Two Seater ATVs: Models With Passenger Seat and Alternatives to Add A Seat

two seater atvs

Can-Am offers one of the best two-seater ATVs on the market with the Outlander Max XT. There are three different engine sizes to choose from and all are powerful enough to get work done as well. Its versatility and performance make it one of the best ATVs for two people. 

Passenger Friendly ATVs

There’s nothing better than riding the trails on your ATV. Whether for work or for fun, it’s always a good time. Being able to experience these with a passenger is even better. 

Thankfully there are manufacturers that make two-seater ATVs. If you’re unsure of what and where to get a two-seater ATV, continue to read this article. We’ll highlight our favorite two-seater ATVs and why. 

Differences Between Them

It’s important to know the difference between two-seater and single-rider ATVs. Other than passenger capacity, two-seater ATVs generally come in a higher cubic capacity (cc). You can find single-rider ATVs under the 400cc size, when you’re looking at ATVs for two people, you’ll be looking at 400 and above. 

They require more power since ATVs with a passenger seat were built to carry 400+lbs. This could be the weight of two humans or, a single-rider plus cargo. This is why ATVs for two people are also great for farming and work purposes asl well. 

Best Two Seater ATVs

While there are many two-seater ATVs available on the market, we rounded up the best models here. These ATVs have a multi-use appeal as they are perfect for both work and play. 

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570

Riders looking for comfort, power, and affordability will find it in the Polaris Sportsman Touring 570. This passenger ATV has a massive 9.5in (24cm) rear suspension which allows for a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. 

It has a 567cc liquid-cooled engine and an on-demand all-wheel-drive drivetrain. The integrated passenger seat offers the same comfortable and stable ride to the driver, to the passenger as well. 

The Polaris Sportsman Touring is not just an ATV for cruising around with a passenger. It has a 1,225lbs (555kg) towing capacity and a payload capacity of 485lbs (220kg). The perfect amount of power for quick jobs on a larger property. Though there are differences between ATVs for work and ATVs for play, the Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 does both jobs really well.  

CMoto CForce 600

CMoto ATVs are newer on the market but are growing in popularity. The Chinese manufacturer has been putting out high quality, reliable, and durable ATVs. 

The most budget-friendly option is the CMoto CForce 600. This ATV has a 580cc single-cylinder engine with a CVTech transmission. It also has a 1000lbs (453kg) tow capacity and a 3000lbs (1360kg) winch. 

A lot of extra features come standard on this ATV. Extras like LED running lights and an onboard DC power outlet, the CMoto CForce 600 is perfect for enjoying the trails with a passenger. It’s big enough to tackle obstacles and different terrains but nimble enough for quick turns and tight trails. 

Polaris Sportsman 6×6 570

The Polaris Sportsman 6×6 is an industry-leading 6×6 ATV that’s passenger-friendly. The famous Big Boss ATV has a 567cc engine that delivers true all-wheel-drive to all 6 wheels. 

It has an active engine braking system and an independent rear suspension. With a 6.75-gallon fuel tank, the Polaris Sportsman 6×6 will take you, your passenger, and your cargo wherever you need to go.

Another great feature of the Polaris Sportsman is that it’s American-made. Polaris was founded in MN and the Sportsman models are assembled in WI. 

Can-Am Outlander Max XT

Can-Am offers a large variety of two-seater ATVs with their Outlander model. The Max XT trim offers the best in terms of style, off-road capability, and work capacity. 

There are three engine options to choose from. The 650cc is a V-twin, liquid-cooled option is the base offering. Riders can upgrade to a powerful 850cc V-twin, liquid-cooled with different riding modes and intelligent throttle control. Then there’s the 1000cc V-twin, liquid-cooled engine option for those that want max performance output. 

The heavy-duty rear and front bumpers come in handy as the Can-Am Outlander Max XT has four-wheel drive with auto-locking front differentials. This 4WD passenger ATV can conquer tough terrains. 

The front and rear storage racks can support a combined weight of 300lbs (136kg). It has a towing capacity of 1,650lbs (750kg) and a 3,500lbs (1,588kg) winch. This is the best two-seater ATV for farm work and recreation with a passenger. 

DIY Two Seater ATV

If you’ve recently purchased single-rider ATV or you already have one in your garage but would like an additional seat, you can do this conversion yourself. There are several different aftermarket seats you can install on your single-rider ATV. This install can be done with everyday tools.

Be sure to check not only your state laws but where you’ll be riding as well. This conversion may not be legal in your state or your state park. Also, be sure to check the weight capacity of your ATV. Exceeding it could compromise the stability, performance, and safety of your ATV. 

Get a Two Seater ATV Today

Two-seater ATVs allow you to experience the joys of ATV riding with your friends and loved ones. Experiences are more fun when shared. Passenger-friendly ATVs allow you to have that.

There are many other great ATVs with additional seats out on the market but these are some of our favorites. . Be sure to check out our ATV section for more news, reviews, and information on all things ATV.