Top 6 ATVs under $500 for Kids: An Ultimate Comparison

Kid on electric four-wheeler, riding outdoors in mud

Kids are full of energy and love adventures. Besides, they love to play outdoors. So, why not gift them with an ATV that will help them play outside and boost their confidence in being more independent? However, buying the right ATV for your kids is daunting considering that there are plenty of products to choose from.

If you are planning a surprise gift, the best ATVs under $500 for kids is a great idea for their birthday. This post reviews some of the best ATVs for your kids while keeping in mind your child’s safety and keeping your investment worthy. 

What you should consider before buying

Because choosing the right ATV for your kids is daunting, here are some factors that you should consider before buying. 

Is the ATV age-appropriate?

Having the right assessment of the four-wheeler for your kid is an important aspect that most parents tend to miss out on first and regret later. So, make sure that you don’t follow the same trend. Whether or not a product is appropriate for your child’s age helps you get an insight into your kid’s ability to handle the ATV.

Hence, if your kids aren’t finding it easy, it is not a good idea to rush them into it. Because these vehicles are large, getting the wrong one might not be safe for them. Take some time to prepare them. And, buy the four-wheeler when they are ready to ride. Ensure that the ATV supports your kid’s height and weight.

What powers the ATV?

The performance of the four-wheeler depends on the size and engine. Some ATVs for kids are powered by fuel, whereas some others are battery operated. However, you should know the difference between them when buying the right ATV. Gas-powered ATVs will have a specific number followed by cubic centimeters (cc). 

Most four-wheelers for kids are designed with 110cc engines. This is more suitable for young riders as they learn to increase their speed over time. Battery-powered ATVs come either with two 12-volt batteries or a 24-volt battery. And, it depends on the model and makes. 

So, whether you buy a gas or battery-powered ATV, it depends on your choice. While an electric ATV is easier to control and great for new riders, the downside is that the vehicle stops working after a specific time. But with gas, there is no limitation in riding. However, beginner riders have to give some time learning the different techniques.

How fast does the ATV go?

Being parents, you don’t want your kids to ride an ATV that goes faster. Because they won’t be able to control the four-wheeler, there is risk in so many ways. When they lose control of the vehicle, they might run into a person or structures. Or, they can be thrown off and injure themselves badly.

As a general rule of thumb, it is good to expose your kid to no more than 10 to 15 miles per hour. That way, a lower cc ATV might appeal to you a lot. But as your child grows older, you need to upgrade the vehicle, which will cost you more. 

It is always good to start with a quad with a relatively higher cc that provides speed limits between 25 and 40 miles per hour. However, make sure that it has a speed controlling system of some kind. That way, you can set the speed to around 5mph and slowly increase as your kid becomes accustomed to the ATV.

What are the safety features that the ATV should have?

To maximize your kid’s safety, most ATVs these days come equipped with a bunch of important features. Here are the safety features that a four-wheeler for kids should have.

  • High-quality tires that can perform well in almost every kind of terrain. Besides, wider tires make bumps comfortable and increase ground clearance
  • Remote kill switch that makes the quad stop when things appear to go out of control
  • To reduce fatigue, the padding on handlebars is a must have
  • Headlights and taillights are helpful when driving inside the home or in conditions with very low light

Best four-wheelers for kids compared

NameMaximum speedWeight limitAge rangePower
Power Wheels Trail Racer6 mph65 lbs.3 to 7 years12 volt
Best Choice Products electric2 mph66 lbs.3 to 7 years12 volt
Razor Dirt Quad8 mph120 lbs.Under 1024 volt
Costzon Ride-on ATV2 mph55 lbs.3 to 6 years12 volt
Peg Perego RZR 900 Polaris5 mph130 lbs.3 to 8 years12 volt
Unejoy kids electric quad3.7 mph77 lbs.3 to 8 years12 volt
Electric four-wheelers for kids

1. Power Wheels Trail Racer – Best budget-friendly

If you are looking for a sleek, modern four-wheeler for your kids, the Power Wheels Trail Racer should be the right choice. Apart from the intuitive features that this quad possesses, it is a budget-friendly option as well. However, all the ATVs that are included in the list are under $500.

Power Wheels has all the necessary features that you want on your kid’s four-wheeler. Because of the high-speed lockout system and powerful braking system, this ATV gives you complete peace of mind. And, you can relax even if your kid is moving through terrain. Young riders are more attracted to this ATV because it has a speed of about 6 mph.

Besides, it has a reverse speed of 3 mph. Apart from that, you can control the 3-speed variations with the help of buttons. Furthermore, it allows your kids to sit comfortably on the quad while enjoying an amazing adventure. 

Pros – 

  • Has parental controls
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easy to install

Cons – 

  • The handlebar can break easily
  • Rear-axle is a bit longer

Summary: What I liked about this ATV is that it creates an amazing off-road adventure right in your backyard. Moreover, the 12V battery keeps the four-wheeler running for many hours with a single charge. Also, the realistic styling and graphics are incredibly beautiful.

2. Best Choice Products 12V kids ride-on – Best for beginners 

Wondering how to get your little one to experience adventure in your backyard safely? If so, the electric four-wheeler from Best Choice is what you need. This is a specialized quad designed for kids who like to experience off-roading to some extent. It is a great quad for beginners.

This four-wheeler has a 15-watt electric motor that uses a 12-volt standard battery to make the quad operational. It has 2-speed modes for moving forward and backward. The Best Choice Products 12V kids electric quad has a maximum speed of about 2 miles per hour, which is enough for a kid to enjoy the ride.

With 66 pounds as weight capacity, this four-wheeler is one of the greatest choices for parents whose kids are between 3 and 8 years old. With a full charge, the quad can run for about two hours straight. 

Pros – 

  • Remarkable features
  • Easy to charge
  • Doesn’t take much time in assembling 

Cons – 

  • Less weight capacity 

Summary: What I loved most about this quad is the addition of several features despite the low price range. Built-in horn, engine sounds, and LED headlamps are some of the incredible features that make this quad stand out from the rest. Also, the threaded tires help your child ride smoothly through the terrains and change directions without much trouble. 

3. Razor Dirt Quad – Best electric 

For kids, a little under ten years of age, buying the Razor Dirt quad electric four-wheeler should be one of the best ideas. When it comes to adhering to standard safety requirements, this quad is counted as one of the many in its class. Also, it features a gear reduction motor and high torque that improves off-road driving.

It is made to withstand rough bumps and tough trails. In short, it is made for off-roading. Besides, the four 12-inch tires are air-filled and when combined with a great suspension system, the quad provides a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. 

Power and speed go hand-to-hand with the Razor Dirt Quad. Apart from that, the 24-Volt battery adds more power to the vehicle. This quad comes with all-terrain tires and that makes you worry less when your kids hit off-roads.

Pros – 

  • Cool, sleek design
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight design 

Cons – 

  • Have issues with charging the battery
  • Reverse driving isn’t allowed
  • Not for younger kids

Summary: What’s interesting about this four-wheeler is that it has a front brush bar and an adjustable handlebar that allow kids to ride rough terrains with ease. As such, they can enjoy the ride without bumps. Also, the comfortable seat and suspension system are worth mentioning. In addition, the small rear handle allows you to tow the quad when going on short trips.

4. Costzon Ride-on ATV – Best for young kids

The Costzon Ride-on ATV is popular among younger kids and for a lot of reasons. The realistic look and multiple functions make it one of the most sought-after ATVs for younger kids. Besides, many parents find this functional and stylish quad at a cheap price compared to the other quads in its class.

There is no denying that kids will love to have a ride in this four-wheeler in the backyard. When it comes to entertainment, the Costzon Ride-on ATV has a few things under its belt. The ATV houses an MP3 player with AUX and USB support. Watch your kids cruise through the neighborhood while listening to their favorite stories or music.

If your kid favors adventure, this quad will make them happier and they can have non-stop fun in the outdoor environment whether it is strolling around your backyard or off-roading on dirt, gravel, or grass. By choosing to fast or slow down, your kid will enjoy every bit of it.

Pros – 

  • Limited speed option
  • Reliable wheels and comfortable seat
  • Easy to handle for kids
  • Strong and sturdy

Cons – 

  • May have difficulties in assembling 

Summary: The easy-to-ride feature of this wonderful quad makes it a favorite among young children. With a foot pedal and a few buttons, your child will almost have no effort to ride on it. Besides, the extendable seat allows your child to have fun even when they age. 

5. Peg Perego RZR 900 Polaris – Best two-seater

Peg Perego is another great company that produces quad for younger kids and has earned a good reputation. Some kids love to share things with their friends whenever they are playing. So, if your kid happens to be one of them, the Peg Perego RZR 900 is what you should buy. 

It is the best two-seater quad for young kids. The best part about this quad is that they can both ride. As such, everyone will have unlimited fun and stay happy. The main attraction of this quad is the two-seat arrangement. That way, no one will have to wait for their turn. 

Pros – 

  • Working horn
  • Super traction wheels 
  • Large bucket seats with seatbelts

Cons – 

  • Sometimes knee get rubbed against the dashboard

Summary: In my opinion, the Peg Perego RZR 900 is one of the best two-seater four-wheelers for kids. Apart from that, the ATV has a roll bar and off-road windshield to keep your kids safe from accidental rollover and keep debris away from their faces.

6. Unejoy kids electric quad – Best overall

The last one in this list is a four-wheeler that comes in a few color codes, LED headlamps, and treaded tires. While it is perfect for outdoor adventures, your kids can use it inside the house.

The suspension design provides great rides and safety for your kids. Moreover, the wear-resistant wheels keep the ATV safe bout indoors and outdoor. Furthermore, your kids will love realistic driving with great pleasure.

Pros – 

  • 12V motor for great performance 
  • Built-in music, radio, Bluetooth, USB support
  • Comfortable and safe

Cons – 

  • Battery issues

Summary: In my opinion, the Uenjoy kid’s electric quad is another excellent quad for young kids. It has all the amenities that contribute to a wonderful ATV while providing your kids with a realistic driving experience.