Can-Am vs. Polaris ATV: Comparison Between the Brands

can-am vs polaris atv

Many people think Can-Am and Polaris ATV are the same when in fact, they are so vastly different. If you are shopping between the two then every feature should count towards your decision. Things such as tire size, weight distribution, fuel economy, and price clearly distinguish one from the other. These features are so important that they can be the difference in a brand being successful or not in today’s highly competitive ATV world. Can-Am vs Polaris Atv, which is better, has always been a hotly contested debate/.

Keep reading on where we delve into both brands and compare options for what will be right for your next ATV purchase.

Humble Beginnings: Polaris

Founded in 1954 in the snowmobile industry, Polaris has grown year on year, and now offers a wide range of products in many different segments in the motoring world. Big on customer service and employee support, Polaris aftersales service is second to none, which gives its customers the peace of mind they are looking for. 

Continuously thinking out of the box, Polaris tries to re-create the way the world looks at the off-road industry. Offering a wider range of products, Polaris beats Can-Am in prestige and history.

Humble Beginnings: Can-Am

Can-Am often gets compared to Polaris because of its beginning, Both starting out in the snowmobile industry, Can-Am slowly made its way down from Canada into the American market. 

Can-Am has proud bragging rights as being the first company to patent the world’s first tracked vehicle for the snow with the B7 Snowmobile. Priding itself with advancements in technology and racing, Can-Am takes Polaris with its success in off-road racing.

ATV Comparison: Polaris Sportsman Touring 850

Going head to head, we’ve chosen the Polaris Sportsman Touring 850 edition, the ATV comes into the market with a starting price of $11, 899 of your hard-earned money.

Coming standard with advanced features such as active descent control, one-touch on-demand AWD/2WD,4 gal(15L) rear storage, All digital gauge, dual 50W low beam headlights, Multi-select EPS, straight dual A-arm rear suspension, and 14″ wheels, you get bang for your buck with an impressive features list. 

The ATV is powered by a twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 850cc engine that produces 78HP on the robust crankshaft. Starting the engine is an advanced fuel injection system that is electronically controlled. 

Coupled with the engine is an Automatic in-line shifting transmission that has the option of P/R/N/L/H. In order to stop the quad, the sportsman features a 3-wheel hydraulic disc brake system with a lockable hand lever.

Surprisingly the sportsman only has a dry weight of 804lb (365kg) and a payload capacity of 575lb(265kg). The factory warranty is 6 months, unlimited mileage.

ATV Comparison: Can-Am Outlander XT 850

Unlike the Sportsman, the Outlander XT has a starting price of $10 999 which makes it slightly cheaper coming in. 

The Outlander XT has impressive standard features like the Sportsman. The standout features of this model are RF digitally encoded security system, 4.5″ digital display, a 3,500lb(1,588 kg) winch, mudguards,14″ aluminum wheels, and like the Sportsman a 6-month factory warranty comes standard with the Outlander XT.

In the engine compartment, the Outlander sports a respectable 854cc v-twin Rotax, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine, that also has 78HP. The driver can easily change between 2WD and 4WD by the click of a button like the Sportsman, however, the Outlander has an auto-locking front differential.

The transmission fitted to the Outlander is a similar CVT automatic transmission that also has low and high-range options. The sleeker Outlander weighs slightly less at 800lb (363kg) which means you would get a slightly higher top speed.

Customization And Accessories: Polaris

Accessorizing your ATV always sets it out from the competition and with the Polaris Sportsman the following accessories are available to customize your ride:

  • Kolpin stronghold gun boot
  • Lock and ride open cargo box
  • Audio storage box
  • Windshield
  • Rear audio storage box remote
  • Rear utility rack
  • Body Armour
  • 66″ Pro plow blade with mount.

Customization And Accessories: Can-Am

Like Polaris, Can-Am has an impressive array of customization options, and in this department, Can-Am comes into its own. The standard out customization parts that is available:

  • Yoshimura Slip-on exhaust
  • Radiator relocation kit
  • Rear differential protectors
  • Body side protectors
  • Variety of plow blade and mounting options
  • Conversion to tracks for the snow
  • extra high windhsield
  • 4.2 gal(16L) cooler.

Special Edition ATVs: Polaris

When it comes to special edition ATVs, Polaris ATV features are evident in these two standout models. The aptly named Sportsman high lifter edition is purpose-built to play in the mud. Featuring 29,5″ wheels and low-range mud-specific transmission, this quad can go everywhere.

The second special edition ATV is a 6×6 Sportsman that is built for the toughest jobs. This 6×6 stands out as it is the only 6×6 on the market that seats two people.

Special Edition ATVs: Can-Am

When it comes to selection, Can-Am ATV features far outrank Polaris in a big way. In the outlander range of quads, there are thirteen different packages to choose from. Can-Am leavee no stone unturned and whether you are looking for an ATV that’s a workhorse, performance, or a mud quad, they have a package to match. 

Can-Am features two 6×6 ATVs, the standout feature being that they have the most powerful 6×6 ATV on the market with a monster 1000cc Outlander that is capable of towing 1650lb(750kg) and has a storage capacity of 18.5 gal(70L).

Can-Am Vs Polaris ATV: The Verdict

Putting two robust, tough, and very capable Atv brands against each other will always stir a heated debate, to come to a verdict on which one is better would be nearly impossible and for you to decide on your own.

Whether it’s a Can-am vs Polaris ATV, there’s nothing quite like feeling the wind on your skin as you head off-road and conquer the unknown. 

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