting purposes, below are the following criteria that you can’t afford to miss. 

  • Storage – The UTV should have convenient storage to bring the necessary accessories and tools for hunting, survival and camping gear, and so on.
  • Power – The UTV should have enough torque so that you can drive in tough terrains that are common in jungles. That way, you can complete your hunting mission with ease.
  • Safety – From weather-proof accessories to harnesses to hard rooftops and everything that comes between, the UTV should have comfort and safety features.
  • Upgrading choices – When you are out in the wild, you may want to have gun mounts, bow cases, bow racks, space for holding a gun, etc. So, the UTV should have provision to make the necessary upgrades for these things. 

4 Best 4-Seater UTV for the Jungle Area

Complied in this section contains all the necessary information on the top six 4-seater UTVs and what they offer. 

1. Yamaha Wolverine X4

To begin with, the Yamaha Wolverine X4 has an 847cc Dual-Cylinder engine that generates a whopping 80HP. Also, it has a smooth transmission with a belt-driven mechanism. The centrifugal clutch present in the CVT transmission makes the UTV run smooth throughout the jungle.

The best part about Wolverine X4 is that it comes with a unique setting called Turtle and Rabbit. As the name suggests, the turtle setting allows you to drive the vehicle only at 25 miles per hour speed. Now, that is an interesting feature that is perfect when you are maneuvering through dense forest where riding fast is not needed. 

The intuitive suspension design helps the UTV stay in its place even when you have a massive cargo in the back. With a versatile cargo space, this UTV has the provision to move forward the rear seats so that it can accommodate extra cargo in the back. 

Because of the small wheelbase, which is about 83.7-inches, this side-by-side has the best maneuverability feature in its class. It means that you can squeeze into tight corners that only a handful of UTVs can do. Overall, it is the best UTV for hunting.

2. Kawasaki Teryx 4

Similar to Teryx in almost every feature, the Kawasaki Teryx 4 comes with a difference of two extra seats in the back. If you are a diehard fan of Kawasaki, this UTV should be the right choice when you take your family or friends on a ride in the jungle. 

It is a 4-wheel drive UTV that comes with a 783cc engine delivering great performance. The presence of a Fox Podium 2.0 shock absorber gives the vehicle 11 inches of ground clearance. Besides, the strong chassis is backed by the company’s 3-year warranty. Moreover, the UTV has a belt-driven CVT transmission.

The Teryx 4 has a solid fuel-injected engine that includes two Mikuni throttle bodies each 36mm. so, it has the requisite power to get you up and going through the jungle. The Teryx 4 has a towing capacity of 1300 pounds. The braking system is flawless thanks to the dual-hydraulic discs on the front wheels and a wet braking system in the rear. 

Apart from that, the Teryx 4 comes with electric power steering that gives the driver a controllable and comfortable driving experience. The Kawasaki Teryx 4 is a great addition for 2 to 4 people who love hunting in the jungle.

3. Honda Pioneer 1000 Deluxe

There is no question that everyone loves Honda and the company has earned a good reputation of being a trusted car manufacturer for producing impressive off-roading vehicles. And, to display their professionalism in utility vehicles, they came up with Pioneer 1000 Deluxe. Although this UTV is a bit expensive compared to others in its class, it is worth the price.

This side-by-side comes equipped with a massive 999cc engine that can tow around 2000 pounds and carry about 1000 pounds of cargo. As such, you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of accessories when going out into the woods for hunting. The Pioneer 1000 boasts of the industry’s first 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

It’s a big step in the world of UTVs. What’s interesting is that the dual-clutch transmission in this UTV is very much similar to that of the Acura NSX, which is Honda’s powerful supercar. The clutch system is all about gears without any kind of belt-driven functionalities. 

With this technology in place, it makes a difference in transmissions because belt transmissions are easily broken compared to chain-fed transmissions. In short, this transmission system allows the driver to become a part of the machine. If you have driven a sports car you can know what this connection is all about.

Moreover, this UTV has the best ECU, and shifting gears side-by-side is seamless. The Pioneer 1000 has two different modes: Sports and standard mode. With the sports mode, the UTV uses manual paddle shifters. The Advanced Transmission Logic mechanism in the standard mode senses the driver’s driving style and adapts to the situation accordingly.

The Pioneer 1000 has both a 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive system. Besides, the Pioneer 1000 comes with a seating capacity of 4 to 5 people and that makes the UTV perfect for taking your family and kids to the jungle to experience something different. 

The best part about Pioneer 1000 is that two or three people can sit comfortably in the front seats. This is different from others where they offer two bucket seats for two individuals. Moreover, the two back seats have the option to flip down so that you can make extra cargo space. 

The electric power steering in the vehicle reacts to its steering input and speed. Also, the tilt steering helps the driver adjust the steering wheel as they like. The Honda Pioneer 1000 comes with several packages that offer certain things such as worker protection, hunting, trail, all-weather, and custom packages.

4. Can-Am Commander Max 

This particular model from Can-Am comes in three different packages: Limited, XT, and DPA. One of the best features of this UTV is that every model comes with stadium-style seating regardless of the package you choose. It means you will have plenty of leg space along with a slightly raised read seating arrangement. 

Besides, the seats offer both shoulder and lumbar support. And, are adjustable to up to 6.3-inches. The engine on this UTV is big enough to get the job done because it boasts 85HP coming out from a Rotax 1000 V-twin engine. So, if you like hunting and want to reach far in the jungle in less time, perhaps the speed of this UTV should help you.

Commander Max comes with a CVT transmission system that has an electric drive belt protection mechanism. The system detects CVT belt movements and notifies the driver whenever anything suspicious occurs. For example, if the vehicle is at high gear but needs to shift to low, the vehicle won’t move and will intimate the driver about the issue.

Another intuitive feature is the throttle control system that helps the vehicle maintain optimal throttle even if the driver’s foot is finding it hard to maneuver through rough terrain. This UTV has two driving modes: Sport and Eco. Moreover, the dynamic power steering has three modes: Max, Med, and Min. 

As such, the driver can choose the extent of steering at any given terrain when they are navigating through them. The double A-arms front suspension and the rear suspension keep the Commander Max stable regardless of any terrain that you come around driving in a jungle. 

In addition, Commander Max comes with 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels. The tires do a great job when it comes to maneuvering any terrain and provides a comfortable, smooth ride. This UTV comes equipped with a dual-level cargo box that is useful when carrying all types of cargo without compromising the ride. 

The box has a watertight panel that divides the top and lower levels. That way, you can have two independent spaces when needed. Also, the box can carry around 600 pounds weight with ease. This side-by-side has a towing capacity of up to 1200 pounds.

The Air Control Suspension system has onboard control panels that allow for different shock settings. Commander Max houses a sound system that comes with four speakers, has a USB port, and is compatible with iPhone and iPad for other kinds of music options. The integrated side padding and headrests are removable as well. 

What to consider before buying a side-by-side the jungle area

While UTVs share many great features, components, and some similarities, buying a UTV is a completely different experience and process compared to buying a truck or car. Here are some important factors to consider before deciding to purchase. 

1. Engine – The powertrain of an SXS is of extreme importance. So, when you consider this area, have an understanding of the engine’s layout, size, and cooling system. The right configuration, cooling system, number of cylinders, and whether the engine is supercharged or turbocharged are equally important as well. 

Moreover, in recent years, this sector has started witnessing full-electric, gas-electric, and hybrid powertrain units as well.

2. Transmission – It is another area that has witnessed a major interest among riders in recent times as the simple 5 and 6-speed gearboxes are becoming out of fashion slowly. 

Instead, the transmissions are supplemented with paddle shifters, semi-auto items, and other important additions that make the area worth exploring. Besides, 2 and 4-wheel drive models are worth exploring, too.

3. Component – It is beyond doubt that the performance of a side-by-side largely depends on its engine and running gear, where the latter consists of braking, suspension, and frame along with other important elements. 

So, when you are looking in this area, it is crucial to consider the type of setup in use, the brand of suspension, or what kind of performance specs are being offered when it is about travel and ground clearance. 

4. Upgrade opportunities – Most SXS models come with several trims. However, with the base models, you can have a basic feature that you can further upgrade. These might include crash bars, winches, and other updates. 

In short, you can always have the option to upgrade your UTV by using specific parts. Only the models with higher specs make it to stellar features out of the factory. 

5. Comforts – Typically, UTVs come with minimal features that include bare essentials and a little bit of everything. However, this trend has been changed in recent years with the addition of certain comfort elements such as infotainment systems, AC and heating, windows, and so on. As of now, you can find these features on almost every side-by-side. 

6. Crash protection – Because UTVs are designed to perform in the harshest of conditions, they can withstand a lot of abuse. And, crash protection is one of the important features that come to play. 

Most of these vehicles come equipped with certain items such as steel bumpers, rock sliders, or skid-plates. Besides, many side-by-side come equipped with protected exhaust systems as well.

7. Supplementary features – The introduction of smart devices has impacted every industry and the UTV market is not an exception. Battery charging stations, impressive sound systems, pairing with smartphone apps, and Bluetooth connectivity is becoming more common in all models. Most importantly, these features are being appreciated by riders as well.