Where to Go Offroading on a UTV Adventure

UTV adventure

Going on a UTV adventure can be a great way to get some vitamin D, some exercise, relieve stress, and have some fun.

Whether you are planning your first UTV vacation or you’re an old-pro, finding the best spots for a UTV trip is always part of the adventure.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the East Coast or the West Coast, and the North in the South. There are awesome spots for UTV riding all across the country.

Are you wondering where you should go off-roading with your UTV? Let’s check out some of the best spots for your next adventure.

The West

The American west is a thrilling place to explore on your ATV. Whether you’re in the desert, on sand dunes, or exploring the forests of the west, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

Moab, Utah

Located in southeastern Utah, Moab is every UTV rider’s dream. With thousands of miles of unpaved roads and hundreds of popular trails in and around the town, you’ll love it here.

Home to the Canyonlands and Arches National Park and featuring gorgeous canyons and Redrock trails, once you head to Moab, you’ll never want to leave.

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Imperial Sand Dunes, California

Found in the southernmost part of California, the Imperial Sand Dunes have more than 200,000 acres that are open to UTV and off-road riders. A truly impressive landscape, some of the sand dunes reach 300 feet above the floor of the desert. The largest sand dune recreation area in the entire country, you won’t want to miss out on the UTV riding here!

This park is open all year, however, it is often much too hot to ride during the summer months. For this reason, the best months to ride are between late September and April.

The Paiute ATV Trail, Utah

The largest trail system in the country, the Paiute ATV Trail has over 2000 miles of designated trails. Featuring wild forests, lakes, rock formations, and diverse wildlife, this is one of the best places for UTV in all of the United States.

This trail system is legitimately huge. For this reason, you’ll want to plan on spending at least a couple of days if not a few weeks riding these trails. If you can, try to visit between August and October when the conditions and the weather are best.

The Southwest is a great place for UTV riding. If you’re looking to find more awesome UTV trails in this neck of the woods, check out the 10 best trails in Arizona and New Mexico.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon

The largest stretch of coastal sand dunes in all of the United States, this is an awesome spot for thrill-seekers. Located on the southern coast of Oregon, you’ll find sand dunes that can be as high as 500 feet. On top of that, some of the sand dunes can extend inland by as much as two and a half miles.

Appalachia and the Midwest

It really doesn’t matter where you are in the country, great UTV riding is never too far away. Whether you’re hanging out in the foothills of Appalachia or the suburbs of St. Louis, there’s a trail nearby with your name on it.

Brimstone Recreation Area, Tennessee

Don’t worry, not all of the great UTV trails are out west. If you’re looking for a great spot out east, check out the Brimstone Recreation Area in Tennessee.

Located in Appalachia in eastern Tennessee, you’ll get to explore nearly 20,000 acres of land with more than 300 miles of trails. With options for individuals of all skill levels, this is a great spot for everyone in your riding crew.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia

Open year-round, the Hatfield McCoy Trail System in West Virginia is probably one of the most well-known trails in the entire US. With over 600 miles of trails that are professionally managed, you might also hear these trails being referred to as “Trails Heaven.”

Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee

These trails are a little different as they are privately owned. Considered to be one of the best spots for UTV riders in the entire US, you’ll find more than 600 miles of trails filled with wildlife and waterfalls. The trails range widely in terms of difficulty, so there is something for everyone.

St. Joe State Park, Missouri

With roughly 2000 acres of trails, play areas, flatland, and hills that off-road is a welcome to use, you’ll love St. Joe State Park.

Dune buggies, dirt bikes, 4WD, ATVs, and UTVS alike are allowed on the trails, you’ll find plenty of inclines, trees, mud, dirt, gravel rocks, and sand to play around in. Featuring two campgrounds, you can hang out for a while if you want at St. Joe State Park.

East Coast

These spots in Maine and Florida are only some of the trails you’ll want to check out on the east coast. With plenty of opportunity for riding in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and more, the east coast has its fair share of great trails.


The entire state of Maine is an excellent place to go UTV riding. The state has more than 6000 miles of legal trails for UTVs. Expect to find plenty of mud, dirt, wooded areas and even snow depending on the time of year you ride and where you ride.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

This is a great place for year-round riding. With upwards of 200 miles of trails and an additional 80 miles of trails for larger vehicles, you’ll love it here!

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More Awesome Spots for a UTV Adventure

There are wonderful off-road opportunities all around the country. Here are some more spots that you might want to check out:

  • Hot Springs ORV Park, Arkansas: has a 1,250-acre trail system
  • Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area, Kentucky: has almost 8,000 acres and 150 miles of trails
  • Windrock Park, Tennessee: with more than 300 miles of trails and 73,000 acres, this is the largest privately-owned riding spot in the country
  • Muddy Bottoms ATC & Recreation Park, Louisiana: has roughly 5,000 acres of mud bogs and trails
  • Famous Reading Outdoors, Pennsylvania: open to UTVS and other off-road vehicles to explore the coal-country terrain
  • Durhamtown Off Road Resort, Georgia: has more than 150 miles of trails
  • Bundy Hill Offroad, Michigan: has more than 300 acres of gravel traverses, rough hill climbs, and puddle-jumping
  • Badlands Off-Road Park, Illinois: has over 800 acres of diverse terrain, including sand dunes, mud holes, and rock fields
  • Wildcat Mountain, Texas: has 3,000 acres with almost 240 miles of trails
  • Drummond Island, Michigan: an extensive and awesome closed-loop trail system

No matter where you are in the country, there are likely legal UTV trails not too far away.

Are You Looking for the Perfect Sport UTV For You?

The United States is a wonderland of UTV riding opportunities. Whether you’re looking to explore the muddy logging roads of Maine or the dry, vast deserts of the Southwest, you likely won’t run out of exciting trails to ride in this lifetime.

Finding the perfect UTV for your next UTV adventure is essential. Whether you are looking to upgrade or it’s time to buy your first UTV, you can check out our sport UTV comparison here.