Fully Automatic ATVs: A Guide

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Honda was the manufacturer of the first ATV in the 1970s, but the vehicle was designed with three wheels. Did you know that the Honda three-wheeler was used in the movie Diamonds Are Forever and the TV shows Magnum, P.I., and Hart to Hart, which is how it became popular? 

If you want to have the James Bond experience and are considering buying an ATV, then you need to figure out what’s the best ATV for you. This means you need to decide whether you want a manual transmission ATV, a semi-automatic ATV, or an automatic ATV. This decision can depend on your experience level and what activities you want to use your ATV for.

A fully automatic ATV is easy to drive, comfortable, and doesn’t need a lot of experience to get started. You can drive for long distances without needing to shift gears all the time or worry about stalling because of the clutch.

Keep on reading for your guide to automatic ATVs so that you can choose the right ATV that fits your needs.

What Is an Automatic ATV?

The engine size, the number of gears, and the transmission are important factors when considering your ATV purchase. A transmission is required for any motor vehicle to prevent the engine from destroying itself. It allows you to change gears depending on the car’s speed and acceleration.

There are three types of transmissions:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-Automatic
  3. Fully Automatic

A fully automatic transmission is most common because of its convenience. You don’t need to worry about clutch in a fully automatic ATV. It has an automatic clutch that changes gears using built-in sensors, processors, and actuators.

There are many different types of automatic ATV transmissions, including Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and wet clutch transmission. The CVT is the most common transmission in the ATV and UTV world.

Automatic ATV vs. Manual and Semi-Automatic ATV

With an automatic ATV, you can focus on the drive and the landscape without having to worry about the complexity of a clutch. You can come to a full stop from top speed or vice versa without the need to switch between gears. You simply need to pick a gear from low, high, or reverse.

You can use the lower gears for low tractions situations. This can be when you need to haul heavy stuff or climb uphill. You want to use the higher gears for cruising.

In a manual transmission, you get to control how much power you need for that situation. You have more control over which gear you want to use for each situation. You get to manually control the clutch, gear lever, and throttle. It can be an ideal ATV for plowing snow.

A semi-automatic ATV is a middle ground between manual and automatic ATV. You can still maintain control over your speed, but you don’t need to worry about a clutch. A semi-automatic is great when you need consistent speed for tasks like towing or hauling. 

How Does a Fully Automatic ATV Work?

An automatic ATV allows you to shift gears automatically. You can focus on balance, direction, and traction without needing to worry about gears and clutch. It makes the ATV ride safer and more fun.

Most ATVs are not street legal. A part of driving an ATV is going to ATV trails and dunes to experience the joy of riding. You can take sharp turns and drive through the wilderness on muddy or rocky terrain.

When you travel to these beautiful locations, you can simply enjoy the ride without having to change gears all the time. You can also go for longer drivers without getting tired.

The automatic ATV is designed for comfort and convenience. It’s durable, reliable, and ready for anything that you throw at it. This means that if you’re using the ATV to work, you can simply focus on work without multi-tasking.

What Are the Different Types of Automatic Transmission?

There are many different types of automatic transmissions, but two main types are most common in ATVs and UTVs. These are the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and wet clutch automatic transmission.

Continuously Variable Transmission

The CVT is the most common type of automatic transmission in both ATVs and UTVs. It’s found in most adult ATVs. It became famous after Polaris used the design in their first ATV around 1985. 

The CVT allows the automatic ATV to be more efficient and makes sure you’re using the powerful engine of your ATV or UTV to its maximum power.

The CVT ensures that ATV is always in the right gear for the situation. This ensures that you maintain the right speed while also balancing traction and stability. You don’t need to spend time worrying about whether you’re in the correct gear.

It consists of two pulleys connected by a belt. These two pulleys act as clutches. The primary clutch connects to the engine. It disengages when the ATV is idle.

As you increase the speed, the primary clutch pushes past the spring force holding the two clutches apart. The belt will rise higher, increasing the gear ratio. The secondary clutch works similarly.

The CVT is popular in both ATVs and UTVs. This is because it’s great for slow repetitive chores that require precision like plowing snow. You can accelerate and ease off again and again without issues.

The CVT is also easy to maintain. Many hunters, ranchers, and landscapers end up getting CVT transmission because of the smooth and predictable acceleration. You’re always in the right gear automatically. So, when you’re going over those rough terrains or hilly regions, you can maintain speed and consistency.

Recreational riders also love the CVT because you can get the most power and efficiency without losing on performance. It’s also a lot of fun to ride an ATV or UTV with a CVT transmission.

Wet Clutch Automatic Transmission

The other type of transmission that is popular is a wet clutch. It’s used within four-wheelers, including youth four-wheelers. It’s a simpler system that is connected to the engine through a series of gears.

The gear engages at certain preset RPMs. These models mostly have a single speed with an option to reverse. This makes it very useful for young riders.

If your kid is old enough for an ATV, you won’t find a lot of options with manual transmission. It’s much easier for kids to learn how to drive an ATV if they have an automatic transmission. This way, they can learn to control the ATV without having to worry about the clutch or changing gears.

The best ATVs sizes for youths are based on the age of your kid. They all have automatic transmission. Read more about ATV for youths and make sure you take all steps to keep it safe for your kids.  

Some of the Automatic ATV Models

You’ll find most companies have an automatic ATV model. You have the flexibility and choice among several great brands and models with the best features. 

Yamaha Raptor 700R

The Yamaha Raptor 700R is a best-selling sports quad. It has many models including a manual and automatic model. It offers top performance and delivers thrills by the truckload. It’s a top choice among avid ATV riders.

It has a powerful 686cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine for more power and better traction. Its wet weight is 422 lbs. It’s the best choice whether you want to go to the dunes, trails, or the track.

Polaris Sportsman 450 HO

The Polaris Sportsman is a rugged and utilitarian ATV. This is an ATV designed for hard work including hauling, plowing, and towing. It’s the best vehicle for an unbelievable value. 

With the Polaris, you get a smooth, strong, and versatile ride. It’s quiet and durable, sensing the slightest wheel spin, automatically delivering power to the wheels. It has a 499 cc ProStar 4-stroke engine for top performance.

Honda TRX250X

The Honda TRX250X is one of the most popular automatic ATVs. It’s a fun ride for riders of all experience levels. It has light handling that keeps performance strong over bumpy terrain. 

You get a 229cc engine with a two-valve cylinder head design. You also get the Honda Sportclutch that gives you control over manual shifts without worrying about shift-induced stalling.

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Now you know everything there is to know about your automatic ATV. You know how gearboxes work and the price difference between manual ATVs and automatic ATVs. You know the top automatic ATVs that can help make your next ATV purchase smoother.

We know you probably have more questions that you want to be answered before you go buy your next ATV. Check out our blog for more articles that answer all your questions about automatic ATVs, like how to jack up your ATV