7 Affordable Snowmobiles For Beginners

affordable snowmobiles

Snowmobiling is a thrilling sport that entices many fans to travel through the spectacular and snowy mountains. If you are a snowmobile enthusiast, you may be considering purchasing a new snowmobile.

However, before you purchase one, you may need to choose the best one for your needs. With a myriad of different types and brands on the market, you’ll need to make some wise choices to make sure that your first purchase is the best one for you.

So, how do you identify the best snowmobile for your needs?

Here are seven affordable snowmobiles for beginners you should try out. We’ll also discuss what you need to consider when buying your first snowmobile.

1. Arctic Cat Blast ZR 4000

Arctic Cat entered the market in 2020 with its blast series. It features a 121″ track and 397cc engine.

It’s a hit and ideal for individuals with a small built. It comes with a more nimble sled that is easy to handle, making it hard for riders to be overwhelmed by its power.

Blast ZR has similar features as racing champions manufactured before it. You will have a more responsive ride than you’ve ever experienced before.

The rear suspension absorbs any bumps on the trail to ensure the ride is smooth and stable. Midsize, lightweight chassis enables easy maneuverability for riders to experience more thrills.

The Arctic Cat Blast ZR 4000 is an approachable and unintimidating snowmobile. It’s a great choice to keep beginners willing to snowmobiling. It’s agile, engaging, and fun.

Turn-key electric start is convenient and easy to use to get you moving right away. 4.0″ race height windscreen offers greater visibility. It also comes with a digital watch to quickly access beginners’ snowmobile information.

2. Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One

The Mountain Cat features adjustable shocks and single-beam rear suspension. You can switch between soft, medium, and firm suspension using handlebar-mounted controls.

The controls immediately and automatically adjust the suspension gas shocks. Alpha One suspension unlocks more maneuverability for beginner snowmobiling.

Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One comes with an adapted CVT system. The system has a narrow and lightweight design to increase belt life and performance. It also provides smooth power delivery and improved throttle response.

Alpha One has fox float shocks with easy adjustability for pride and intensity. It’s designed to maneuver in deep snow. 8000-series engine delivers strong performance for off-trail cornering and to reduce drag.

The Mountain Cat features an LED headlight for night riding. It also has an adjustable ski stance to keep it narrow through the trees and wide for the trails.

3. Yamaha Phazer RTX

Make a statement with Yamaha Phazer RTX and experience winter in style. Genesis 499cc sports performance engine was designed to deliver fast revving and power.

It’s among the best beginner snowmobile with an advanced fuel injection system. The system provides efficient and consistent performance.

The counterbalance crankshaft delivers a super crisp and smooth throttle response. Fox Float 2 front shocks feature an adjustable air spring.

Yamaha Phazer RTX has a lightweight, narrower, and taller seat. It offers an enhanced ergonomic for a fun riding experience.

The dual shock CK rear suspension helps to reduce friction and improve efficiency. The Tuner II Skis can be calibrated to reduce steering effort.

YXRC clutching system delivers instant acceleration, smooth engagement, and first reacting backshift. It also features a rear exit exhaust for additional cooling for a long belt life.

4. Polaris Indy Evo

Polaris Indy Evo is built explicitly for new riders. The compact economics is a perfect fit for both new and experienced riders. You can sit comfortably without feeling too small or too big.

It’s easy to reach throttle as the sitting position is optimized. Indy Evo’s affordable snowmobile suspension is engineered for an effortless ride.

The Independent Front Suspension (IFS) has adjustable stands. It is easy for the sled to evolve with a rider. It comes with a trail-ready sled with enough power scaled to fit the needs of new riders.

The speed is set at 50mph but has an accessory kit used to add extra power as your skills develop. Polaris Indy Evo features a 550 fan engine that delivers confidence-inspiring control. It’s available without or with an electric start.

The snowmobile comes with several accessory options to adjust the sled’s performance. They include an under-seat bag for extra storage and a wrap kit to create a customized look.

5. Polaris 850 Switchback Assault 144

The Polaris Switchback Assault 144 model is an affordable snowmobile. It has been remarkable over the past few years.

It is an ideal choice for new riders, as it has perfect sleds. This is an accomplishment that has continued to be at the front year after year.

It features an AXYS chassis design for rider balance control. The IGX 144 rear suspension offers strength and durability, providing less drag off-trail. The rail beam design is lighter and optimized to give the sled a nimble feel.

Polaris 850 Switchback Assault 144 comes with a message center gauge. It enables the rider to know sled operating conditions and other vital information.

The display is brightly lit for easy readability in all light conditions. Polaris 850 windshield and hood design offer enhanced wind protection.

The premium shocks have remote receivers and compression adjusters for tunability performance. The lightweight design does not compromise durability or strength.

6. Ski-Doo MXZ Sport

Ski-Doo MXZ sport is designed as a compact, narrow package. It gives riders more freedom to influence the sled. It is lightweight and made with industry-leading standards to make the snowmobile ultra-responsive. It comes with a 600cc engine that delivers 85 horsepower at an incredible value.

Ski-Doo MXZ sport uses 600R E-TEC with proven reliability and an excellent fun factor. It has a length of 129-inch to bridge bumps well in different riding conditions. The precision front end also offers outstanding bump absorption in harsh conditions.

The 4.5″ digital display has a flatter viewing angle for easy reading of information. You can check the display whether sitting or standing.

Ski-Doo MXZ Sport also features a cargo attachment system on the sled’s tunnel to carry items. It’s strong enough to accommodate up to 30 G’s of force.

It is one of the best affordable beginner snowmobiles for beginners. It has more advanced technology and comes with the best entry-level sled.

The 600 motors have been upgraded to EFI from the carburetor. It means less maintenance and easier starting.

7. Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 850 E-TEC

Renegade X-RS provides readers with proven performance to dominate every ride. With an ultra-responsive engine and REV Gen 4 platform, every trail is fair game.

The front suspension is designed for precision handling in all conditions. It comes with rMotion X rear suspension to maximize stability and comfort. Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 850 E-TEC 2-stroke produces 165hp with good responsiveness.

The clutch provides instant control on demand. This snowmobile has ride-compliant suspensions to handle the toughest terrains.

Renegade X-RS is the perfect ride with race-proven performance. The high-capacity shock package offers customizable comfort to fit any riding style.

The running boards are ideal for tough landings. The 7.8″ optional digital display screen provides riders with integrated app information.

This snowmobile offers riders three driving modes of suspension compliance. They include sport, sport+, and comfort. You can adjust between the three ranges for ultimate confidence for every twist and turn.

What to Consider When Choosing Your First Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are excellent for ice or snow landscapes. The unique design makes it easy to maneuver the vehicle effortlessly over the ice. From the smallest to the longest mountain models, snowmobiles vary widely in size.

If you’re buying one for your kids, it’s best to look for tiny youth snowmobiles. American-made snowmobiles are designed for children from the ages of 5 and up.

If you want a sled for a small adult rider, then choose a mid-sized sled. When selecting a full-size model, the weight will depend on the type and features.

Consider what to wear when snowmobiling. Choose appropriate clothing depending on your age and size.

How Fast Do Smallmobiles Go?

It depends on the engine type and power. Turbocharged engines and the most powerful big bore are not the best for beginners. They are ideal for experienced racers and riders, as they produce a term of HP.

For new riders, it’s best to stick with smaller 400-600cc engines. Fan cooled engines have less power and are lighter, making them easier to work on. That’s why they are considered excellent beginner sleds.

Choose the Best Affordable Snowmobiles for Beginners

Affordable snowmobiles are an ideal choice for beginners when it comes to power.

On thick snow, they are nimbler and perform well, as they can easily navigate it. They are lightweight and easier to handle. When buying a snowmobile, consider the size, length, fuel tank, and engine.

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