What Features are Typical on UTVs?

Two dirty Polaris RZR UTVs

On UTVs you will find features like all wheel drive, roll cage, off road tires that will help you getting forward in rough terrain. Almost all UTVs comes with automatic transmission. The side by side are kitted with features due to their purpose, utility and recreational side by sides will have plenty of cargo space and some comes with a winch, trailer hitch and HVAC-system. While sport models come with aggressive suspension, high performance engines and tires suitable for off road rides.

Features Overview

There are slight variations in what features are offered in UTV packages based on whether they are a sport, utility, or combination model because they are made for different purposes. Primarily, sports models are designed to be lighter, faster, and easier to handle while utility models are heavier duty. Sports tend to have light, tall frames that allow for more comfortable driving over terrains that might otherwise stop an off-roading vehicle. Utility UTVs usually come straight off the assembly line with a winch, sometimes even a full cap, and windshield. This allows them to be work-ready no matter what the weather. Below we have outlined the features you are most likely to want with your side-by-side, not including the apparent accessories like roll cages.

Popular Package Features

Most UTVs come with some great features, built-in and ready to give you a fantastic off-roading experience. Here are some of the most popular package features seen in the current UTV models.

Four Wheel Drive/Two Wheel Drive/All Wheel Drive

Most current models come with turf mode, the ability to switch between two and four-wheel drive depending on the need of the moment. They also can come standard with your choice of all.


This can be either a cargo netted tailgate, vinyl, or hard plastic. Usually, if you have one and what kind it is will be determined by the model of UTV you are buying. Sports models are more likely to have cargo or no tailgate, while utility will usually have hard plastic.

Cargo Boxes

Hard plastic totes and netting or bags are the most popular forms of cargo storage. You can usually get one included in your UTV package if you know that you will need the extra space for taking stuff with you on your rides.

Built-In GPS and Navigation

You can get display mounts for the dash to hold a GPS that you have bought aftermarket, but some models come with this built-in standard.

Electronic Bed Dump

These are necessary if you are using your utility UTV to haul heavy materials around. It will allow you to quickly and easily empty the bed, letting you save your energy.

Quick Flip Rear Seating

Some UTVs come with the option of turning a two-seater into a four-seater with the quick flip rear seating option. One example is the popular Honda® Pioneer 1000-5.


These are LEDs, but you can sometimes choose how many LEDs will be included in your UTV. For example, the front lights might have nine LEDs instead of the standard two or four to give more light if you plan to be out in inclement weather or after dark.

Popular Deluxe Package Features

Sometimes you know exactly what you want and if it is not part of the standard package you might be able to get it in a deluxe version for some brands. This will allow you to have some affordable and convenient additions to your UTV experience. These premium features are available for most brands.

Air conditioning and climate control

Climate controlled packages usually involve a fully enclosed cab with either an HVAC unit, air condition, or heater. These are generally electric and small enough to fit seamlessly into the cab while still leaving plenty of room. Some full cabs that are designed for climate control come with vents in the windows and windshield.

Turbo Engine

These high powered turob engines can be found in some of the high-performance sports models. They are also being seen more and more as an option for deluxe utility models as well.

Sports Roof

A sports roof is a hard plastic with a skylight of clear plastic, allowing for more light in the cab while keeping out the elements and providing some protection in the case of an accident. It can also be used as a place to strap on extra cargo.

High-Quality Audio System

Radio systems can be either built into the dashboard or roof-mounted. They are a perk, and higher quality ones can sometimes be found in deluxe packages for sports models. They are usually electric with battery-powered backup. You can also get race radio systems to install for competitive racers.

Low Profile Front Bumper

These are a must if you are off-roading in rough terrain at high speeds. They can protect you and your UTV from damage if you run into something like a tree or large rock.

Night Vision Capabilities

Mirror lights can be attached below your side mirrors, pointing to the front and slightly to the side to allow for better night vision when driving after dark.

Aftermarket Features

These are accessories that can be purchased on most brand sites to custom fit your UTV for your specialized needs. Some of these might also be included in deluxe packages or as an add-on from some brands at the time of purchase.

Winch and Trailer Hitch

Several aftermarket accessories require a winch or hitch in order to function properly. Before buying anything, make sure that you are purchasing the right kind for your needs.


These are usually electric and are small enough they can be fitted into your cab easily. You can get ones that are full HVAC, or you can get straight heaters or air conditioners if you are in a climate that stays temperate throughout the year. Some deluxe packages include heaters and air conditioner options.

Beds and Tailgate Accessories

There are a whole host of accessories for your UTV bed and tailgate that can help make worksite jobs easier. We have listed the most common ones below.

  • Bed extender
  • Rubber bed mat
  • Standard bed mat
  • Hard plastic/aluminum tailgate
  • Bed lift kit
  • Bed rails
  • Cargo tailgate
  • Bed cargo divider
  • Tailgate cover
  • Accessory mounts

Snow Blower

You will need a winch on your UTV in order for a snowblower to work with your vehicle. You can even get them equipped with a strobe light for late-night snow plowing. These are hydraulic and have adjustable skid plates to protect your drive.


To fit a plow to your UTV, you will need four components: mount, frame, winch, and a blade. There are two main types of blade, a straight edge and a V-shaped blade that allows for better control in directing the material you are plowing.

Extra Lighting

You can get external light bars to add onto your UTV, or you can replace the lights that it came with that might not be as bright as you would like with LED alternatives that come with a lot more power. There are universal mounts available so that no matter what extra lighting you would like to put on your vehicle, you will be able to make it happen. There are a lot of options from rainbow-colored LED light bars to standard two-row light bars.


These come in the following types. They are usually glass or hard plastic.

  • Hard plastic full flip down
  • Glass
  • Glass tipout
  • Full and half windshields
  • Vented


These tend to come in hard plastic, aluminum, or vinyl. There are also roof liners that you can buy for the inside of the cab.

Rear Panels

These generally come in hard plastic or glass though there are some vinyl coverings to waterproof the cab in wet weather.


These can come in a variety of materials from weather-resistant heavy plastics, netting, or vinyl. They can come with windows that zip down or full panel. There are also half-door and full-door options available.

Bumper Guards

There are a dozen or so types of bumpers and bumper guards you can purchase for your UTV. These include front and back sports bumpers as well as rear and front arm guards. There are some steel-reinforced options available from individual sellers as well.

Extra Storage Boxes, Bags, and Racks

There are a lot of areas on your UTV that can have racks added on for strapping things for longer off-roading journeys. These include the following.

  • Bed extender
  • Rear Cargo Box
  • Front hood storage rack
  • Tip-down headache rack
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Behind seat storage bag
  • Inside dash storage bag
  • Fire extinguisher holder

Cab Covers

As with the doors and panels, cab coverings come in hard plastic, aluminum, or vinyl though there are also netting options if you want a lighter option. These are mostly useful for keeping the weather out or maintaining temperature control within the cab.

Tires and Wheels

There are different sizes and treads of tires, so no matter where you want to take your vehicle off-roading, your tires will be ready to handle the drive. These include ones for mudding, all season, and winter. There are also tires explicitly designed to handle driving in sand dunes and through mountainous terrains.

Personalized Features

There are many sellers around the world who make personalized features for UTVs that otherwise would not be found for sale by suppliers. These can take the form of specialized roll cages or rebuilding a frame to accommodate unique lights for night driving. Whatever it is you are looking for, there is probably someone out there who is willing and able to make it for a price.