How to Drive a UTV – It’s quite easy, Tips & Basics

How to drive a UTV

Learning how to drive a UTV is quite like driving an automatic car. Steering wheel and two pedals is most common The drivers weight placement is not as much important as on a ATV. People often find that driving a UTV is easier than an ATV.

Safety first when driving a UTV

Remember to always practice good safety when driving a UTV. A UTV is a big heavy and powerful machine who need to be handled with caution.

Always use protection gear like a helmet, safe clothes, goggles, gloves and other necessary gear. You can find more in the article 10 Tips on UTV Safety.

Learning how to drive a UTV is easy

If you ever drove another vehicle you could probably handle a UTV. Only make sure to get to know the vehicle, steering, throttle and breaking in a safe environment before you head out on the trails or roads.

Always make sure you know how fast you can stop the UTV according to your speed and grip to the ground.

No shifting stick nor clutch

The UTV clutch and transmission is often automatic. And that is why you do not need a manual clutch or shift stick. Which makes it a lot easier to drive.

Power Steering

Compared to an ATV the steering wheel on an UTV need less physical power to move the tires. Which makes the UTV easier to drive. Some models even have power steering, giving you momentum in the steering and turning the wheels whit less power from you as a driver.

Right tire pressure makes the UTV it easier to drive

Make sure you have a suitable tire pressure for the terrain where you are going to drive. To low or to high tire pressure can make the UTV harder to handle.

Make sure passengers and cargo are secured

Make sure both you and your passengers are properly seated and using the seat belt.

Also make sure your cargo is secured to not move around when driving. Moving cargo can be distracting during your drive, it can also break or get lost.

If you are more of an pro-driver, UTV Action Mag have some tips for more advanced driving.