Chinese Made ATVs: Popular ATV Brands From China

Chinese made ATVs

Many people are surprised to learn that Chinese ATVs are reliable and cheaper. In fact, the Tao Tao Rhino 250 sells for a measly $2,000 compared to $8,000 for a mainstream ATV.

Many off-roaders think that Chinese Atvs are of subpar quality and are poorly put together. These days this isn’t the case. Chinese brands have now gone mainstream and are much better than ever before.

If you are in the market for a new ATV and wondering if Chinese-made ATVs are good? Read below and find out more!

Facts About Chinese Made ATVs

Chinese Quads are cheaper than mainstream quads: This is one of the main stand-out points going for Chinese Quads, they are much cheaper. Depending on the engine displacement and model, they can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you are on a budget, it might be wise to buy Chinese.

They don’t have all have the same engines: Most people believe that all Chinese quads have the same engine, this isn’t true. Offering three different engine types, not all the engines are the GY6 Yamaha copy engine.

All parts are interchangeable: Another misconception is that all parts are interchangeable. While some might be from the same brand, across different brands most parts aren’t and new replacement parts have to be bought from the OEM.

Tao Motor Company

Hailing from Zheijang province of China, Tao motor has been in business since 1985. Employing a state-of-the-art 200 000 foot manufacturing facility, Tao Motor has grown to be a well-known ATVs and motorsport producer, both in China and the rest of the world.

Rhino 250

The best offering from Tao motors is the Rhino 250 which has a capable 197cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that has 8.5nm of torque at 5500 rpm/min. With a four-speed chain-driven manual transmission, and reverse.

A gross weight of 363lbs or 164kgs means the Rhino has good power to weight ratio and should make hill climbing feel like a breeze.

A set of 23″ tires in the front and 22″ rear set, allows for a ground clearance of 5.32″ and a max loading capacity of 198lbs or 98kgs, should make the Rhino sturdy on any road surface.

The Coolster ATV

Starting as a small start-up in 2002, Coolster has transformed itself as one of the top distributors of Chinese ATVs. Specializing in any off-road vehicle, Coolster makes it easy to find spare parts for their ATVs, sparing the consumer a hefty import tax.

Coolster ATV 3175s

The first-ever 170cc ATV offering by Coolster, the 3175s has a wide array of features. With electric start, a CDI ignition, rear utility rack, rear-wheel chain-driven fully automatic CVT gearbox,5.6L fuel capacity, gross weight of 181kgs (399lbs), and hydraulic disc brakes in the front, it can match most ATVs in this segment.

The power is supplied by a 170cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine that churns out around 10.2 NM of torque on the crankshaft, which is sure to please riders of all experiences.

Yongkang Bayoing

Although the brand produces a wide variety of quads, its stand-out product is the mini-quad. The small quads are perfect for teenagers that are learning how to handle a quad. They are speedy and perfect for an adventurous ride and moreover, an adult can also gain valuable experience on one of these 50cc mini ATVs.

Two-stroke 50cc Mini ATV.

These 49cc two-strokes ATVs are good for a max speed of around 40km/h and feature an air-cooled engine producing 2.3nm and 2kw (2.6HP). The ATV has front and rear disc brakes, so should the novice run into any trouble, the ATV is able to stop at will.

Having a rider weight limit of 75kgs(165lbs), this ATV is an inexpensive way for a child or teenager to grab some valuable riding experience.

Linhai Machinery Group

Probably the most impressive company on our list, Linhai produces ATVs that can stand toe to toe with the mainstream companies. Ever-growing in popularity, Linhai should take a big chunk of the ATV market for years to come.

M565L EFI EPS 4×4

The Linhai 550 4×4, which is already popular, now comes the M565L. Featuring electric power steering, modern aggressive design, great handling, high utility value, an extended wheelbase, two lockable differentials, and one of the few Chinese quads that are Euor4 homologated, meaning its road legal.

Despite the price, the Linhai comes standard with a rear luggage carrier, an electric winch that can pull 1360kgs (3000lbs), LED daytime running lights, a multi-functional LCD display, USB socket, and 12V socket. All these features combine to make this model practically untouchable in this segment.

However, on the mechanical side, the Linhai has a new modern electronic fuel injection system, designed and crafted by Delphi, which optimizes fuel economy, performance and meets C02 emission standards.

The fuel injection system is what is behind the large powerful, electronically controlled, 493cc four-stroke, single-cylinder, single overhead camshaft engine, that is liquid-cooled with an electronically controlled fan.

An automatic CVT transmission power the drive system that can be switched from 2×4 to 4×4 electronically, without having to stop the ATV.

Finally, the ATV has a dry weight of 374kgs (824lbs), a pulling force of 200kgs (440lbs), and a large fuel tank of 14.5L ensures that unnecessary fuel stops arent needed.

Decisions: Is A Chinese-made ATV for You?

How do you choose if a Chinese-made ATV is for you? If you are on a budget and aren’t too brand fussy, then one could be just the answer for you! Getting better value for money is what everybody is after and these ATVs offer all that and more 

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