Largest Beds on UTVs – The Side by Sides With Biggest Beds

UTV with the biggest bed, Can-Am Defender PRO DPS

We have compiled a list of the UTV brands and models with the largest available beds on the market. Most of these are specifically designed for ranchers and contractors, which means they have various aftermarket features that can make them even more suited to your specific needs.

While we believe that the Can-Am Defender line of UTVs has the largest bed size when compared to the others, you may require different specs in addition, so we have looked for UTVs that can fill various roles.

Brand & ModelBed DimentionsBed Sq FtBed Capacity
Can-Am Defender PRO XT72 x 54.5 x 10 in27.3 ft²1,000 lb
Can-Am Defender 6X6 XT73 x 54.5 x 10 in27.3 ft²1,000 lb
Can-Am Defender 6X6 DPS72 x 54.5 x 10 in27.3 ft²1,000 lb
Kioti K9 240043.7 x 58.2 x 11.5 in17.7 ft²1,102 lb
Kawasaki Mule 4000 Series46.3 x 51.6 x 11.4 in16.6 ft²800 lb
John Deere HPX615E45 x 12 x 52 in16.3 ft²1,000 lb
Kubota Sidekick RTV-XG85040.5 x 11.45 x 57.5 in16.2 ft²1,000 lb
Kioti K9 244039.2 x 58.2 x 11.5 in15.8 ft²661.5 lb
Kioti Mechron 220038.6 x 56.2 x 11.5 in15.1 ft²1,102 lb
Cushman HAULER 4X4n/a14.7 ft²1,000 lb
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Premium36.75 x 54.25 x 12.5 in13.8 ft²1,000 lb

All product information comes from the manufacturer’s website to ensure accuracy. It should be noted that the official Kioti website does not list the MSRP of their Mechron and K9 UTV lines though some third-party sites do have them.

The Different Types of Cargo Beds

There are several different types of UTV beds. Each one is ideal for certain kinds of material hauling or projects. If you need to move heavy-duty equipment, there are flatbeds, big game hunters can use dump beds for moving and unloading their catch, and ranchers can purchase extended beds for hauling hay and other materials around their property.

No matter what type of job you need to get done, there is a utility UTV with a bed that is right for you. This article will go over the largest capacity beds currently available, so the smaller sports models will not be included in the list.

Average UTV Bed Sizes

An example of the average bed size and capacity for a regular utility UTV is the Polaris Ranger 1000, which features box dimensions of 36.75 x 54.25 x 12.5 in and a 1,500 lb load capacity. These are quite a bit bigger than the average size of a sports bed.

For example, the sporty Polaris RZR XP 1000 only has a box dimension of 28 x 22 x 7 in. with a bed capacity of 300 lbs.

You can see that there is a significant difference between the beds for UTVs meant for recreation and those intended to be workhorses.

Regular Beds

Regular beds can come with built-in or add-on features like toolboxes, weapon mounts, and extenders for the height of the bed sides.

These usually do not include a dump bed function, but some deluxe packages do have this feature. Also, they have sides and usually some form of a tailgate.

Flat Bed

Quite a few models of utility UTVs can be transformed into flatbeds. The sides can sometimes be lowered to extend the bed’s size, and others can be removed. It depends on which UTV brand you go with.

There are also custom and aftermarket options for transforming your UTV into a flatbed.

Extended Bed

Bed extenders can be included in a package or bought as an add-on. They can also be purchased custom for your needs. There are several variations of extenders.

Dump bed feature

This feature allows you to move your bed vertically to make unloading things easier. Some aftermarket kits will allow you to transform your current regular UTV bed into a dump bed.

You can find out more information on the various dump beds currently available and their features by reading through our article about dump beds here.

Our top choice for the brand with the largest cargo beds

The Can-Am Defender series includes one of the most significant bed capacity options available, with nearly double the size of the average bed dimensions. These huge UTV haulers come in two-person and crew side-by-side sizes, so no matter what jobs you need to get done around your home or work site, there will be room for what you need. Their six-wheel UTV has an extended bed that comes in at a whopping 1,000-pound capacity.

Also, Can-Am has some of the best aftermarket add-on accessories overall and for the bed specifically. They offer a $754.99 bed wall extender kit that quickly and easily increases the bed capacity.

Third-party designers have also made this series some excellent add-ons. Battle Armor has a fantastic bed rack for the Can-Am Defender series that virtually doubles your bed space, and it only costs $676.99.
Check it out at their website:

Aftermarket bed features

There are multiple ways in which you can alter a dump bed for hauling specific types of material after you have purchased your UTV.

Below are some of the more common aftermarket features that you can buy from popular brands like Can-Am, Polaris, and Kubota.

  • Hydraulic bed dumping kit
  • Rail extensions
  • Bed hardcover
  • Bed canvas cover
  • Bed mesh cover
  • Bed extender/divider
  • Cargo boxes
  • Gun and bow mounts
  • Cargo mats
  • Bed gear vault
  • Bed liners (aluminum, hard plastic, vinyl, etc.)
  • Tie rails
  • Fixed tailgate
  • Extended tailgate
  • Cargo clamp