How to Start Planning Your UTV Vacation

utv vacation

Stuck in the office and daydreaming about your next escape? It’s not far away, especially when there’s a utility terrain vehicle parked in your garage. Slip away for the weekend and unwind. 

An average employee is only allotted two weeks of vacation time. That includes those days off where you don’t want to, or just can’t, get out of bed. So, your time is rationed pretty low among the other fifty weeks. 

But loading up your UTV with some tents, fishing poles, and your best bud over the weekend can be the most memorable vacation of all. These are the greatest ways to start planning your UTV vacation.

Pick Where You Wanna Go

It’s not always about the journey, you know? The destination is just as important. 

Planning your vacation around where you want to go is the most important, and should be the first, step. Just about everything you’ll want to do revolves around where you are. 

Pick a certain biome and pack accordingly for it. 

For an adventure in the mountains, you’ll need something to keep you warm during the night and those brisk rides on your UTV. Be sure to load up the storage with extra blankets, a fire starter, and some of your favorite marshmallows. 

Perhaps you want to ride the dunes of the desert. Dressing appropriately and bringing enough water should be your first concern. Even though some UTVs have air-conditioning, you can still get heatstroke under the torturous sun. 

Wherever you end up, make sure you have the proper equipment. Not being well prepared for your adventure will often set you back and dampen the entire vacation. 

Make a List and Check It Twice

Being prepared with the proper supplies to get you through your UTV vacation is essential for having a good time. How many times have you gone fishing and forgot to bring the bait? It’s a pain and a terrible way to start your weekend of fun.

It’s crucial to keep a list of everything that you need. Make it a checklist and move down the line as you go. 

Check it like you would inventory after everything has been loaded onto your UTV. Sometimes, you’ll grab something out of your house that you really need, but neglect to put into the vehicle’s trunk. This step is your “oh, I forgot” safety net. 

One of the best things about planning is the ability to modify everything. 

Maybe you don’t need to bring that extra pair of shoes or a mini-fridge. Cross them both off. 

You don’t want to bring anything that’ll consume space but yield very little value to your expedition. Everything should have a purpose, and if it doesn’t, don’t bring it with you. 

This piece of advice is just as ideal as making a list. Pack for the weekend, not a year-long trek through the Andes.

Who’s Comin’ With on Your UTV Vacation? 

Utility terrain vehicles, also known as side-by-sides, come with a passenger seat. This can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the person. 

If you’ve been planning this trip with your best friend for the last few months, be sure to have him as your copilot. Don’t make any last-minute substitutions; this can really sour some relationships. 

By chance that you have a significant other, you should always include them in your plans before asking anyone else. Make sure they do — or don’t — want to go. 

You must know exactly what you’re getting into with whomever you bring with you. 

You might be able to stand your coworker while at work, but can you really imagine spending seventy or eighty hours with this person? Gauge your relationships with everyone that you’d want to bring. Some people are better in short spurts of interaction, or perhaps you want to get to know somebody better, now’s a good chance. 

Pick someone you know you’ll have the most fun or most peaceful time with. 

Make Doubly Sure That Everything’s Working

It’s almost time to ride off into the sunset (or sunrise) and start your glorious adventure. What’s worse than getting half-way out of your driveway before your vehicle sputters and stalls? It happening 4,500 feet up on a frozen mountain. 

Check everything that you can before taking your UTV out on your vacation. This process should also include a checklist, here’s what you should check:

  • Battery charge
  • How much gas you have left
  • Tire pressure 
  • If the lights are working
  • Engine oil

Check that your battery is in good health with a multimeter. Fill the gas tank and take a spare tank; be sure the engine has clean oil, as well. Check the tire pressure and if the lights are working. 

If your UTV is fully functional, great. But now is the time to fix any lingering issues that you may have been experiencing. 

Having repairs done can be costly, so be sure you have a budget aside. If you’ve been planning this excursion, then you likely have enough to cover the repairs. If not, it’s advisable to forego this weekend and wait until you can get the problems fixed. 

Let’s Ride!

Everyone needs an escape from being an office drone. Americans aren’t given enough time off, but those that own utility terrain vehicles can make a quick weekend escape. 

Before you ride off on your UTV vacation, you should pick where you’d like to go and who you’d like to go with. Keep a list of everything that you need packed. Before you leave the house, make sure everything is working as well as it should.

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