UTV Side Mirrors

So, your UTV has not come with side-or-rear-view mirrors. You are just a bit worried about your safety and want to install side mirrors to make driving safe with a clear rear view.

Most UTVs do not come with side view mirrors. Without rear mirrors, you can face a lot of difficulties while checking on your buddies and trying to back up. You might face even more difficulties when you are using five, six, or four-point seat belts. You will find yourself restricted and cannot look behind easily. In that condition, you should consider installing side mirrors.

Different types of side mirrors are available in the current condition. Some mirrors are well-made to offer the required convenience and comfort. You will have to do your research to find the best one that suits your specific requirements. You can get the one that fits your budget. Before deciding on any side view mirror, look into a few factors that include your budget as well as your driving requirements, and then only you can make a smart decision.

Next, we will discuss two rear-or-side mirrors that you can consider for your UTV. We will cover a few details so that you will find it easier to decide on the right one.

Round Sport Side-view MirrorsWide View Side-view Mirrors
MaterialAluminiumABS Plastic
Shatter Resistant GlassYesYes
View fieldGoodExtra wide, convex mirror
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

In this article, we will enable you to know more about side mirrors. You will know why you need one and how to make the most out of the side or rear mirrors. In the end, we will help you with two popular and well-recommended side mirrors that you can consider for your UTV.

Round Sport Side-view Mirrors

You will have to spend a bit more on UTV RZR Aluminum Side View Mirrors. However, the quality will be unparalleled. The appearance and built are unbeatable.

The design of the UTV mirrors is slim and robust. It can be the best option for you when you prefer to drive on narrow roads. It will fit you more if you love a sporty driving style.

You will find this set quality made and not floppy. You can adjust them easily without external help. All you need to do is to unbolt and reset depending on your desired look. And you can fine-tune the viewing angle with your hands only, thanks to the adjustable glass.

Most users recommend this side view mirror set for the solid built and durable construction.

These are high-end side mirrors that can fit most UTVs. You just need to measure your UTV to avoid any confusion. The size of the clamps are 1.75″ and 2″.

You are going to appreciate the break-away feature as well. It will automatically fold up while facing an obstacle or while hitting a tree. Therefore, you can expect minimal damages and a durable result with better performance.

There are triple adjustments to ensure safe and comfortable driving. You can simply press the glass to adjust the surface of the mirror. It is made with shatterproof tempered glass and CNC aluminum alloy to work well in all the weather conditions. These mirrors are tested to offer the best usability and performance even in extreme weather conditions.

The aluminum case will protect the mirror surface. When the mirror is broken, you do not need to replace the set. Instead, you can find a suitable mirror and replace it by unscrewing the screw that you will find on the back of the mirror housing.

Wide View Side-view Mirrors

If you are looking for a side-view mirror that can fit almost all the UTVs, this wide view side-view mirror is worth considering.

You will love the price and efficiency of this set.

Also, the installation is quite easy, and you can install it without any mechanical knowledge. You will need some basic tools.

They will hold the original position and boost the appearance of your vehicle. You can use it even for the roughest ride. The best part is that it is affordable and can easily compete with the leading names of the industry.

You can expect a much wider view of the large size. The dimensions of the mirrors are 7” tall and 4” wide. Therefore, you can be benefited a larger view.

More importantly, it will fit your UTV as it made to fit all UTVs that do not come with side mirrors. Also, it comes with two sets of mounting clamps. It is compatible with Polaris RZR and Can-Am.

The stylish and sleek design is also impressive and can boost the look of your UTV. As you can get a wider viewer, you can consider these mirrors for whoops and harsh terrains. You can expect a secure fit with no vibration.

Stainless steel bolts and high impact ABS plastic and shock-absorbing and anti-slip features make the mounting secure and tight enough to prevent any damage from shock and wind while driving in harsh weather conditions.

You will find the adjustment super easy. You can effortlessly and easily adjust the front and back or up and down to get the desired and clear view. When it comes to the benefits, once again, you can expect a super-wide vision to prevent accidents and blind spots, and that will ultimately protect you from an unfortunate condition while driving on rough roads.

Also, you can easily adjust the mirrors and get the desired view. All these are going to make driving safe and easy.

Why use side-view mirrors on Side by Sides?

A side view mirror is also known as the wing mirror. You will have to install the wing mirror on the exterior of your motor vehicle. If you install on the exterior, you can see most of the areas behind and sides of your vehicle.

You should install a rear mirror especially when your view mirror does not offer clear views, and you find it hard to see the rear-or-side views.

When you cannot have the views of rear and side, you can put yourself and your vehicle in danger. A driver must have rear mirrors on both sides to have a clear view of the roadway on each side and behind the vehicle.

Even if it is not required by your state law, you should always consider investing in quality rear mirrors to make driving safe. Once you have the view of sides and behind, you can drive confidently.

Does off road vehicles need side-view mirrors?

The answer will depend on the laws of the state you are living in. When some states might ask you not to drive without a side and rear mirror, others might not take it as an illegal act.

A few states require both side mirrors must be present as well as functional to drive a vehicle. In most states, it is legal to drive a vehicle with one side mirror when the mirror is complemented by another that includes the rearview mirror.

Your state might want you to install side mirrors when your rear window is not clear or obstructed. Some states that include Mississippi, Missouri, Maine, and Massachusetts can allow you to drive your vehicle with one mirror. However, you must have a clear view of the left side and rear of the vehicle. The laws will vary depending on the states.

In addition to the above, some might require at least one rearview mirror and one side mirror. But all the states would want vehicles to have at least one mirror on the exterior mostly on the left or the side mirror.

How to properly adjust aide mirrors

The adjustment will have a great role to get a clear view of the side and back of the vehicle.

For the proper adjustment of the side mirror of the driver, you just need to keep your head against your left side window. It will enable you to set the mirror in a way that you can see the car’s side barely on the right side of the mirror. For making adjustments in the passenger side, position your head above the center console.

While adjusting the driver side mirror, and right mirror, you will have to ensure that the horizon is just in the mirror center. Also, you will have to check the mirror every five seconds, as suggested by experts. You need to check all the mirrors including side and rear mirrors.

Fold in the mirrors

In addition to the proper adjustment, you will have to consider a few factors to boost the longevity of your side view and rearview mirrors. You need to fold your mirror in certain conditions while driving.

You can fold your mirrors when transporting your vehicle on a trailer to prevent stone chips, especially if you are transporting your UTV backward. Some mirrors can be folded automatically, and you need to fold others manually. Before buying any side mirror, you should go through the features to know the unique needs to boost the usability and durability of mirrors.

Now we are aware of the benefits of the side or rear mirrors of UTVs. You know the adjustment requirements and when you should fold it. Also, you are aware of the legal requirements related to side mirrors.

It is suggested to check the legal requirements of your specific state to avoid any further confusion.

Wrapping it up

Side or rear mirrors can protect you from many challenging conditions. If your UTV does not have these mirrors, then get one immediately to avoid damages to your vehicles and protect you from an unpredictable situation.