Chinese Made Side-by-Sides – The Top Rated Quality Brands

Chinese made Side by Side UTVs CFMOTO

You may find yourself wondering if the UTV you have been looking at is locally designed and assembled, international, or if they are a hodge-podge of parts and designs shared between various companies around the world. As recreational off-roading sports activities become more popular around the globe, the suppliers have been working together to give their customers the best products possible. While some countries tend to have an overabundance of corporations that were created to cater to the recreational sports crowd, others have only a handful of locally owned and operated UTV creators.

Some of the cheapest options on the market today come from Chinese corporations that have international headquarters located in America. If you are looking for a workhorse utility vehicle or a fun off-roading sports model, then you can acquire them at an affordable price from these manufacturers. While their designs and parts, such as engines do often originate in areas of China, most of the assembly will take place within their local U.S. plants.

Manufacturers based all over the world that provide top quality sport utility and recreational vehicles. Most of the popular sport vehicle companies that we are familiar with are headquartered in countries other than the one where they sell the majority of their UTVs. There are a lot of knock off brands in China, but we are not listing those here. Instead, below we have compiled all the top-rated Chinese manufacturers of UTVs along with their current line-up of sports and utility models.

Popular Chinese UTV manufacturers

We offer a little more insight into some of your favorite Chinese created UTV companies. Below are some summaries of their history, production, and growth over the last decade. These three brands are global, but we will focus primarily on the way they have impacted the American UTV industry.


This Chinese manufacturer has a U.S. based operation that is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota. Their international headquarters are located in Hangzhou, China. This company has been on the leading edge of motorsports since its inception in 1989 though it did not become established in American until 2007.

In addition to their lines of UTVs, CFMoto is also a well-known name among fans of motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters. Their line up is attractive, popular, affordable, and very high-quality. There are over 300 dealerships that sell CFMoto products in 80 countries worldwide. For more information on this company and their UTV models, you can visit their website.

Popular models

CFMOTO ZForce 950 Sport$12,999
CFMOTO ZFORCE 500 TRAILCFMOTO ZForce 500 Trail$9,099
CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 TRAILCFMOTO ZForce 800 Trail$10,999
CFMOTO UFORCE 500CFMOTO UForce 500$9,099
CFMOTO UFORCE 1000CFMOTO UForce 1000$11,999
CFMOTO UFORCE 800CFMOTO UForce 800$10,999


The Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corporation, a subsidiary of China Foma, is known in the world of recreational and utility UTVs simply as “Linhai.” Their American based branch is called Linhai Powersports USA Corporation and they are headquartered in Norcross, GA.

Sunright has been officially distributing Linhai products in America since 1999, including scooters, ATVs, and UTVs. They have also worked together with Yamaha on some projects. These three companies have worked closely for over a decade. You can see the Linhai/Yamaha products here.

Linhai was created in 1956 and has since been a leading creator of two and four-stroke engines, among other machinery. According to their about page, “Linhai has a state-recognized enterprise technology center, a national postdoctoral research station, and nationwide top-ranking manufacturing execution systems consisting of more than forty specialized and flexible production lines.”

You can find out more about what they have to offer and their locations by visiting their website.

Popular models

SportLinhai T-Boss 550$8,999
$9,449 (Camo)
Single Cylinder
33 HP
SportLinhai T-Boss 750$10,499
$10,999 (Camo)
Single Cylinder
42 HP
UtilityLinhai T-Boss 410$6,999
$7,399 (410X)
Single Cylinder
25.5 HP
UtilityLinhai T-Boss 500$8,999
$9,449 (Camo)
Single Cylinder
32.2 HP
UtilityLinhai T-Boss 1100$15,199
$17,999 (LE)
24.8 HP
Linhai T-Boss 1100
Linhai T-Boss 1100

BMS Motorsports

This is a newer company that started distributing through its American headquarters in 2005. They are located in Riverside, CA, and there is not a lot of information to be found on their history, reach or any relevant subsidiaries. However, it is interesting to know that all of their products are EPA approved. With the motto of “The Proof is In the Product,” it is no wonder that they create some of the best quality vehicles on the market today. You can learn more about their ethos here.

They provide strong UTVs that are both affordable and give excellent results on and off the road. Their models are attractive with clean-cut designs that have made them very popular with both farmers and sports utility enthusiasts. While they do have some sports models, the bulk of their UTVs are designed for ranch and range work.

You can learn more about their large CA warehouse facility and offered UTV models on their website.

Popular models

UtilityBMS Ranch Pony 700 EFI 2-Seated$9,99943 HP
UtilityBMS Ranch Pony 700 EFI 4-Seated$11,49943 HP
UtilityBMS Ranch Pony 500 EFI$8,39934 HP
UtilityBMS Ranch Pony 600 EFI$9,39937 HP
UtilityBMS Stallion 600 RX-EFI$9,39937 HP
UtilityBMS The Beast 1000 2-Seated$12,99981 HP
UtilityBMS The Beast 1000 4-Seatedn/an/a
UtilityBMS Colt 700 LSX 2-Seated$9,99943 HP
UtilityBMS Colt 700 LSX 4-Seated$11,99943 HP
SportBMS Sniper T-1500 4-Seated$14,588108 HP
SportBMS Sniper T-1500 2-Seated$13,588108 HP
SportBMS Sniper T-350$5,48820.4 HP
SportBMS V-Twin Buggy 800 Platinum 2-Seated$11,89860 HP
SportBMS V-Twin Buggy 800 Platinum 4-Seated$12,89860 HP
SportBMS V-Twin Buggy 800 L4$10,29960 HP
JuniorBMS Avenger 150 LX22 (Youth UTV)$3,4998.5 HP
BMS COLT 700 LSX 2S, camo
BMS COLT 700 LSX 2S, camo
BMS SNIPER T-1500 4S, sport side by side
BMS SNIPER T-1500 4S, sport side by side

Where Their UTVs are Designed and Assembled

The various elements that make up a UTV can be taken from other competitive sports companies. For example, the Linhai T-Boss 1100 Diesel model is actually constructed from a Kubota engine made in Japan. Most product pages have details that include when certain features can be attributed to other corporations.

Not every model or series line is created by the same designers, so you may see certain UTV corporations working with multiple designers out of various countries. The Linhai LH700CUV UTV model was designed by Italian professional designers based in Europe and America. The wheel differential patents and various unique engineering choices make maneuverability, speed, and handling a breeze.

Some companies like CFMoto take care of all the facets of one particular feature completely in-house. They engineer, design, and manufacture their own engines without any outside sources. This has led to them having some of the most powerful engines on the market today. Their world-class UTVs are created with agility, strength, and comfort in mind, and a huge portion of that is done without contracting out.

Assembly Plants and Warehouses

Many companies that are headquartered overseas actually have the majority of their assembling warehouses and designs located in multiple countries. For example, each of the corporations mentioned in this article have American headquarters and assembly plants where their US-based vehicles are created and then shipped out to local distributors.

BMS Motorsports has a 43,000 square foot warehouse and a 25,000 square foot parts facility in Riverside, CA, where they have been shipping quality products for years. While their physical assembly and parts production are in CA, their designs are created in China. As this company continues to grow and expand, they will no doubt open up larger plants in the US to cater to their customer’s needs.

Linhai has several locations in Georgia where they design and create their American market UTVs. However, the majority of their products are shipped over from China, where the bulk of the design process also takes place. More recently, Linhai and Yamaha have been working together, and those shared models are more likely to be manufactured locally. Yamaha has a significant number of US plants to the point that they are claiming some models are entirely “assembled in America.”

Additional Chinese UTV Companies

The following companies were much harder to access on English websites, so the information provided was more limited. However, they are both well-known brands in their own right among Chinese suppliers of UTVs and other recreational motorsport vehicles.

Kandi is another Chinese brand that makes sports vehicles though they tend more towards the go-kart design instead of UTV, so we have not included their models on this list. However, if you find yourself wanting a low to the ground two-seater to have some fun with on the trails or back roads, then you might want to check their products out.

The other brand that you will see when shopping for Chinese UTVs is Fangpower. They have models that are built for both utility and sport. They also have several snow models with tracks and skis for traversing rough winter terrain. Their farm models feature high ground clearance with large cargo beds for hauling. Fangpower also has multiple sports models with various features for off-roading in all kinds of weather conditions.