A Texas Adventure: 5 of the Best UTV Trails in Texas

utv trails in texas

Enjoying the outdoors can mean a wide variety of activities. This ranges from the trail hike to driving. 

Going for an off-road drive marries the desire to sit behind the wheel and the wanderlust that goes with traversing through areas beyond a car’s reach. It also tests one’s skill and patience in navigating through these off-road trails.

This is what makes UTVs a fitting ride to try out. To make them shine, you have to try out the UTV trails in Texas to bring out their capabilities. Today, we’ll scout out these UTV trails to find the best ones for you to check out and ride through. 

1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park 

One of the UTV trails that we’ll look into is found in Hidden Falls Adventure Park. It has 3000 acres of land with stretches of green and scenic trails. It also lends well as a location for ATV and UTV trail driving due to the area that it offers.

It has routes and trails available to UTV riders of varying skill levels. You have trails designed for beginners to practice and ride in. There are also the more extreme trails that could test one’s skill with the UTV, all while pushing more towards the thrill of rushing and riding with an ATV or UTV.

You can also take advantage of what else the area offers. It has camping sites available as well for more of an outdoor adventure. To get more of what the park has to offer, consider contacting them for reservations as they book quite fast.

2. Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Another location you can try out is in Emma Long Metropolitan Park. It is an hour away outside Salado in Austin. 

What makes this a great location is that it offers about 9 miles of trails perfect for ATVs and UTVs. Dirt Bikes can also go through this area for a fun ride.

By rating, the trails work well for beginners and experts. Though most of the trails tend to be winding single tracks with rock-step climbs and unbanked turns. 

The park also has other means of recreation offered, such as picnic areas and campsites. You can even venture towards the water for some swimming or boating. It may seem like a smaller location, but it’s still a great place to ride, through.

3. Sabine ATV Park

Along the Sabine River is one of the best UTV trails that you can drive around and enjoy the outdoors on. Sitting on the Louisiana border, this 3000-acre area has water areas on its trail that you can drive through. These include deep-water crossings, bogs, and shallow creek runs.

For a quick break, you can even find a sandbar to rest on after a good drive. You can also check out their ATV store where you can get some refreshments. You can also use their showers and cabins, as well as areas for camping.

You can check out their website for reservations and even look at their amenities. You’ll be able to find something great to explore with your UTV with the help of their guides.

4. Sam Houston National Forest

Going for a forest trail on a UTV can be a great experience. It provides a liberating sensation when you drive through it with ease and comfort. What makes this place wonderful is the multiple trail options.

The Sam Houston National Forest provides a mix of terrain, including mud and creek crossings. One cool feature that you can enjoy while in this area is how close to nature you feel with the various trees in the area.

In case you opt to go camping, you can check out Kelly’s Pond Campground. They offer about eight campsites, each with a lantern post, fire ring, and picnic table. It also has room for trailers and it doesn’t need a fee to use.

One thing to note about this location is that you need a permit when using the trails. For this, you need to have an OHV decal to gain access.

5. Eisenhower State Park

Known for grassy uplands and a rocky shoreline, the Eisenhower State Park has an area devoted to UTVs and ATVs. This dedicated off-road trail measures about 10 acres. Thus bringing about a chance for riders to enjoy a picturesque trip through the park. 

Before going for a UTV ride in this park, you need an OHV permit. The park itself has a $5 entrance fee for adults, and you can secure a day pass by booking an online reservation. Once you get past these preparations, you have a great trail to go around with.

Some Pointers on UTVs

Riding through these trails with UTVs can be a fun experience. Remember that some of the trails would need you to secure a permit, though. This is to help secure the areas from vandals to maintain the natural beauty of the trail. 

If you choose to use an electric UTV, you need to take your time to clean and maintain it. Have a proper washdown with soap and water to get rid of mud and debris. Lubricate areas that take grease on the vehicle and spray WD-40 on the exhaust pipe for rust prevention.

Don’t forget to protect the battery and drain the fuel when you need to store the UTV. Make sure to inflate the tires and to cover up the UTV to prevent any sort of damage to it. Doing these also ensure UTV safety while you blaze the trails.

Check Out These UTV Trails in Texas Today

There are more UTV trails in Texas that you can explore aside from these. Though these can provide you a great starting point in enjoying a good off-road experience. With a trusty UTV, getting behind the wheel can be exhilarating.

Picking the right trail for your next outdoor adventure is as important as keeping your UTV in peak condition. Check out our guide on UTV maintenance to learn how you can keep it in its prime for longer.