Trailer Hitches for UTVs – Different Types of Hitches for Side by Sides

Trailer tow hitch on UTV

You are looking to gain some knowledge about robust side-by-sides and the types of hitch connections that would be best suited for your needs. You might have different requirements with your utility terrain vehicle (UTV) for towing various payloads.

There are types of hitches which are categorized into various sub-classes depending upon their maximum load limit. You need some guidance about which type of hitch connector would be able to help your UTV tow a boat or a trailer.

This article will give you a clear understanding of what are the types of hitches, the different weight classes associated with them, as well as the types of trailers that can fit into UTV hitches.

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Hitch connections for UTVs

The UTVs have a different built which makes it conducive to operate on rough terrains mostly for recreational purposes.

Here are different types of hitch connections that you can use with your utility terrain vehicle to tow various payloads:

1. Bumper hitch

This type of hitch connector is fitted into the bumper of the vehicle as the name suggests. Unlike some of the other hitches which rely on the vehicle body frame to derive its strength, this variant depends upon the bumper of the vehicle to draw its power.

Bumper hitch connectors are best suited to tow lightweight loads.

2. Receiver hitch

Receiver hitches are most commonly used as they come in various forms and weight classes. This variant is suitable for towing small as well as large weight loads. Receiver hitches are segregated into 5 classes based on their load-carrying capacity.

These hitches are versatile and can aid in towing different types of loads and equipment. Generally, the Class 1 and to a certain extent, Class 2 receiver hitches are used with UTVs.

Furthermore, the receiver hitches can be fitted at the rear as well as mounted in front of the vehicle.

3. Weight distribution hitch

This is one of a kind hitch that uses spring bar to deal with the stress issue faced by the towing vehicle. Whether you go for a front-mounted hitch or a rear-mounted one, the structural frame of the vehicle gets impacted due to the load stress. Weight distribution hitch aids in tackling this issue as it evenly distributes the stress. This way you will be able to drive your towing vehicle with ease without the load weighing down the rear section.

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Weights for different hitches

This segment will shed some light on the different weight classes of the hitches. You will also get an idea of the type of load that each weight class can tow. The hitches are segregated into various classes according to their weight carrying ability.

Class 1 are used by light-duty vehicles like UTVs, side-by-sides, to tow around 2,000 pounds of load. It can be used to tow supplies, equipment, small boats, and small trailers, to name a few.

Class 2 are used by medium-duty vehicles to tow around 3,500 pounds of load. It can be used to tow snowmobiles and medium-sized boats.

Class 3 are used by medium and heavy-duty automobiles to tow around 3,500 to 6,000 pounds of payload. It can be used to carry medium-sized boats, trailers, campers, machines, to name a few.

Class 4 are used by powerful heavy-duty motor vehicles to tow around 10,000 to 12,000 pounds of load. It can be used to carry large boats, vehicles and large trailers.

Class 5 are used by heaviest duty motor vehicles to tow around 16,000 to 20,000 pounds of load. It can be used to tow large campers, huge machines, large trailers and more really heavy stuff.

How much can a UTV tow?

Utility Terrain Vehicles are basically used for recreational purposes. They can also aid in towing small supplies or equipment in areas where it is difficult to maneuver large vehicles.

UTVs can tow anything within the range of 2,000 to 2,500 pounds of load. Of course it depends on your specific model.

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Can a UTV pull a boat?

UTVs are equipped to tow small-sized boats that weigh less. They have the capacity to sustain a load of 2000 pounds which can accommodate small boats. As long as your UTV can tow the weight of the trailer and the boat you sould be fine towing the boat.

Can a RZR pull a trailer?

It is not recommended for RZR to pull a trailer. Trailers might prove to be a bit on the heavier side for an RZR. This might put the RZR in a lot of stress.

What trailer fits UTV hitches?

Though it is not advisable to tow large trailers with UTVs, you can easily fit in the small-sized ones to carry out various activities. The small-sized trailers, side-kit trailers, display trailers, can be easily fit into the UTV hitches and used as per convenience.

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