7 Fastest ATVs/Quads on the Market

fastest atvs

ATVs can be very fast, the bigger the engine size, the faster and more powerful an ATV will be. Endurance racing is considered to be the pinnacle where the emphasis is put on speed and racing an ATV.

Nothing beats the thrill of going fast. Humans have always pushed the boundaries on how fast a vehicle can go and with ATVs, it’s no different. When people buy a new quad today, the first question that gets asked is how fast does it go and how much power does it have?

Manufacturers have had to keep up with this trend and keep designing new ways to keep people entertained and coming back for even more power. Are you looking to go fast? Are you looking to compete? Not sure which quad you should buy that will get you to the finish line the quickest? Keep reading below for the fastest ATVs available!

1. Honda TRX 700 (86mph or 138km/h)

The most reliable brand in the world, Honda has always produced quads that are almost bulletproof and with the TRX 700 it’s no different, Honda adds power and performance to its well-known reliability. The TRX 700 has a blistering top speed of 86mph and 53 horsepower produced from its single-cylinder, 4 valve, electronically controlled fuel-injected 686cc engine.

The major advantage of the TRX is that it has an old-fashioned 5-speed manual transmission which adds to the fun and the top speed. The quad is designed to be ridden all day and to be ridden aggressively. As with most Hondas on the market, the ergonomics are excellent, and it’s a comfortable ride.

2. Polaris Scrambler XP 1000s (85mph or 136km/h)

Polaris has the title for the fastest production ATV on the market. The guys at Polaris weren’t playing around when they were designing this quad. Packed full of technology, the Polaris Scrambler packs a real punch when that throttle is pushed.

The quad is powered by a single overhead cam, twin-cylinder four-stroke engine that delivers 89 horsepower to the crankshaft, can be four-wheeled driven by the click of a button, and has two separate power modes.

Maybe the only downside is the fully automatic continuously variable transmission that might slow the vehicle down compared to if it was manually driven but with the latest technology, the transmission is sure to be responsive and have the correct gear ratios for the different power modes.

3. Quadzilla LT 500 (80mph or 128km/h)

There is one name in the ATV world, that no matter your age, every enthusiast has heard of at least once. Quadzilla as it has been nicknamed is a quad first produced by Suzuki in 1987 and still, today remains as one of the fastest production quads ever produced. Although only in production for a few short years, this speed-hungry quad managed to enter legend status.

Quad enthusiasts all have the LT 500 to thank for the craze of fast production quads that we see today. The reason for its immense power comes from a two-stroke cylinder with 500cc of displacement, the first of its kind on the market. Usually higher displacement means more power and speed but with a two-stroke engine that isn’t the case. 

Quadzilla was capable of a top speed of 82mph and with a measly weight of 392lbs(177kgs), the power to weight ratio was and is still unmatched.

4. KTM 525 XC (75mph or 120km/h)

This Austrian motor company is widely known for its two-wheeled vehicle varieties however in 2006 they decided to join the four-wheel craze of the time and produce the much loved 525 XC. 

Using a single-cylinder 510 cc 4-stroke engine that was taken from their enduro bikes at the time, the 525 XC lost no power and top speed compared to the same bikes of the time. The 525 XC was built as a trial specialist so you know it will be fast and capable of putting the back end sideways every time you accelerate.

From the factory, with factory sprockets and CDI, the quad won’t top 75 mph which in itself is impressive. The Ktm has half of the displacement potential of most of the brands but delivers the same output. An impressive quad to say the least and the perfect quad for throwing around a racetrack. 

5. Yamaha Raptor 700R (74mph or 119km/h)

Yamaha has always managed to produce the fastest and most durable quads available on the market and with the Raptor 700R that is exactly what you are getting. The first came out with a displacement of 660cc, a single-bore cylinder engine, capable of 36 horsepower, and a top speed of 74mph. 

This wasn’t enough for enthusiasts and Yamaha eagerly obliged and came out with the Yamaha Raptor 700R in 2006. The 700R has a displacement of 686cc, with a similar engine setup as the 660 but now the 700R is fuel injected. Some modified 700R make use of the advanced technology and have clocked an impressive 90mph. 

A stock model will however only reach a max speed of 77mph with the restrictor in place. An ECU controls the engine so modifying this already powerful can be done with ease which racing enthusiasts will love.

6. The Can-Am Renegade And Outlander  (74mph or 119km/h)

Okay granted, we’re rolling two into one heading here, but since it’s the same brand we figured both are worthy of a mention. 

The Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000 may initially be viewed as a utility ATV but with a V-twin engine that boasts up to 91 horsepower, you cannot ignore that this ATV is one of the fastest right off the factory floor. The power steering is reported to be top-notch at 48 inches wide, as well as a mention of stability. 

The Can-Am Renegade is another perfect option for both utility use and speed. This guy is a good find if you’re after some serious speed at the same 91 horsepower as its powerful brother. Another advantage of the Renegade is the upgrade options right off the factory floor, depending on the difficulty of driving you’re aiming for, you can ask for things like snorkels, upgraded tires, and other great add-ons. 

The Renegade comes with speed control, so you can cap the speed of the ATV or go full throttle, it all depends on the experience of the driver behind the bars. 

7. Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 (70mph or 113km/h)

Pretty new on the quad bike scene, Arctic Cat mainly specializes in snowmobiles but has gone on to take the quad bike world with a bang. The Thundercat is one of the most powerful quads available on the market with a massive 951cc V twin-cylinder engine that is fuel injected and is capable of producing 90 plus horsepower and a top speed of over 70 mph. 

The Arctic Cat was built to make light work of plowing snow and built to go anywhere. Not only can it pull almost anything it can pull it at quite a speed. Weighing only 1335lbs or 605 kg the power to weight ratio is off the charts and immensely improves the top speed and power to weight ratio figures.

Finding The Fastest ATVs 

Shopping for the fastest ATVs is no easy feat. You’ve not only got to take into consideration the speed that you’re so desperately searching for, but there are other benefits that an ATV should boast. 

You should also be looking for things like: 

  • An ATV that meets your budget 
  • The ATV should match the level and expertise of the person using it 
  • Always have a look at the features of each individual model 
  • Add-ons can make or break an ATV, go with what you need 

These are particularly true if you plan on doing work with your ATV on top of chasing thrills. Then you’re definitely going to want a 4×4 ATV that can accelerate fast but also carry a heavy load. Not to mention that if you’re strict on budget, you can always try to negotiate with your dealership of choice. 

But you’re here cause you’re big on speed so always ask the question, what’s the top speed that this model can go? And how quickly can I get there? 

The Fast ATV Family 

Finding the fastest ATVs should be a fun experience, particularly if you get to test-drive each of your potential choices! 

Remember, the model that jumps out at you will be doing so for a reason, spend time asking your sales guy or the sales team all the burning questions you’re dying to know. It’s always worth knowing what the potential costs of maintenance and services will be, and always ask about extended warranty plans too! 

Now that you know what the fastest ATVs are, how important is sound to you? Check out our article on this quiet ATV option, spoiler alert: they don’t always have to be electric to be quiet!