9 Best ATVs for Trail Riding

Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV on the trails of Baja Aragon

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs allow you to hit the trails effectively and bring out much fun. Apart from that, ATVs are extremely convenient for a variety of ranch work and farm chores. In short, ATVs are awesome for several purposes and it seems like they are pure fun. But, which is the best trail ATV that you can have?

With different models and make on the market, it is challenging to decide the right ATV that fits your needs better. To ride on trails efficiently, you need a powerful ATV equipped with the latest tech and engineering. That way, the ATV can absorb whatever the trail has to offer. Here are the 9 best ATVs that will help you a lot on your next adventure trip.

1. Kawasaki Brute Force 750i

Dodging all the obstacles on the way on tight trails, the Kawasaki Brute Force 750i is one of the most preferred ATVs for many riders. When it is about trail worthiness, the Kawasaki Brute Force 750i stands out from its competitors. The ATV is powered by a 749 cc V-twin engine that delivers great torque and horsepower.

It boasts a 7.5-inch shock at the rear and a 6.7-inch shock at the front. Apart from the trail-compliant feature, this ATV comes with a robust engine and an amazing suspension. And, they work well with four-wheel drive and power steering. 

Other than being a great partner that makes working on a farm effortless and seamless, the Brute Force 750i provides you with an excellent experience down the trails as well. With a comfortable transition from standing to sitting and vice versa and an agile feel, the Kawasaki Brute Force 750i makes trail riding more adventurous.

2. Yamaha Raptor 700R

There is no denying that Yamaha never fails to please riders when it comes to producing the best trail ATV. While the Yamaha Raptor 700R is intended for expert riders, beginners can enjoy rides equally well. The ATV is powered by a powerful 686 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that makes riding a wonderful experience regardless of the terrain.

The Raptor 700R is available for riders who are more into 5-speed and fuel-injected engines. On top of that, the electric start and reverse transmission abilities make the ATV even more flexible. Smooth riding is what you can expect from this beast. 

The 9.1-inch front wheel and 10.1-inch rear wheel attributes more to a smooth ride. As a result, hitting the sand or dunes, rolling in the desert, maneuvering through mud, or even cruising in tough terrain is easier with the Raptor 700R. It is beyond doubt that the ATV is incredible for its affordability, high-quality material, durability, and fun ride. 

3. Honda Rubicon Deluxe EPS

The Honda Rubicon Deluxe EPS is a redesigned and upgraded version of the 500-class and that makes it one of the best trail ATVs in the world of trail riding. If you like to have unlimited fun and serious work, the Rubicon Deluxe EPS will provide you with amazing results on off-road testing trails.

They will serve you extremely well and provide great reliability. The Rubicon EPS houses a 475 cc single-cylinder engine that delivers sheer power to the ATV. If you are looking for a wonderful trail machine that makes your ride smooth, the Honda Rubicon Deluxe EPS is the best option at hand.

The best part about the Rubicon EPS is the dual-clutch transmission or DCT technology. As such, making a downhill approach on the ATV is a breeze. With both auto and manual gear shifting mode, you can manually move through the gears. Also, you can ride in either low or high-range gear settings. 

4. Can-Am Renegade 570

What makes Can-Am Renegade one of the best ATVs is that they are redesigned after some time and come loaded with great upgrades. Because of the latest features, multiple variations improve the overall look of Can-Am Renegade ATVs. Keeping in mind the tough terrain, the Can-Am Renegade ATV is designed to take on all obstacles.

As a result, the Renegade rolls along seamlessly regardless of the kind of terrain with its powerful engine. The ATV comes with an impressive 570 cc V-twin Rotax engine that guarantees sheer performance and churns out about 48 horsepower. 

Apart from the power that Renegade delivers, it houses a 9.3-inch wheel in the rear and a 9-inch wheel in the front. That way, it ensures safety on the road. Designed specifically to play hard with all the power, this 4-wheel drive does the job well and distributes maximum power. 

5. Yamaha Grizzly XT-R EPS

The Yamaha Grizzly EPS is another popular ATV that many riders prefer when going on trails. This ATV is one of the most reliable machines that you can get today and provide you with tons of fun. This torque monster runs on a 686 cc single-cylinder SOHC motor to deliver the performance you need on rough terrain.

The Grizzly EPS is fed by EFI or an electronic fuel injection system and includes the company’s legendary V-belt automatic transmission. Besides, this ATV houses the On-Command locking differential that provides a great option for traction. The XT-R is worth your money if you are looking for the best performance machine.

The Grizzly EPS comes equipped with 27-inch Maxxis Zilla tires that make every ride smooth and safe. They have the right traction and are tough enough on any terrain. The skid plates are incorporated on every part of the ATV and protect the machine from under and sides. 

6. Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 Touring

Another impressive ATV that can seamlessly and successfully handle trails is the Polaris Sportsman XP1000 Touring. Apart from using the machine on rough terrain, it serves as a utility vehicle for several purposes. The best part about the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 is that it has excellent storage space.

The ATV offers you a removable seat along with an extra passenger without compromising on the balanced weight. It goes without saying but the Polaris Sportsman Touring is perhaps one of the best trail ATV of all time. Moreover, the machine gets its power from a 952 cc ProStar engine, which provides an impressive 88 horsepower.

With that power, climbing the hill or rolling down the same becomes more stable. The ATV features rearview mirrors for added safety. Moreover, the Bluetooth technology helps you to connect your smartphone to receive calls and view text messages on the ATV hands-free while riding on the trails.

7. Scrambler 500

The Scrambler 500 is designed for trail riding, especially when it comes to climbing heights. Also, it works lightly on the obstacles that you would want to ride over. The maker of Scrambler 5000 is Polaris, which produces some of the impressive ATVs for altitude climbing and off-road riding.

The Scrambler 500 is a remarkable machine that makes climbing a breeze because of the 498 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine. Apart from the robust engine, the Scrambler 500 has two important features that might surprise you. First is the tire and wheel system and second, the lightweight design.

The tires and wheel on Scrambler 500 work amazingly and they deliver sheer performance when it comes to climbing heights. Also, you can choose between the rear wheels or front wheels without using all four wheels. That makes climbing easy. Furthermore, the ATV weighs about 571 lb, which is quite low compared to other ATVs. 

8. Bombardier DS 650X

If you are a person who loves to ride on sandy surfaces like dunes, the Bombardier DS 650X should be the right choice. Also, it is a great machine for long rides and trails because of the durability that it provides. With this machine, you can fool dune heights to a great extent.

While the Bombardier DS 650X isn’t a powerful ATV compared to the others in this list, it can undertake a decent amount of climbing. However, the dual braking system that the ATV provides works perfectly. This is something very important when you are riding on sandy surfaces.

9. Suzuki LTZ400

With a 400 cc engine, the Suzuki LTZ400 is another popular ATV that many people across the world prefer to ride. It is the best machine when it is about climbing a hill that has no obstacles such as rocks or stones. The machine has great acceleration and reaches maximum speed in no time. While it is less good in crowded areas, it performs better in open trails.

The LTZ400 might be the best ATV for medium to advanced riders because of the crazy speed it achieves. The liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC engine reaches about 70 mph. In short, it has the acceleration that many ATVs in the market don’t have. With a 5-gear system and a lightweight body, the LTZ400 is easy to control as well.


While choosing the right ATV for your needs is one thing, you should take proper care of the vehicle when you aren’t riding. Also, wear a helmet before hitting the trail because it keeps you safe from accidents while abiding by the existing regulations. Whether you are looking for everyday chores or hit the trails, these ATVs are always ready for action.