Which Sport Quad Has the Best Suspension? Comparison & Buyer’s Guide

Sport quad riders jump when riding on a forest road

In general, all sports ATVs are equipped with great suspension systems that help you maneuver through bumpy roads without throwing you off your seats. However, some of them do this remarkable job well. Besides, a powerful suspension system isn’t the only thing that you get from the best sports ATVs. 

Also, they come with a variety of cool features including a high-performing engine. So, which sport quad has the best suspension? Read on to find out more about it and which one should you choose.

Sport quads and their suspension system

While you must consider a few things before buying a new quad, a robust suspension should be at the top of your list. Because you would take your quad on bumpy roads, you should have great suspension. 

That way, your off-roading experience will become more enjoyable. Also, the trail will make you feel safe regardless of bumps. Here are the best sports quads equipped with great suspension.

ModelProsConsBest for
Polaris  Sportsman 570Arched dual A-arm 9.5-inch travel rear suspension, front dual A-arm 8.9-inch travel, ground clearance of 11.5 inches, great for beginnersThe seat is a bit stiffUltimate sports quad for off-roading. Both the front and rear suspension are remarkable and does a splendid job
Suzuki QuadRacer R450Great features for a sports quad, inspired stability and performance throughout the trail with amazing steering and suspensionA bit expensive from other ATVs in its classMotocross or riding in wide-open spaces. One of the preferred four wheelers for riders on a budget
Can-Am DS 450Outstanding performance with big power, premium suspension, high-quality braking systemHard to control on challenging trailsRiders who love to race on wide-open spaces
Can-Am OutlanderArched A-arm suspension, goes over obstacles without trouble, great control on rough trailsThe air suspension might not work when you get stuck in a swamp Trails and cross country with big tires and perfect gearing. In short, motocross is all about this amazing four-wheeler
Honda TRX 450RA popular choice for serious sport riders and racers, dual A-arm shocks, comfortable ergonomicsThe Stock suspension appears stiff sometimesPlaying, tracks, and smoother trials. Works great for riders who are serious about racing
Kawasaki KFX700Great smooth power, amazing suspension that you can abuse, killer looks, good braking systemDown on power compared to its classHard-core trail riders who prefer high-performance engines along with great suspension 
Yamaha Raptor 700RErgonomic design, YZ-style piggyback shocks, provides maximum comfort Riders with less height may have a problemFully adjustable suspension system for ultimate riding experience. Another popular choice for riders worldwide

1. Polaris Sportsman 570

The first one on the list of sports quads that has the best suspension is Polaris Sportsman 570. Dubbed as the ultimate machine for off-roading, the Sportsman 570 has a ground clearance of 11.5 inches. That way, you don’t have to worry about the four-wheeler contacting the ground when off-roading. 

Equipped with a great suspension system, the ATV can handle off-road adventures with ease. The front suspension has an arched dual A-arm that has 8.9-inch travel and the rear suspension uses a dual A-arm of 9.5-inch travel. 

Another reason why riders love this beast is the front and rear braking system. It has a 3-wheel single lever hydraulic disc brake that helps you control the ATV in any condition.

2. Suzuki QuadRacer R450

The Suzuki QuadRacer R450 is undoubtedly one of the best sports ATVs of all time. It houses a powerful 450cc engine, aggressive styling, robust chassis, and an impressive suspension. When it comes to suspension, both the front and rear shocks are adjustable and provide wheel travel of 10 inches and 10.9 inches.

The turning radius is about 11.5 feet while the ground clearance is about 9.44 inches. The whole suspension system contributes to the quad’s low center of gravity and provides low wheel travel on all the wheels. Besides, you can tweak the spring preload and rebound damping.

3. Can-Am DS 450

Another great sports ATV that have been doing rounds for some time among racers all over the world. According to many, the Can-Am DS 450 is a trendsetter. This sports quad features a roaring Rotax fuel-injected engine along with an aluminum frame. Also, it has a great Wilwood braking system. 

The Can-Am DS 450 is one of the best ATVs when it is about power to weight ratio. The stock KYB shocks on the Can-Am DS 450 are quite impressive. Besides, it can handle small bumps and can absorb large hits with ease as well. Also, the lightweight design adds to the smooth ride.

4. Can-Am Outlander 

It is another great ATV that is famous for its innovative setup of suspension. And, there is a good reason why it is called so. What’s intuitive about this quad is that it equips an arched A-arm suspension system alongside a sway bar. 

Also, the wheels are revised to make an impact on the road. Because of these additions, the Can-Am Outlander features a wide stance. Apart from that, the improved clearance helps the four-wheeler to go over most obstacles without worrying much about handling the machine. 

The best part about this sports quad is that it is equipped with FOX racing shocks. And, that gives the four-wheeler an upper hand over its peers. Besides, it provides the ATV with next-level handing, which many doesn’t provide in its class.

5. Honda TRX 450R

When it comes to reliability and performance, very few sports quad stand upright. The Honda TRX 450R is one among them and there are plenty of reasons why most riders want to go off-roading on this monster. There are very riders worldwide that are yet to ride the TRX 450R.

The liquid-cooled SOHC 450cc engine along with 5-speed manual transmission and amazing suspension is what makes this sports ATV a popular choice. The rear suspension consists of a swingarm design with 9.3-inch wheel travel. 

Whereas, the front wheels have a dual A-arm of 8.4-inch wheel travel. When it is about reliability and comfort, most people tend to choose the Honda TRX 450R.

6. Kawasaki KFX700

A great aluminum frame with good brakes and good tractable power makes Kawasaki KFX700 one of the best quads for off-road sports racing. While the Kawasaki KFX700 took the engine design of Brute Force, they did a lot of changes to increase its efficacy when it comes to off-road racing. 

The noticeable improvement came in the form of suspension and body. It included the replenished chassis design alongside dual A-arms suspension system. What’s impressive is the flat, long angle of the dual A-arms that provides amazing handling of the quad by reducing tire scrub while suspension travel. 

7. Yamaha Raptor 700R

The last one in this list has a separate following by riders all over the world. The Yamaha Raptor 700R has an ergonomic design that provides the rider with the ultimate comfort. This is something that riders want desperately because they need to focus on their riding and comfortably managing the quad gives them peace of mind.

And, all these are because of the YZ-style piggyback shocks. The shocks are fully adjustable and they have low and high-speed compression adjustability needed for maximum versatility. Moreover, they are equipped with rebound and preload adjustment. 

The rear shock delivers 10.1-inches of wheel travel, whereas the front shocks provide 9.1-inches of wheel travel. The overall design of the ATV looks and feels great. 

What kind of terrains are these quads for?

Because these quads are best for sports, you don’t have to worry about the kind of terrain. All these sports quads are equipped with the latest features and make off-road trails a breeze. So, whether you are jumping or mudding through rough patches of land, you don’t have to worry about these sports quads.

Yet, you may wonder which ATV suspension is better for mudding and trail riding? Well, each of the ATVs mentioned above has a state-of-the-art suspension system that will keep you moving forward even when the roads are muddy. Besides, they are powerful enough to drive you through rough terrain. 

Which one is the right one for you and why?

It is not a good thing to highlight one sport quad with the best suspension. That’s because all sports quad are built with great suspension that can manage bumpy trails without causing you much discomfort. Still, if you are looking for the best, the Yamaha Raptor 700R should be the right one for you.

And, there are good reasons for it as well. It has the best stock suspension that you can’t have in all sports quad. The Raptor 700R features a fully adjustable suspension system using YZ-style piggyback shocks. The front wheel travel is around 9.1 inches, whereas the rear shocks have a wheel travels of 10.1 inches. 

You can buy the Yamaha Raptor 700R without worrying a bit. As such, it ensures a comfortable and smooth ride no matter what kind of road you are in. And, all these are because of the amazing suspension system.