UTVs With Power Takeoff shaft (PTO)

UTV closeup at farm

The advent of advanced technologies has greatly impacted many industries. The surge in the number of people and organizations utilizing the power takeoff has led to more efficient marine and industrial machines. PTO is all about taking power from one power source, such as a running engine, and transmitting it to a different engine or attached device.

Most of the machines you find in ranches, farms, and homes embrace the power takeoff shaft technology. Whether you are a farmer or a remote property owner, don’t have any worries investing in the best UTVs or ATVs with outstanding engines. Most of the power takeoff shaft engines are low maintenance, budget-friendly, and easy to use.

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How You Can Use the PTO on a UTV

If you have robust work to undertake in your company, ranch, or farm, UTVs are the best choice to settle for. They are large, powerful, and offer a lot of storage space. These machines require power from a sort of engine to efficiently perform their designed function.

Many people think of adding a second engine to their machines, but this is not a practical idea. Fortunately, power takeoff is a valuable element when you think of providing power to secondary functions. You will have enough power to run hydraulic and mechanical pumps and other attached implements.

The PTO efficiently transmits an engine’s power to another machine and one that does not have its own motor or engine through a driveshaft. The driveshaft is connected from the device to the UTVs power takeoff shaft. The hydraulic power gets controlled by a pressurized system to serve various purposes as it builds up.

If you want to rest assured of greater engine efficiency regardless of how you will use the machine, choose the right PTO. Things to consider as you select your power take-off will include:

  • Application usage
  • Speed requirement of the driven parts of the engine
  • Space allocation
  • Horsepower and torque requirement of the machine
  • Method of PTO engagement

With this in mind, go on and learn how to use power take-off on different UTVs widely used these days. They include:


When the weather changes and you want to get rid of snow, you need the right equipment for the job. Many people start to warm up their tractors as they are ideal, versatile, and affordable for snow removal. To get the most out of this machine, consider purchasing a snowblower attachment. Remember to prepare your UTV for winter.

With a snowblower attachment, you will effectively move large volumes of the snow faster than when using a standard loader bucket. Once you find the right unit, it’s easy to use the power takeoff on a snowblower. Go on and mount your snowblower on a tractor and ensure the PTO shaft doesn’t separate from the snowblower in high or low positions.

The PTO will transfer full engine horsepower to the snowblower. You will enjoy a reliable and high-performance operation while using your snowblower. A rear-mount snowblower will allow the owner to use the tractor’s front loader bucket to get rid of snow and away from buildings.

If you opt for the front-mounted snowblower, you take advantage of the PTO system with an exceptional framework to run driveshafts below the tractor. It’s easy to use this blower and enjoy enhanced visibility and full engine power provided by PTO drive.

Use the universal skid steer quick-attach system on the snowblower for full articulation of the loader arms. You can tilt the snowblower’s angle or raise the unit high as the tractor allows and scope and throw snow from your property stress-free.


The latest lawnmower models come equipped with a power take-off function. This is a feature that makes it easy to engage the mower blades of the machine. However, the PTO should be working correctly to satisfy your needs.

The PTO works on a lawnmower efficiently when you engage the clutch after its solenoid gets an electric spark. The pulley attached to the clutch will guide the belt that connects to the engine crankshaft and rotate the mower’s blades. The shaft-driven PTO will make it easy to mow large areas and quickly.

Road Cleaning Brush

It’s no longer that daunting to clean or sweep roads these days. You can use a tractor-mounted road cleaning brush driven from the tractor power takeoff shaft and do more than you can imagine.

Use your cleaning brush to sweep straight ahead or in two angled positions on either side. Use your PTO driven road cleaning brush to clean debris, weeds, leaves, sand from the road, pavements, and other large surfaces.

The sweeping part is unique as it is mechanical driven, and you need to rear-mount it on the bracket on the tractor of choice. You can also front-mount the brush if your tractor’s driveshaft spins several rounds to both sides.

Farming Tools/Devices

Modern tractors provide farmers and property owners with a means to work more efficiently and quickly thanks to the power take-off (PTO) technology. Power take-offs shafts are the power source for many farm tools/devices attached to and powered by tractors. The driven equipment could then perform its farming functions by using the tractor engine power.

Using these tools is easy as the driveshaft can rotate at speeds up to 1000 rpm. Once you mount any of the farm equipment you are using on the tractor, ensure the PTO shaft is appropriately guarded.

Make sure you choose the best PTO guard that suits your farming needs. Pick one that comes with flexible end cones, easy to remove and maintain, and with a heavy-duty plastic telescopic section.

UTV Models with Power Takeoff (PTO)

With the many benefits of using UTV models with power takeoff, you will not miss a design that will satisfy your needs. They include:

Polaris Brutus

Polaris Brutus is a distinctive utility vehicle model that delivers superior ride quality for many applications. They come with a rear suspension that supports heavy loads and minimize possible damage when fully loaded.

Polaris Brutus also features a rear cargo box secure enough for day-to-day use carrying cargo. This is a facet that guarantees easy removal and installation of workstation accessories.

This excellent UTV model comes with a 24-horsepower diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission and perfect power take-off. The machine’s capabilities go beyond scooping and throwing away snow.

Polaris Brutus comes with a finishing mower, angle broom, and pallet forks for unparalleled performance. The independent throttle control provides excellent attachments with full power regardless of the speed of the machine.

Bobcat 3650

The Bobcat 3650 is an incredible model you will, without a doubt, fall in love with. It’s a hydrostatic drive utility vehicle that comes with the capacity to operate front-mount power takeoff attachments.

The Bobcat features cabs with HVAC features that make the 3650 a proper four-season work vehicle. A 24.8-horsepower diesel engine powers this UTV model, and it’s powerful enough to use for various tasks.

The diesel engine will automatically shut itself down if it experiences high engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, or low engine oil pressure. This is a remarkable durability feature you fall in love with when comparing Bobcat 3650 with other UTVs.

Polaris Pro XD

The Polaris Pro XD is an incredible model designed with durability, safety, and workability in mind and to perform extraordinary tasks. This model is great for towing projects as it can withstand tough usage and duty cycles.

Bobcat 3600

The Bobcat 3600 is an excellent model from the manufacturer that has expanded its utility vehicles lineup. It meets the needs of many users who want to enjoy the benefits of a hydrostatic drive UTV.

It comes with a robust capacity to operate attachments mounted on the vehicle that are power take-off driven for maximum performance. Intrinsically, the Bobcat 3600 model is an excellent choice for hauling and towing.