Can You Negotiate With ATV Dealers? Yes, And This Is How!

can you negotiate with atv dealers

Shopping for a sport UTV or ATV can be an exciting time. As you search for the newest models by Yamaha, Polaris, or another manufacturer, you’ll want to make sure that you are buying an affordable ATV and not accidentally overpaying. Many customers do not realize that the answer to the question “Can you negotiate with ATV dealers” is yes!

Knowing how to bargain with an ATV dealer can save you hundreds or even potentially thousands of dollars. If you have never had to enter into ATV dealer negotiations, we’ll cover the topic in this guide to ATV dealer negotiations.

What You Need to Know about MSRP

You have probably heard of MSRP, but you may not fully understand the term. Buying cars, UTVs, and ATVs is a different process than, say, purchasing a gallon of milk from the grocery store. Commodities like milk have set prices that are non-negotiable.

Motor vehicles often come with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) that is set by the manufacturer. Companies set MSRP numbers to standardize prices in different parts of the country.

A Standardized “Fair Price”

You can think of MSRP as the number that the manufacturer believes is a fair selling price for the general public. MSRP typically includes the factory warranty, but it does not include extra bells and whistles that can be added as upgrades. 

MSRP is sometimes called the “sticker” or “window” price. Your “out the door price” could be more or less than MSRP depending on how well you negotiate.

The 15% Rule

Can I bargain with an ATV dealer? Absolutely, and here’s how. When you negotiate with ATV dealer, you have a bit of wiggle room to offer a price that is slightly lower than MSRP.

A general rule of thumb is to offer up to 15% below MSRP. The internet has made it easier than ever to shop around, so dealers expect some customers to know that prices are sometimes negotiable.

Final Tips for Negotiating Below MSRP

Online resources like Kelley Blue Book can help you find the MSRP for the ATV or UTV that you are shopping for. Once you negotiate with an ATV dealer, make sure that the dealership doesn’t try to tack on extra fees to make up for those discounts.

Depending on consumer demand and when a new model came out, an ATV dealer may not be inclined to heavily discount an all-terrain vehicle. Next, we’ll look at how the time of year can impact your ability to negotiate a lower price on your ATV or UTV. 

Tips for Effective Price Negotiation

The price of your ATV or UTV isn’t the only thing that is negotiable. Other items and steps that can be included in your negotiation plan include:

  • The title
  • Registration fees
  • Tags
  • Insurance costs for your ATV
  • A year’s worth of maintenance 
  • Fuel costs
  • Other ATV gear like helmets and safety goggles.

One approach may be to agree to pay the sticker price in exchange for some freebies, like a new set of helmets and safety goggles. Or you may choose to settle for a 5% price reduction if the dealer waives the registration fees.

Most of your savings will come from negotiating the price of the vehicle. If that effort isn’t fruitful, see what else the dealer may be willing to throw in.

Be Patient

Be patient and don’t take it personally if a seller won’t budge. There’s always another dealer, so don’t set any hard deadlines on your price negotiation endeavors. Remember, the goal is to save money and to own the right ATV or UTV.

Sometimes, waiting for the market offseason can nudge ATV sellers to want to make a sale. One slow season for ATV sales is May and June. Since new models come out mid-summer, shopping around before that spike in sales can often work in your favor. 

In general, the longer a vehicle is on the sales floor, the more a dealer will want that unit gone. Like car dealerships, stores that sell ATVs have limited floor and storage space.  

Making repeated visits to a store also helps you build relationships with the sales team. Those relationships can work in your favor when it comes time to make a deal.

Do Some Research Beforehand

Demonstrate that you have done some prior research. Knowing which make and model ATV that you are looking for and the ATV cost can help you skip the formalities so you can get down to negotiations.

Showing that you have done background research also signals that you can’t be easily swayed to pay the MSRP or higher. If you are looking for a great source of ATV-related news, check out our comprehensive news archives.

Even when show up fully prepared, set reasonable expectations. Remember, dealerships have to make a profit to stay in business. You are unlikely to convince an ATV seller that your ATV should be sold for near cost.

As we mentioned earlier, it is reasonable to expect up to 15% off MSRP but not any lower under most conditions.

Can You Negotiate with ATV Dealers? Absolutely!

Most of us are familiar with the process of negotiating the final sales price of a car. ATV and UTV sales should not be treated any differently. Following the tips in this article can easily save you 15% or more from the sticker price of your new all-terrain vehicle. 

So, can you negotiate with ATV dealers? Absolutely. Before you start shopping, begin your online research by visiting our sport UTV comparison guide