Best Time of Year to Buy a UTV

Buy a UTV

Did you know the first UTV can be traced back to the seventies?

Following the Lockley Wrangler, the popularity of these vehicles started to boom in the following decade. New or second-hand, bargains are out there. But when looking for a UTV, do you know how to get the best deal?

Read on as we discuss the best time of year to buy a UTV.

May and June are the best times of year to buy a UTV if you are looking for a good deal, and don’t want the absolutely latest model. This is before new models arrive when dealerships are clearing out their old stock. You may also get great deals in off-seasons, depending on your location. 

Next Year’s Models

Before the new models arrive, the manufacturers of new vehicles will also offer lots of warranty offers and rebates.

The reason for this is that it will help dealerships sell out of older models, meaning they buy more of the following year’s updated line. Therefore, this period can be a great time to purchase a UTV.

Best Season to Buy

Do not worry if you miss the May and June months just before the new stock arrives. Once new stock comes, many people trade-in and sell their old models. Second-hand bargains are in abundance at this time.

Surprisingly, you can get some great deals in the middle of the season. By this point, most consumers, dealers, and manufacturers have determined what the popular models are. You will find less popular ones will receive discounts, rebates, and warranty deals.

Depending on where you are located, you may also have an offseason for outdoor pursuits. For example, if you live in an area where winters are heavy, few people will want to buy a UTV in the snowy months. When the market is quiet, you could get lucky. 

Look for Ones That Hang Around

When selecting a UTV, the best deal will come from ones that have hung about for a while. Perhaps you have seen one parked in the dealership for a year or two. It may not have been one of the more popular models and may have been overlooked.

The problem with these from a dealer’s perspective is that it costs them money. The dealer could replace anything taking up space with something that will sell and net them a profit. They will do whatever they can to get rid of it. 

This translates as bargaining power to the consumer. You may be able to hammer the price down or get some great deals and warranties. 

Check Other Dealerships

You don’t just have to limit the task of selecting a UTV to your local area. These places may have a monopoly on the market and charge high prices. Instead, shop around, going further afield if necessary. 

A great place to look is at places where UTV sales are not their only income. For example, dealerships near water that sell boats and jetskis may have a few UTV vehicles. If they have been lingering around, they will also need to get rid of them for new stock, and you can get a bargain. 

Finding Dealerships With Old Stock

Driving around multiple dealerships checking out the old stock can be challenging. You don’t want to go a long distance to find they have none at all. 

Start in the local area, driving by your local dealerships. If you spot a few lingering models, make time to stop and chat with the dealer about the UTVs on offer. Never make a purchase right away, but always leave and come back later. 

In addition, make a check of dealerships online. Create a radius in which you are willing to drive, and visit the websites of all dealerships within that area. Check to see who has the best prices and stock, then narrow it down to around three or four you want to deal with. 

Finally, call around the dealerships. Discuss pricing with them and what models they have lying about that they would like to sell. Try to get concrete prices over the phone and work a deal so you don’t drive to the dealership and get a price you are not happy with. 

UTV Shows

UTV and ATV shows can be a real free for all. They are often held in large convention centers and feature lots of dealerships and manufacturers. You will see lots of gear, aftermarket products, and of course, UTVs. 

With so much competition, it is easy to get a bargain. Having all the dealers together means you don’t have to drive long distances to check prices and negotiate. 

Warranty or Rebate

When searching for a UTV, part of the deal sweetener may often be the offer of a warranty or rebate. You may even get offered both. They can often be worth just as much as money off, but each has advantages and disadvantages. 

Many people wonder if a warranty is actually worth it. This all depends on how you plan to use the ATV and if it is new or second-hand. If you are also paying on finance, you may want to guarantee your purchase with a warranty. 

Firstly, gentle riding across hills won’t require you to get a warranty, but if you plan to give your UTV some punishment and can’t afford to buy it twice, get one. Also, if you are working and looking for farm UTVs, then a warranty can save your business a lot of money later down the line.

Don’t forget that you can also write UTVs off for business purposes later down the line. 

Is It the Right Time to Buy a UTV?

When you buy a UTV, patience is key. Choose a time to buy, then keep an eye on the dealerships in your local area. Build a relationship and when the time is right, go for it.

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