Unique Gifts and Accessories for the UTV Riders in Your Family

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Do you have an adventure lover in your life that you need to buy a gift? UTV riders are some of the most rugged and practical people around, which means shopping for gifts for them can be a challenge.

When it comes to unique gifts, it’s essential to find the balance between needs and wants. Sure, they may need a full tank of gas for their UTV, but that isn’t a delightful gift to give! 

If you want some gift ideas for a UTV rider in your life, read on for some unique options. We’ve broken the list down into three categories to help make your shopping experience easy and successful for any occasion.

Unique Gifts and Accessories for UTV Riders

Buying gifts for UTV riders can seem challenging if you don’t know what they need. Many riders have specific brands that they prefer, and they’ve done enough research to stand behind their decisions. Before you buy them another gift they’ll never use, consider these unique gift ideas with a UTV rider in mind.

Practical Gifts

There are some things that the UTV lovers in your life need to purchase regularly to keep their vehicle in top shape. These regular purchases make great gifts because they show your recipient that you care and know what matters to them.


Whether it’s tire repair kits or buying them an entirely new set of tires,  this gift will go a long way for your UTV lover. UTV riding won’t be safe without good tires, and it could leave them stranded on their next outing.


Whenever a UTV goes on an adventure, it collects mud and dirt that can trap moisture against the delicate mechanical parts. It’s help that they have the right tools to clean their UTV to avoid costly repairs and replacements. A gift like a pressure washer or other targeted cleaning products will help them keep their vehicle clean between each outing.

Towing, Tie Downs, and Winches

If the UTV rider you’re shopping for does a lot of towing in their UTV or transports a lot of materials, they must have a sturdy set of tie-downs and a durable towing set-up for their safety and the safety of their load. You can also look into a UTV winch to see how you can help make their work easier.

Gifts for the Rider

A UTV rider generally loves their ride and loves the adventures they can go on. Whether or not they use their UTV for work, they no doubt enjoy every moment of cruising along rough terrains and planning their next fun outing. Gifts for UTV riders that are focused on them as an individual will show them how much you care.

Brand Specific Merchandise

Your rider probably did a lot of research before choosing their UTV. If they are proud of their choice, consider getting them some merchandise to represent their vehicle’s brand. Hats, shirts, stickers, and more all make great gifts.

Goggles and Helmets

Depending on how rough the terrain is that your rider travels over, a high-quality helmet and goggles are crucial to their safety. Over time, the lens of goggles and the helmet shield can get scratched, making it hard to see. Check their size and preferred brands and get them something new, or some replacement lenses or shields to help them see clearly.

Subscriptions and Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get, consider getting them a UTV specific magazine subscription.  They will think of you every time they get an issue in the mail and appreciate all the information they receive in every issue. You can also get them a gift card from their UTV dealer or brand to help them achieve a more significant purchase they may need. 

Gifts for the Vehicle

Most UTVs come with pretty basic designs, made more for work than play. Help elevate your loved one’s ride with some awesome upgrades that are fun, sleek, and helpful. Many of these options come in a variety of packages and price ranges to suit any shopper’s budget.


There’s nothing like listening to your favorite tunes while you’re working or riding the trails. Many UTVs don’t come with an audio system, so a Bluetooth enabled speaker will help them stream music anytime, anywhere.


Seeing the trail is crucial to a safe ride, and upgrading to LED light bars will help you see clearly in almost any conditions. You can also look at spot beams to help them direct light where needed as they go about their trip.


Getting lost is an adventurer’s worst fear. Help your rider stay on the right path with a trail riding GPS, or global positioning system. You can choose a portable or permanent version that is durable enough to be there for them through any terrain.

Where to Start

Is your mind spinning with all these UTV rider’s gift ideas? Start by identifying what category suits your rider best, and then do a little reconnaissance to see what you can find out about their specific needs and wants.

If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to include a gift receipt so the recipient can exchange their gift if it’s not something they can use. Don’t be discouraged! Your UTV rider will appreciate the consideration you’ve given to something they enjoy so much.

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