American Made Side-By-Sides – Which UTVs are made in the USA?

UTV with paddle sand tires and USA flag

There are a large number of American owned businesses that build, assemble, and manufacture UTVs in the United States. All of them ship in at least some parts from overseas though there are a few that claim to have a ‘For Americans, By Americans’ message for their North American locations. There is no 100% American made UTV, but there are manufacturing plants spread out all across the states from companies like Polaris and Odes.

There are also a lot of international sports utility companies that have American branches where the majority of all the parts and assembly is done in the U.S. even though their company headquarters may be in Asia. While they are not American owned, their off-roading vehicles sold in the U.S. are almost exclusively designed and assembled in the states.

Some American companies like Pitster do all of the designs in America, and then the engineering and assembly are all done overseas. Pitster gets their products made in China after sending over their UTV designs. Generally, most of the larger brands will have those engineered parts shipped over and assembled in the states. Still, some companies either do not have the resources or would rather spend their time and money focusing on creating a higher quality design, which is the case with Pitster.

It is prevalent to find that when a company that supplies UTVs moves to a new country, they keep most of the creation process for their vehicles in that same country. This saves on the cost and time needed to create and ship products. However, this also means that it is almost impossible to find a company that designs, engineers, assembles, and manufactures UTVs all in one place. The sport utility industry is global, with different regions excelling in various aspects of UTV construction.

Below we have compiled some useful information about some of your favorite companies that supply sports utility vehicles and accessories in America along with the locations of their central manufacturing plants. Some of them are owned by parties overseas, but their American branches tend to be in-house designed and built so that the majority of all work and manufacturing done to create them is completed in the United States.

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Popular Companies Based In the USA

The companies that we list below were created and are maintained by American business owners. Though they may get some parts such as engines from overseas, most of them strive to keep as much of the manufacturing in the country as is reasonably possible.

There are more U.S. based UTV creators out there. Still, they are not currently as well known, and the majority of them do not have the funds to keep any part of their UTV creation in the states except for the design of their vehicles and distribution of pre-built models that have been shipped over from elsewhere.


Polaris has an engineering and assembly location in Osceola, Wisconsin, where the majority of their product is designed and put together, but they have also opened up locations in Mexico to assist with demand for their off-roading vehicles.

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John Deere

These UTVs are entirely designed and manufactured in the United States. However, their engines are shipped in from China. Every part of the assembly and design for their off-roading vehicles takes place at their plant in Horicon, Wisconsin.

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Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat was founded in Minnesota. They are an affiliate of Textron, Inc., and both companies are currently manufacturing their UTVs out of the Arctic Cat assembling plant at Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

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Odes originated in Asia but moved their manufacturing to America, and currently, all of their UTVs are designed and built-in Riverside, California. They still outsource for certain parts from companies overseas, but the majority of their creation process takes place in the United States.

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American Landmaster

American Landmaster is based in the U.S., and every aspect of the building and assembling process takes place in their Roseland, Louisiana location. They boast a ‘For Americans, by Americans’ image, but they do get some of their parts and their engines from overseas. However, they are the closest brand to being American made with eighty percent of the work that goes into their UTVs being done stateside.

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Mahindra is a U.S. based company that builds all of its UTV models from the ground up in America, including the majority of parts and assembly. They are currently partnered with Intimidator, and their manufacturing plant is located in Batesville, Arkansas.

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Popular Companies Based Outside the USA

These companies have significant ties to the American sports utility market. Still, they are not owned by American companies, and their headquarters are not in the United States even if they have branches there with manufacturing or assembly plants. These include some of the highest-rated and most sold brands in the entire world.


This famous brand is known all over the world for its superior sports vehicles, and they are a Japanese company with significant branches in multiple countries around the world. Their American branch manufactures and assembles their UTVs in the United States. They are located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Maryville, Missouri, and all of the country’s Kawasaki brand UTVs and ATVs are made by these two locations.


Yamaha is a Japanese multinational corporation. A massive contributor to sports vehicles of all types, Yamaha has a very active presence in the U.S. with major locations in Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois, and Washington state. All of their UTVs are assembled in America at their Newnan, Georgia location, but they still have to ship in the frames, engines, and multiple other parts before they can be manufactured in their U.S. plants.


This is the most popular company in the world when it comes to producing parts and engines for different vehicles. They are based out of Tokyo, Japan. The majority of their UTVs are assembled in America or Mexico. They are so popular that they have thirteen different major manufacturing plants in the United States alone, including one in Timmonsville, South Carolina, where they employ the most workers for that entirety of Florence County, South Carolina.


This company has far-reaching influence as they supply many parts for other UTV companies throughout the world. The engines, frames, and parts for their UTVs are created in China and then shipped to the country they will be sold in for assembly. Their American manufacturing plant is in McKinney, Texas, for construction. They supply the UTVs for the Bennche, Massimo, Coleman, and Cub Cadet brands.

  • Bennche assembles their Hisun supplied parts at their plant in Coppell, Texas, where they specialize in the products as desired by the buyer.
  • Massimo has their manufacturing done by Hisun in China and then assembles the UTVs in their Irving, Texas location.
  • Coleman simply sells the completed UTVs that are entirely created and shipped over by Hisun. They have several locations, but their main U.S. base for off-roading vehicles is in Tempe, Arizona.
  • Cub Cadet is much the same with their UTVs being built and shipped for distribution from Hisun’s China plants to their Valley City, Ohio location where the vehicles are then sold under the Cub Cadet name.


This is the North American name given for the South Korean DaeDong Industrial company. Their American branch is nothing more than a sales market, and no manufacturing takes place in the country as all their products are entirely created in South Korea and then shipped over to be sold.

Commonly Outsourced Parts

UTV engines are almost exclusively created in China and then shipped overseas to be assembled in American plants. Hisun is one of the most popular companies for supplying parts to other companies around the world. There are several reasons for this, but primarily it is due to the ability to get high-quality engines and parts for much lower prices than those created stateside. There are also more factories producing them, so the output is high enough to meet any demands.

There are a lot of smaller parts and accessories suppliers in America that make everything they sell, but these do not have the same level of output that the more extensive international corporations, which means most of them are used for repairs, replacements, or building specialized UTVs. Most of them simply cannot create the sheer number of parts required by popular UTV companies, which is why there is so much overseas involvement in the creation process.

It is more time and cost-effective to have certain aspects of UTV construction done in other countries. Some manufacturers will source from multiple third-party countries. For example, they will get an engine from Japan while having the designs engineered in China. In the end, it comes down to what works best for the company and allows them to create the best product for their customers with the least amount of barriers. High-end result vehicles are the goal for these companies, and they work hard to make sure we get the best toys at great prices.