Electric UTVs – What You Need To Know

Nikola NZT Electric charging

With technological advancements in recent years, the automobile industry has changed and evolved a lot. Electric cars have emerged and have proven to be more effective than gasoline operated UTVs. Manufacturers have changed and taken the UTV game up through the invention and manufacturing of electric UTVs.

Companies such as Polaris, Nikola Powersports, Hisun, Textron, among others have brought great electric UTVs to the world. Models have been manufactured that are fully electric, independent on gasoline as fuel for operation. This article talks about electric UTV and all you need to know about them.

Top Three Electric UTV models in 2020

Nikola NZT

Nikola Powersports is another major electric UTV manufacturer. They are the makers of the Nikola NZT UTV model. The 2019 model electric model is a 400-volt powered machine built for high performance. This bad boy is designed with a ridiculous 590 horsepower and uses four independent motors to run. This makes the UTV exceptionally high performance. This model is also designed with fast ignition and acceleration, with a 60 mph acceleration in 4.0 seconds.

The suspension is one primary area in a UTV, and this Nikola NZT UTV has an 18” suspension front on both the rear and front to avoid any obstacles making it rougher terrain oriented. It has a towing capacity of 3,000 pounds making it incredibly capable of towing extremely heavyweights. Nikola sells this model at approximately $80,000, making it a bit expensive for most people. However, the price is fair for the quality of the machine.

Read more at nikolamotor.com/nzt

Polaris Ranger EV

Polaris was one of the first electric UTV manufacturers and has been known to produce some of the best electric UTV models in the market. The Ranger EV is a four-wheel, single AC induction motor with a 48-volt powered battery. It is designed to produce a 30 horsepower engine and is efficient in towing heavy goods.

Precisely, it is designed for a 1,000-pounds payload hauling capacity, 500-pound cargo bed capacity, and a 1,500-pound towing capacity. The UTV is designed to carry two passengers, with a 10-inch ground suspension to avoid pesky road obstacles.

This model comes with a 45-mile range capacity when the battery is fully charged. It is designed to be a four-wheel with a two-wheel option to save on battery life. This feature helps boost the battery time, hence a long mileage. Finally, the Polaris Ranger EV model comes with a fair price of $11,299 in most markets.

Hisun Sector E1

Hisun may not be such a bit market mover as Polaris and Nikola, but their four-carrier,48-volt Hisun Sector E1 electric UTV is one of the highest-rated electric UTVs in 2020. This 27 horsepower, 48-volt electric UTV has a long mileage capability of 45 miles on a full battery charge. It is suited with a strong engine for towing and has a cargo area for cargo transportation.

The main spec of this electric UTV is the price tag. Ranging at around $9.999 in a majority of markets, this electric UTV is suited to be affordable for almost anybody. For a great machine with amazing power and battery time, this UTV is good for the price.

Benefits of an Electric UTV

  • Complete Silence

Electric UTVs come with many benefits attached. One, they are completely silent. Depending on where you are and what you intend to do, this could really be an advantage. People who love hunting could use electric UTVs during hunting to move to and from the hunting stands. Little noise is emitted by electric UTV, which is simply the tires rolling and a faint hum of the engine, which is barely a noise. Complete silence can be an advantage during hunting as it does not alert the prey that you are around.

In addition, in municipal parks where city workers need to move without making noise, electric UTVs could come in handy. Gasoline operated UTVs ten to be noisy, and use a lot of disturbance. Electric UTVs have changed that as they are completely silent and allow for people to move around quietly with little to no disturbance.

  • Fast Ignition

Electric UTVs also have a Fast Ignition. In comparison to gasoline-powered UTVs, electric models tend to come to life as soon as the accelerator is powered. Fast ignition is necessary especially in busy schedules where people are required to move from place to place in a short time. Fast ignition saves on time used to start an automobile. It is always embarrassing when an automobile has a slow ignition or no ignition at all, especially in those busy schedules. An electric UTV has a fast ignition and saves you the trouble of starting the machine.

  • Zero Emission

An electric UTV has zero-emission, which means no pollution to the environment. Electric UTVs operate on rechargeable batteries, which do not emit anything during operation, unlike their gasoline-powered counterparts. This means less pollution to the environment, which is beneficial in the long-term.

  • Lower Maintainance Cost

Electric UTVs have fewer moving parts, which essentially means less ear and tear. And less expenditures. This implies that you will need less maintenance on your UTV to keep toon track. There are no oil changes, spark plugs, and fuel filters to which means less worry, unlike gas-powered UTVs.

  • They are Attractive

Electric UTV models are attractive and designed to be easy on the eye. They are easy to spot and will always be a pride to the owner as they easily attract the eye. Performance and looks matter at times and electric UTVs are one of these sectors.

Drawbacks of an Electric UTV

Just like any other thing, there are drawbacks attached to electric UTVs. It is okay to acknowledge that they are not perfect, and this always leaves room for improvement in the future. Below are some of the considerable drawbacks.

  • They are Expensive

Purchasing an electric UTV is an expensive option. Models cost thousands of dollars, with the cheapest models ranging at around $11,00. This is expensive for most people and mainly turs down many UTV lovers form going electric. The cost of turning a gas-powered UTV to an electric UTV is also expensive and can cost over a thousand bucks. Just like electric vehicles, electric UTVs are expensive and this keeps a majority of people from accessing them.

  • Range Anxiety

Even if you go past the price barrier, the range of operation of electric UTVs is still a drawback. Unlike electric vehicles that easily can be refueled by carrying an extra can of gas, electric UTVs do not have a backup power source.

  • Low Performance

An electric UTV has a lower performance in comparison to a gasoline-powered UTV. Gasoline-powered UTVs have a stronger transmission of power and can operate faster and better than electric models. This makes electric models less desirable especially for tough terrains and fast speeds.

Tips When Buying an Electric UTV

With many websites and stores offering UTV at cheap prices, it is important to know what to look out for to get the right machine for the money. When buying an electric UTV, it is important to consider some things. Look out for the quality and performance of the UTV before considering a purchase.

Performance is a crucial thing to consider when considering an electric UTV purchase. Always request a driving test before considering a purchase of a UTV. The UTV should be performing well. The battery should be able to power the automobile instantly, and the machine should burst to life as soon as the acceleration is hit. The engine should be making the right humming sound and should be able to per the machine effectively. It is important to ask questions to ascertain certain details.

Battery Life in relation to mileage is also another essential thing to consider before purchasing an electric UTV. An electric UTV’s battery should last for about 45 miles on average. Any electric UTV with a lower mileage per full battery charge should raise some alarms and you should keep off it. Ensure that the battery life is sufficient and that it performs well even over long distances.

Horsepower of the electric UTV is another vital aspect to consider before purchase. Ensure that the UTV has the right horsepower of over 25. Anything below this range means poor towing performance and reduced ability to carry weight under challenging terrains. Better horsepower means more performance of the machine, and this makes it desirable.

Speed is a crucial part of the buying process. During the test drive, ensure that you check the speed capacity of the electric UTV. The right speed means that the engine is performing effectively and that the machine delivers what is expected of it. Ensure that you know the UTV’s speed before considering to purchase the UTV.

Buy the right UTV for you

It is important to know the expected use of the UTV. Hunters need a silent ride, while sports need a more powerful, high-performance electric UTV. Understand the intended use, and consider the terrain of the area before considering a purchase.

Ensure that you get the right machine for the job at the perfect price. It is important to read manufacturers manuals before use and conducting research before purchasing to ensure that you get the right electric UTV.