Why are UTV’s so expensive to buy and manufacture

Money and wallet

If you want a quality product, then you need to pay a premium. UTV’s can be expensive, and for a simple reason, they are made from durable material. But besides the material, there is labor and precision that goes into creating this product. Let’s talk about some of the primary reasons why UTVs are expensive to make and to purchase. That way, people can get a better understanding of the craftsmanship, which goes behind creating a UTV.


UTV suspension requires much more heavy-duty parts when compared to ATV, as the wheelbase is longer, and the vehicle weights more

Although it’s not just the suspension that is expensive, the labor required to install the suspension costs a lot of money. Which is one of the reasons why UTV is costly to purchase and manufacturer.

The suspension needs to be very precise, as the suspension needs to absorb jumps and take tight corners. Having a suspension that has fantastic handling, and is absorbent enough to make high jumps is very expensive. It requires a lot of research and technology to achieve incredible results.

You can get a UTV, which has mediocre suspension, but you will not be getting the full experience. This is why it’s recommended you purchase a UTV that has fantastic suspension, as it will yield you the most enjoyment out of your purchase.


Unlike regular cars, UTV needs to have a high-revving engine with a consistent output of torque at all RPMs. Most riders will drive their UTV off-road, although you can get insurance and drive it on the streets. Regardless, you will most likely drive your UTV in places where regular cars can’t go. Which is why you must have an engine that outperforms a regular vehicle.

UTV needs to have high horsepower and a high-torque engine, which can help riders get out of tight situations such as muddy paths and or climbing. Manufacturers must use expensive materials for the engine to have a long life without breaking in the first couple of years.

Moreover, the engine needs to be well engineered to have the perfect torque and horsepower curve. Most cars have horsepower peaking at the end of the RPM range. However, UTV vehicles have a very consistent growth of power and will reach its peak horsepower much quicker than a regular car.

Manufacturers need to get an engine that is highly combustible and is durable enough to sustain high amounts of power. Engineering the perfect engine setup could take months to even years. Which is another reason why UTV is expensive to manufacture and buy.

Drivetrain and transmission

Alongside the immense power, the UTV must have a good quality transmission and drivetrain to put down the power. Having a high horsepower engine is not useful if the vehicle can’t transfer that power to the ground, which is why UTV’s must have a premium quality drivetrain and transmission.

The transmission and drivetrain in a UTV are different when compared to most regular cars; it needs to be robust and responsive to last and handle challenging situations.

Manufacturers will spend a lot of time engineering the perfect drivetrain and transmission for UTV; in fact, many people say that it is one of the most critical aspects of creating the perfect UTV.

When you’re driving a UTV, chances are you will be driving it mostly in the higher RPMs range. Which means the transmission needs to be reliable and quick enough to shift to the next gear or to downshift when needed. More about How UTV Transmissions and Clutches works.

You will not drive your UTV like an average car, which is why UTV’s need to have a reliable transmission and drivetrain, hence making it expensive to manufacture and purchase.

Rigid Chassis

Having a rigid chassis is essential for a UTV, as you will be towing and driving this vehicle hard. The chassis needs to be strong and needs to be made from the highest quality material if the UTV is going to last, which is why many manufacturers will spend a lot of money and time creating the perfect chassis for their latest UTV model.

Keep in mind that the chassis needs to be lightweight as well since UTV is supposed to be nimble and light enough to travel difficult places. This means manufacturers need to create a chassis that is strong as a truck but as light as an ATV’s, which can be challenging. The way manufacturers achieve a rigid chassis, is by using lightweight and robust material with precise engineering and hence making UTV expensive to manufacture and purchase.

Strong frame

You are more likely to roll your UTV as compared to a typical vehicle, which is why the frame needs to be reliable. Manufacturers need to create a framework that will protect you from any rollovers while still giving you the UTV experience.

To create a sturdy frame for a UTV, manufacturers must buy lightweight and expensive material to facilitate a pleasant experience from a UTV while it is safe. Building a durable frame will be costly, and requires precision and staff-hours to make it perfect, which is why UTV can be expensive to purchase and manufacturer.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 4 Seater

Overall packaging

The overall build of a UTV needs to be high quality and durable, which needs to be precise and well-engineered. We have talked about all the aspects which make UTV expensive, but the main thing which makes UTV expensive would be to package it all in.

Manufacturers need to make sure that all of the products fit and function well. Which means engine, transmission, and frame needs to fit perfectly. Once they have managed to fit all of the moving parts, the next aspect will be testing. Before manufacturers decide to sell UTV, they need to make sure that the product delivers everything that is said on paper.

Manufacturers will take the vehicle through strenuous tests and see if the UTV holds up. If not, then it’s back to the drawing board. Either way, the UTV has to perform before they can start selling. The whole process of creating and testing can get expensive, and not to forget masterminds behind the UTV need to be paid.

When you factor in all of the costs to create and manufacture a UTV, you can see why they are expensive. The overall packaging of a UTV is what makes it so expensive, as it’s not as easy to make when compared to a regular vehicle.

How can you save money?

There are some ways to save money, and the first one is buying a used UTV. If you have a limited budget, then we recommend you buy a used UTV as the savings can be plentiful. We do recommend that you do your research before you purchase a used UTV.

Most UTV’s are put to the test by their owners, which means that there’s a high chance that the UTV might not be in pristine condition. Make sure to have a look at the UTV and do some tests before you purchase a used one.

The second way that you can save money is to buy cheaper UTV. An example of an affordable UTV would be Kawasaki Mule SX XC, which you can get for less than $10,000. Please note that it will not be as fast or as capable as the Yamaha YXZ1000RR, which is much faster and capable when compared, but it does cost over $20,000.

Read more about the Yamaha XYZ1000RR here: https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/pure-sport-side-by-side/models/yxz1000r-ss-se

Fortunately, there are many more cheap options in the new market, but you will not get the cutting edge technology or the most power. You should assess your needs before you purchase a UTV, as it will give you a better understanding of what you need and how you are going to purchase. That being said, don’t buy a UTV blindly.

Make sure that you do your research on the UTV you would like to get, based on the driving you are going to be doing. Most people who purchase a UTV without doing their research will regret it in the long-term, and they will lose out in the experience they want and not to forget the money. If you can, test drive UTV’s and see which one fits you the best. If you have to spend more money to get the UTV you want, then do it.

Final verdict

Like we said before, if you want to buy something premium, then you will need to spend money. One of the worst things you can do is cheap out on purchasing the UTV that you want, as you will regret your decision in the long-term.

Make sure that you test drive as many UTV’s as possible and purchase the one that you would like. Manufacturing and buying a UTV is an expensive process regardless, as the product is made from the top material and precise engineering. You get what you pay for, so make sure not to spare any expenses when you are looking to purchase a UTV. Good quality UTV is expensive to manufacture, making them costly to buy