Affordable Farm UTVs – 5 Popular Models

UTVs and tractor on road

Side by side UTVs have increasingly been on high demand for different outdoor uses because of their overall agility and offloading capabilities. However, the historical and foremost use of a UTV has always been as a work tool, notably used by farmers in doing farm chores.

In the US fields and farms, the use of side by side UTVs goes as far back as the 1960s. And there is a good reason why a UTV has been a popular feature in most American farms.

The 4WD and off-roading capabilities of the UTVs make them excellent when it comes to moving around various types of farm products like fertilizers. A UTV in the farm can also be used for carrying firewood, catching calves, spreading seeds, building fences, etc. The bottom line is that the UTVs can do any of those and other farm work effortlessly, without being hard or expensive for you to live with as a farmer.

The Affordability of UTVs

Having said that, because of the many potential uses of the UTV, it is understandable why every farmer may want one. However, if you can afford to spend a big budget on buying a UTV, with some available for more than $20,000, you have come in the wrong place. Here, we only look at the best affordable farm UTVs.

Since you are here to look for the cheap options of side by side UTVs for your farm, it is also essential for me to add one thing. Even though you may prefer to purchase an affordable farm UTV, always ensure that the farm machine you purchase is reliable and performs well. Subsequently, here are the cheap UTVs for farm use we know and like.

1. Kawasaki Mule SX XC

It is definitely the most affordable UTV and, consequently, a top preference for most farmers on a budget. This machine is small and straightforward and designed for working. The Kawasaki Mule SX XC can be used around the farm for doing different farm chores like crop spraying, plowing, and even for recreation.

As its name, the “mule,” suggests, this UTV is not only available at an affordable price; it is also reliable, robust, and rugged for meeting your farm needs. According to the manufacturer of this particular farm side by side UTV, they boast that the “S” and “X” in the name respectively stand for small and extra strong.

The farm UTV derives its power from the 401cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine. The machine is suitable for use in a mountainous landscape as it is adapted for both off- and on-road. The UTV has an enhanced suspension spring, and together with the 24-inch Duro tires, the utility vehicle becomes easy to handle and offers you a smooth ride.

You can also simply and easily transition between 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive using the dash-mounted switch. The switch is accessible as it is situated to the right of the position of the driver.

The Kawasaki Mule SX SC is available from around $8,399.

2. Honda Pioneer 500

From the range of Honda pioneers available, this model is the smallest, and that translates into it being easy to fit on the back of your pickup truck. As a result, there is no need for you to purchase a trailer, and that means you can save some money for you to use elsewhere.

Looking at the Honda Pioneer 500, it is true that it is a fun machine since it gives us a different viewpoint regarding UTVs. The machine does not implement the use of the conventional style bed for most UTVs. Instead, it implements the use of a rear rack, just like with ATVs.

For that reason, you have to tie down your things down to the rear rack. This may not be suitable for carrying wide loads that the conventional UTV cargo bed would have easily handled.

This smallest Honda Pioneer side by side UTV is powered using a 475cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The engine employs the usage of Honda’s five-speed manual or automatic transmission, which is essential for giving you the option for shifting using paddle shifters.

With that feature, this particular narrow Honda Pioneer UTV becomes a fun machine when you are driving. The machine is suitable for farmers who will be using it for long hours because of its comfortable suspension.

Moreover, understand that since Honda manufactured the side by side UTV, it promises to be a rock-solid farm machine that will last longer. So, there is no doubt why we have included the Honda Pioneer 500 as an affordable farm UTV.

The machine is available for purchase from around $8,999.

3. Polaris Ranger 500

Initially, when Polaris introduced this particular UTV in the market, it used to be called the Ranger EXP. However, with time they incorporated in its design a new engine size (500cc ProStar), and that is why the UTV is now called the Polaris Ranger 500. The machine has been designed on the mid-size Ranger platform of Polaris, and it comes with two seats.

The Polaris Ranger 500 is built to suit handling your different farm chores. The box storage and the payload capacity enable you to get the necessary work done on your farm, including hauling farm tools and fertilizers.

It is also possible to take this side by side affordable UTV with you anywhere, such as around your farm. That is made possible because of its small size; it can be easily carried on the back of most trucks.

The Polaris Ranger 500 comes with all the vital things we have come to expect from a Ranger, such as ground clearance of 10 inches and 32 horsepower. Thus, it is understandable why the machine is one of the most sold for Polaris and why farmers prefer it.

The machine is available from $8, 999.

4. Yamaha Wolverine

The Wolverine is the Yamaha’s base UTV model. It proves as the perfect machine for farmers on a budget, and the 708cc single-cylinder engine powers the machine. This machine is suitable for use in trail laden areas, rocky terrains, steep hills, and on muddy surfaces.

While the Yamaha Wolverine comes with a narrow width, the UTV manages to stay stable in different situations that would make other UTV in its class to feel a little tippy.

The semi-bolstered seating is relatively comfortable, necessary when performing any farm-related activity. The cab of the side by side UTV is built in a way the driver has different controls within touch.

Furthermore, when you invite a passenger to accompany you for your farm rides, there is a handhold bar serving as a confidence booster when the driving is not smooth. Nevertheless, remember that the machine incorporates the use of the legendary Ultramatic CVT from Yamaha to handle duties of transmission, guaranteeing that you may not need to use belts.

Another feature that may be overlooked that the machine has is in the form of a parking brake. The wet brake is wholly enclosed, safeguarding its operation from being affected or restricted by any debris from the trail. You can trust that the wet brake will function whenever there is a need.

The Yamaha Wolverine is priced from about $10,999.

5. Kawasaki Mule Pro

Kawasaki is a famous brand with its off-and-on road petrol-powered bikes, and as you would expect, the Kawasaki Mule Pro comes with a thumping diesel-powered engine.

The Kawasaki Mule Pro is available in four- and two-seater options. For the two-seater machine, the company claims that it provides, in its category, the biggest bed load as it is about 1.35-meter square.

For the four-seater Kawasaki Mule Pro, one of its main features is its folding rear perch. While if the folding rear perch is raised, it tends to take some part of the load bed; still, a sizable space remains for kit carrying.

The two- and four-seater Kawasaki Mule Pro models are powered by a 993cc; three-cylinder Cherry engine and the models appear prominent, and beefy.

Moreover, consider that the UTV models come with the locking differentials, four-wheel drive, an attitude for getting your farm work done, and a three-year warranty.

Hence, it is clear why many farmers prefer this cheap UTV option. The industry-leading warranty alone makes it worthwhile for a farmer to purchase the machine.

The cost of the Kawasaki Mule Pro starts from $14,184.

In Conclusion

Having seen the affordable side by side UTVs for a farmer, once you purchase any one of those, you can always improve on its work capability. Enhancing the ability of a cheap UTV means you can have one of the best performing machines on your farm without spending more on the purchasing cost.

To make your farm UTV better for towing or hauling, you can improve the cargo volume and ground clearance. You can get accessories from UTV dealerships to significantly improve the cargo handling capability of your cheap UTV.

If that option does not work, you go the aftermarket route to look for storage boxes and tools and more cargo volume. In terms of improving ground clearance, it helps make your affordable farm UTV more off-road capable.