Small Sized ATVs for Work And Fun: Width, Length and Weight Compared

small sized atvs

People get quite creative and use ATVs for all sorts of activities, like snow plowing, lawn mowing, and mounting materials or tools. And, while many live by the idea that bigger is better, sometimes small sized ATVs are perfect for certain jobs, where larger models would fail. 

Of course, many turn to small sized ATVs for fun, rather than work, and with good reason. They’re easier to steer in rougher terrain, transport on road trips, and use less fuel when compared to other models. Simply put, they’re very practical.

Wondering how to choose a small sized ATV? Look no further. In this article you’ll find a few of the most popular models, their dimensions, weight, and other relevant specifications. It’s all the information you need to make the right pick for your adventures.

Small Sized ATVs

Small sized ATVs are more compact iterations of the common hobby and off-road vehicle. Their dimensions are meant to provide more stability and control to the driver. This means they can better navigate rough terrain and are much easier for transporting via trailer.

Roketa 48k 125CC

The Roketa 48k is an impressive smaller model that packs a punch. It has C.D.I ignition and a generous battery standing at 12V/5Ah and a displacement of 125cc. It has a 4-stroke, air-cooled one-cylinder engine that reaches a maximum of 65km/h with automatic transmission. It slows and stops with a drum in the front and a disc in the rear.

In terms of dimensions, this model is 60in/152cm long, 36in/93cm tall, and 35in/91cm wide. It can support quite a bit of weight, but on its own sits at 198lbs/90kg. It has limited color and design choices, being only available in black, blue, and red.

Apollo 125 ATV Type Commander

The Apollo Commander comes in a variety of colors, including black, green, orange, blue, burgundy, red, and white. It has a 4-stroke, air-cooled one-cylinder OHC engine with C.D.I ignition. It’s a bit slower than some alternatives, reaching a maximum of 50km/h.

Both the front and rear brakes are discs. The Apollo Commander is 43in/109cm tall, 66in/167cm long, and 45in/114cm wide. Most likely the cause of a lower maximum speed, it weighs in at around 262lbs/119kg.

Roketa 34L 125

The Roketa 34L zooms in at a comfortable 64km/h, with a 12V/9Ah battery and electric ignition. Unlike the 48k, the front and rear brakes are both discs and it only weighs 11lbs/5kg more, putting it at around 207lbs/95kg. It comes with automatic transmission, to boot.

The 34L is a little larger than other models, but still has great dimensions. It’s 67in/170cm long, 40in/104cm tall, and 30in/78cm wide. For colors, it comes in black, blue, and red.

TAO Motor 250 Rhino

The Tao Rhino rolls in with manual transmission and reverse. It sets itself apart with off-road performance tires, where the front tires measure 23in/58cm in diameter and the rear tires are 22in/55cm in diameter. The model uses air-cooling for its four-stroke and comes with an electric ignition.

The Rhino’s dimensions are similar to the aforementioned models. It’s 69in/175cm long, 43in/109cm tall, and 32in/81cm wide. The color selection includes blue, black, spider black, tree camo, and red burgundy.

Vitacci 125 Jet-9

The Vitacci Jet-9 is another excellent small ATV. Its tires are smaller than other models, where the front tires are 19in/48cm and rear tires 18in/45cm. It has a 12V5Ah battery and electric ignition.

Overall dimensions include 66in/167cm long, 45in/114cm tall, and 43in/109cm wide. The Jet-9 comes in black, blue, red, green, and orange colors. It’s worth noting that some models from Vitacci have been compared with popular ATV brands from Japan.

Tao Motor 125 Cheetah

The new Tao Cheetah has a unique design and finish. Like many others in its range, it has an air-cooled, one-cylinder, four-stroke engine. It has automatic transmission with reverse, a C.D.I ignition and electric starter.

It’s 57in/144cm long, 39in/99cm wide, and 36in/91cm tall. The front brake is a drum, while the rear is a hydraulic disc. It also has a 12V5Ah battery. You can find the Cheetah in blue, red, green, and orange.

Tao Motor 125 T-Force

The new T-Force has a 120cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic engine. It has an electric starter and C.D.I ignition with automatic and reverse. It’s 51in/129cm long, 30in/76cm wide, and 24in/60cm tall.

The front brakes are drums, while the rear brakes are hydraulic discs. This model, like many others, has a 12V5Ah battery. You’ll find the T-force in blue, graffiti camo, and white.

Apollo 125 Blazer 9

The Apollo Blazer 9 has a top speed of 35mph/56km/h, depending on the rider’s weight and road conditions. Still, though, it works wonders while off-roading. It has automatic transmission with reverse, an electric starter, and C.D.I ignition.

The Blazer is 55in/139cm long, 39in/99cm wide, and 36in/91cm tall. It can carry up to 142lbs/64kg, making it great for hunting trips, and weighs 209lbs/95kg. For brakes, you’ll find drums in the front and discs in the rear. It has a 12V5Ah battery and an air-cooled, one-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

Small Sized ATVs Make Sense

Not all small sized ATVs are meant for kids. In fact, they’re great for adults seeking thrills while out on intense adventures. Despite popular belief, small sized ATVs for fun are fantastic. They offer better control, decent power, and a comfortable ride for drivers of all kinds. Better maneuverability means more opportunities for impressive stunts and exploration overall.

Something that puts a lot of drivers off, is hauling an ATV to where they want to ride. It can be tedious, frustrating, and sometimes even dangerous. Smaller ATVs solve this, to the point where some fit in the back of the most common pickups.

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