How to secure your UTV – Keep it from being stolen

Secure and lock your UTV

You should always lock your UTV with an extra lock to keep it safe and from being stolen. Also, you can install an alarm and GPS tracker, and make sure you have a good insurance. If your side by side is loaded on a trailer, make sure the trailer is secured and locked to.

Your UTV is a valuable piece of equipment in more ways than one. For you, it is a major investment and probably a vital tool for the work you do on your land. Even if you only use the UTV for recreational purposes, there is still deep value on an emotional level for the experiences you gain. But, for thieves, the value of a UTV comes primarily from the monetary value. This is a vehicle they can sell on with ease, especially with relaxed laws about registration, and many will try. If they know that you have one on your property, they will look for a way to get hold of it.

The best thing you can do is to minimize their chance of finding the UTV and getting it away from your property. Below, we will look at some of the different locks and tools that you can use to secure your UTV and deter thieves. In addition to this, we will consider other tips and important information about keeping your vehicle safe. This also includes ways to get it back again and reclaim some losses.

Lock up your UTV with the best possible locks

It might sound like a simplistic suggestion to say that you need to keep your UTV locked up, but you would be surprised at how many don’t. When you go about locking up your side by side vehicle, there are different measures you can take. You might find that it is beneficial to implement more than one of these. It might take a little while to set up. But, the more a thief has to deal with, the greater the chance of them giving up or being caught in the act.

Chains and locks

A chain and padlock are the most simple, accessible, and affordable options here. While some would criticize this approach because it is easy to break, it could help to slow thieve or put them off a little. The impact of the chain and the lock depends on the material and design. A basic metal chain with flimsy links isn’t going to last that long. A tougher braided cable could be a much better choice.

Wheel clamps

Wheels clamps might seem like a drastic option. You typically only seen this when your car is in some sort of parking violation. But, they don’t just have to be used to stop drivers from moving vehicles. You can also get wheel clamps that you can fit onto your UTV to stop thieves. Basically, if they can’t move the wheels, they can’t push the machine in any direction. They are stuck. It would take some heavy-duty tech to get the clamp off. Be careful when choosing one of these clamps to make sure that it is compatible for the wheels of your vehicle. Also, be aware that this isn’t always the cheapest option.

Brake locks

Some people will use a padlock on the brake rotors of their UTV instead. Again, this is a simple solution that requires minimal effort. You can take the padlock with you wherever you go, attach it to the brake and then leave it. It is much easier than running cables and chains through the wheels and axles. However, there are some people that warn about the risk of damage. This isn’t going to work for everyone.

Don’t forget about the trailer

While locking up your UTV with all the right features, don’t forget about the trailer. You might think that this isn’t as important. But, it depends on what is still inside and how much thieve might sell it for. There is sure to be a market for it. It wouldn’t take much to unhitch it and tow it away, perhaps with a bonus bounty of equipment in there. Lock the trailer too. There are two options here. You can put a tongue lock on to stop criminals from hooking the trailer to their own vehicle. Or, you could put some chains or cable locks through the axle and wheels. Or both, if you want to play it safe.

Other considerations to keep your vehicle safe

Locks are a great idea because they provide the most secure solution for your vehicle. But, there are other precautions that you can take to make your side by side vehicle even more secure. You might want to use some of these for extra security.

Where do you leave the vehicle at night?

If you leave a UTV exposed and inviting people to come and get it, you are obviously asking for trouble. When possible, try and make a point of leaving your vehicle indoors. A garage or outbuilding with its own security system adds that additional barrier. If you can’t do this, try and leave it insight of your home, with a tarpaulin and a security light. The tarp should offer some camouflage. But, keen thieves may still realize what is under there. So, a motion sensor security light might scare them off and alert you to their presence.

Could you chain it up?

Locks are great because they will physically stop anyone from starting the vehicle and getting away with it. A chain serves two purposes. First of all, it gives them a barrier, another obstacle to overcome. There is a chance that you might catch them in the act cutting the chain before they touch the UTV. The second purpose is to act as a deterrent. Even if the chain isn’t that strong, it might put some thieves off. Chain the UTV up to a fence, tree, or other solid structure if you can’t leave it indoors.

Could you simply cut the power?

This is a trick that could work well and doesn’t require too much effort. The side by side vehicle needs the power to start, or else thieves aren’t going to make a quick getaway. So, some UTV owners simply take the fuse out for the starting motor. The culprit will sit in the seat, ready to go and wonder why nothing happens. This could result in them giving up entirely because they think the machine doesn’t work, or because there is now too much effort to steal it. But determined criminals could still and figure out away. This will buy you time at least.

Have you fitted an alarm?

Car alarms are something we rarely think about as an additional tool for our cars. If anyone bumps into them on the street or starts prying at the doors, we can instantly get that alert from that obnoxious beeping. It is an unpleasant noise that wakes everyone – but that’s the point. If you don’t see the thief in action then someone else might.

It is possible to fit an alarm to your UTV as well. These systems should detect any unwanted behavior and alert you straight away. The loud noise is great if the UTV isn’t directly outside your home and it is sure to scare anyone but the most determined thief.

What can you do to protect yourself and property if this fails?

There is always the chance that a determined thief will break all the locks and manage to get away with your UTV. Don’t assume that every plan is foolproof. Instead, make plans just in case the worst happens.

Fit a GPS tracker to the UTV and trailer

GPS tracking systems are simple, discrete, and more affordable than you might think. These devices offer a GPS location on the vehicle and relay that to your phone. This means that if you are robbed, you can report it to the police and show them exactly where the UTV is. This will significantly increase your chances of getting it back. Do the same for your trailer.

Get the right insurance for your side by side vehicle

Your UTV is a valuable, essential vehicle that needs the same level of protection as any car. So, it is important that you get some UTV insurance too. While it isn’t a requirement, you can still benefit from protection against loss, theft, and damage. Clearly, we never want to have to rely on this to protect ourselves, but it provides a nice safety night, especially if there is also damage to the vehicle. You can learn more on the subject here.

Find the best option for you to keep your UTV safe

Some ideas will work better than others. It all depends on where you keep your UTV, how much work you are prepared to do to protect it, and the likelihood of theft in the first place. Locks and chains are a great starting point because of the protection and visual deterrent. But, some of the other tools like removing the fuse or adding an alarm could help too.

Find what makes the most sense for your UTV, get a strong lock that works, and make sure you are consistent and attentive. After all, there would be nothing worse than paying out for all these measures to protect your side by side vehicles and losing it because you forgot to use them.