15 Reasons Why A Side By Side Is Worth Every Penny

Whether you are brand new to UTVs or have been enjoying them for years, there are always new things to discover about these amazing vehicles. They are truly worth every cent spent when it comes to time saved, and fun had. Side-by-sides are chameleons, and you can use most models to handle anything from material hauling to dune buggy with friends. No matter where your interests or responsibilities lay, you can find a vehicle that is right for you. That kind of adaptability is hard to find in most other machines.

We have looked at all the things that UTVs have to offer the average person and what we found was a pretty detailed list of reasons why you should indulge in one of these vehicles. You can share UTV rides with your friends and family, take them to work or keep them aside as something you can enjoy on your own. UTVs allow you to explore the wide-open spaces of mountain trailers, desert areas, and country back roads. These serene landscapes are out there waiting for you to ride past and enjoy them. Below are fifteen of the reasons why a side-by-side is worth every penny you pay for the experience.

15 Reasons to buy a UTV

If you are not convinced yet why a side by side is worth it, check the list below!

1. Extreme Versatility

The primary draw of side-by-sides is their extreme versatility. You can haul hay across your ranch property, carry co-workers through a construction zone, or go big game hunting with your buddies over the weekend all in the same UTV. In addition to the creation of hybrid recreational/utility UTVs, there are also limitless ways that you can customize your vehicle using aftermarket kits and third party designers. Your side-by-side can be anything you want or need.

2. Off-Roading

As an off-roading vehicle, it comes as no surprise that their main use in all areas (e.g., sports competition, personal recreation, work, etc.) involves traversing landscapes that might otherwise be fully inaccessible. This is thanks to the sturdy designs, easy handling, and features that are built into every side-by-side. Some are better suited than others to maneuver through off-road locations. You can get a UTV that can accommodate whatever conditions are prevalent in your area (e.g., sand, mud, mountains, swampland, etc.).

3. Fun Solo Hobby

If you want to go out to spend some time alone getting to know your surrounding mountain trails, sand dunes, or back roads, then a side-by-side is the perfect solo hobby. One seater UTVs are able to traverse through almost any terrain imaginable with enough space to bring along any supplies you might want to have with you.

4. Competitive Racing

Sports UTV races and competitive events take place all over the world, but one of the most popular is the Best In The Desert race, which takes place every year in the Nevada desert. (https://bitd.com/off-road-racing/utv-racing/) Out of all the sports options available on the market, the Polaris RZR is a top favorite among professional racers. This sport has picked up in popularity within the last two decades. Check out our article American UTV Racing Series.

5. Cross Country Riding

There have been some truly fantastic cross country trips made by UTV owners. It is a way to fulfill a lifelong goal, enjoy the freedom of the open spaces, or spend some time finding yourself out on the back roads. There are multiple destination trails that are mapped out so that adventurous riders can go out and experience a one of a kind trip. One example is the TransAmerica Trail, which covers approximately 5,000 miles. (https://www.transamtrail.com/)

6. Reach Rural Worksites

Either difficult roads or terrain cuts off some areas, so they can only be reached using off-roading vehicles. UTVs are ideal for this kind of work because, unlike ATVs, there is a lot more room for additional passengers and gear. These are especially useful for rural work or home locations during winter months when other vehicles might not be able to make the trip at all.

7. Utility Workhorse

UTVs are famously good workhorses in terms of what you can expect from utility vehicles. There are some genuinely phenomenal series like the Kawasaki Mule and Can-Am Defender. They are designed to give you the power and strength to get you through a long day of travel and hauling. These utility-centric side-by-side designs more than pay for themselves in convenience and energy saved.

8. Efficient Way to Plow and Work Fields

You can get all kinds of attachments for UTVs, which allow you to utilize them as tools for clearing space or preparing fields. You can add custom features to your purchase, like the snowplow, lawnmower, seeder, rake, sprayer, and field plowing accessories. These can be bought as a package with your UTV, or you can get them as an add-on.

9. Haul Heavy Materials

Most utility vehicles and some hybrid recreational ones come with beds that you can use to store or transport things. They make it easy to bring in big game animals or haul around ranch or construction materials. One of the biggest haulers is the 2019 Intimidator GC1K, which is capable of moving a massive 1,000 pounds and towing 2,500 pounds. (https://www.moixetc.com/new-models/2019-intimidator-gc1k-crew-tgb-1000cc-stage-3-26981253b) You can even get dump beds or install your own hydraulic lifts so that you can more easily deposit heavy loads.

10. Assistance Around the Ranch or Farm

One way that side-by-sides are worth every penny you pay for them is in the job-specific series, which are created specifically to cater to people with certain requirements. Ranches have a lot of uses for UTVs (e.g., herding cattle, plowing roads, hauling hay or wood, etc.), and because this is one of the biggest customer bases for utility side-by-sides, some manufacturers have taken note and started designing series and models especially for ranch owners. One example is the Kubota Sidekick RTV-XG850, which has some truly amazing features. The John Deere Gator and Can-Am Defender series are also excellent for this kind of work.

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11. Duck Hunting and Wet Terrain

If you want a machine that is able to take you and your hunting dogs out to duck hunt near the lakes or swamps, this is a great way to save yourself hours of walking. Polaris offers a Waterfowl Collection, which can be bought with the Ranger 1000 Crew and features additional accessories like the following to add convenience to your duck hunt. (https://ranger.polaris.com/en-us/ranger-collections/waterfowl-collection/)

  • Polaris Pro HD 4,500 Lb. Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery
  • Front Hood Storage Rack
  • Lock-and-Ride CargoMax System
  • Pro Armor Wheel and Tire Set: Mud XC – Shackle – Matte Black

12. Entertainment for Get-Togethers

You can enjoy a day out on the trails with your buddies with one of the crew-size side-by-sides that offer seating for six passengers.

Some of these even have beds for hauling supplies. Polaris, Kawasaki, Can-Am, and Yamaha all have six-seater models available. The Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Texas Edition has two bench seats and a large dump bed capable of hauling 1,000 pounds and towing an additional 2,500 pounds. (https://ranger.polaris.com/en-us/2020/ranger-crew-xp-1000-eps-texas-edition-black-cherry-metallic/specs/)

13. Large Game Hunting

Big game hunting is a big business, and most of the major UTV manufacturers cater to the needs of hunters by offering things like bow and gun mounts, bed liners, and other useful add-ons. A fantastic UTV for big game hunting is the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE. (https://powersports.honda.com/sxs/recutility/pioneer-1000) Can-Am and John Deere also have some superior accessories for aftermarket add-ons that hunters may enjoy. This includes things like addition mounts, storage, and seating.

14. Fun With the Family

You can always add a bump seat for children or young adults to a two-seater side-by-side if you want to bring the whole family riding. UTVs are easy to control and built for safety and comfort so they can be an excellent centerpiece for a family vacation or weekend getaway. Compared to other recreational vehicles (e.g., ATVs, motorcycles, etc.), they are much safer and can be augmented with additional safety features like full doors and four-point safety harnesses.

15. Bring it Camping

Most of the workhorse side-by-side series that we have already mentioned, which are fantastic for worksites and ranches, will make excellent camping vehicles. Sports models will also be a fun addition to any weekend trip, but they usually have less room for gear. You can add some adventure to your outdoor fun with some night riding, rock crawling, mudding, dune buggying, or trail riding.

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It is obvious at this point that UTVs are able to do pretty much anything you could possibly need from a utility or recreational vehicle. They are fast, strong, comparatively, safe, and affordable. When you put together all of the benefits you would get from even one of the basic models, you can see that they are well worth the cost, which is an average of $6,000 to $10,000 with some much lower than that.

You can find the perfect model for any lifestyle. Those fifteen reasons we listed above are just a few of the countless advantages to owning your own side-by-side. You will be able to spend your free time doing something you have always wanted to do. By purchasing a UTV, you are joining a worldwide community of people who love to explore the outdoors and make the most of out every day.